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This company sells and puts up for auction all types of jewlery and watches, but the retail prices that they post are false and the stores that they say that sell those items are false too.For example: I bought an aquaswiss watch (they sell those all day long to other inocent people like me) the auction listing said that it was worth $1, 600 dollars and also stores like saks fifth avenue has it for sale. So I bought the watch for like $140 dollars and when I received the watch first of all it was not automatic like it said on the listing plus the cheap quality as a whole was too chinese cheap mickey mouse product and of course I said I can't believe that Saks sells this cheap product, so I checked and resulted that Saks don't even carry that watch and they still running this scam 24/7 misleading the consumer. So don't get fooled like I did

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  • St
      12th of Aug, 2009
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    I bought one of those as well ($134), out of sheer curiosity and as a present for a student. Indeed the look is that of a cheap Chinese (Thailandese? As they carry a Ronda facility down there...) replica, from the packaging to the watch itself. It claims to carry a ronda swiss movement (as the original Aquaswiss does) but even that I can hear an awfull mechanical sound coming from inside (and definitely carring no resamblance to any of the mechanical swiss watches that I have) it does not show any sign of being either automatic or to have the crown working as a winder, so Ièm at loss in respect to what kind of device (a combo of quartz and mechanical?) is driving this little monster! Also, I'm confused about the reputation of "", which also seem to sell expensive brand name watches as well. Any inputs!? Thanks.

  • Xc
      16th of Dec, 2009
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    Bidz is knowingly selling so called designer jewellery and watches which are fake. I recently gained proof of this. If you think you have been duped with counterfeit goods, make enquiries of the real designer company to get confirmation your purchase is not the genuine article, as I have done over a piece I received from bidz.

    Thing is, complaints here are valuable in informing people about the unscrupulous dealings of but best thing we can all do, is start making complaints to the relevant authorities and by flooding the directors of bidz email boxes.

    Complaints can be made to...

    Culver City Police. They are located at 4040 Duquesne Avenue, Culver City, and their phone number is. (310) 837-1221
    The FBI, IC3.
    Federal Trade Commission.
    Better Business Bureau.
    Securities and Exchange Commission.
    US Department of Commerce.
    And anyone else you might think of. I have!

    Bidz directors email addresses are...

    CEO / David Zinberg.
    President / CTO / Leon Kuperman.
    CFO / Lawrence Kong.
    COO / Claudia Liu.
    CCO / Larry Russell.
    Vice President / Executive Secretary / Marina Zinberg.
    Auctions Manager / Vilius Zukauskas.
    Don't bother with customer services, there's a contradiction in terms. Go directly to the top people and flood their email boxes.

    Don't forget, when approaching the authorities, where you can, provide any evidence you have. Emails, photographs, copies of bidz web site pages, anything that might be relevant. Join me in a campaign to bring these fraudsters down, it is time we did.

    And I hope you all have a very merry Christmas.

  • Ed
      3rd of Aug, 2010
    +1 Votes Fraud problem - June-August 2010 does not confirm registration for new accounts. That makes the accounts ripe for anonymous abuse. I know this because for months now, I see winning bid confirmations to nonexistent forged email addresses at my popular domain.
    What I'm seeing is a systematic multi-person fraud, designed to create inflated demand for mostly Chinese knockoff watches.

    I see crazy bids for junk, and winning bids with no intent to pay. I called and wrote to customer service mangers, who care not a whit. They clearly already know about the fraud, and don't intend to address the problem. I got a human a the investment office, where they seemed mortified that such practice continued when it only takes a confirmation that the email is real. That was back in June. The problem is escalating.

    If I'm seeing a half dozen sellers run up dozens of auctions until they win, I can only imagine how many minor scams of every type must abound. I'm seeing only the tip of the iceberg. Imagine how many more are out there using other accounts. If is unresponsive about a matter that is so easy to fix, they they are probably more worried about an internal scam within the company. If the other reports about selling shoddy knockoff merchandize is true, then maybe there is only a pretense of having a complain resolution department, or perhaps they are worried that if the signup proccess to difficult, they might lose customers.

    Whatever is going on, has been acting as if the inflated prices is a good thing, , and want extraordinarly detailed information and multiple complaints before they will consider any action against the account holder.

    Be Very Wary of


  • Bi
      21st of Jun, 2011
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    Dear Customer,

    Thank you for taking the time in providing feedback regarding your purchases and your experience at We assure you that we treat all customer feedback and suggestions seriously. You may always contact us directly for any assistance by phone, email or bold chat. We have revised and updated our policies to improve and provide 100% satisfaction to our customers. We stand by our merchandise 100%. In case you receive a defective item or an item not as described, you may return for a full refund. We do apologize for the unsatisfactory experience you had at We hope you will take the time to visit our site again to allow us to provide you with excellent service.
    We sincerely thank you for your input and would like to hear from you regarding this post or any other concerns at

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