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Somewhere in China, Canada
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I have been going back and forth with emails with this company. In the emails, that have just sent me in circles and told different stories. Eg. You did not receive your item because you did not pay UPS tax (which I did not even get a UPS slip for this particular item) to you received the item with your other stuff and back to I am checking with UPS to see where they have it. This is just one item. The also messed up another item and charged me for two colors, one of which I did not want and also did not get. They also sent me a 'gift' item and charged me for it. I do not know if this company is just extremely disorganized or is very good at stealing from others and hoping that they either dont notice or give up but I am not impressed at all. I would NEVER suggest this company.

Jan 23, 2017

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