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I bought bracelet from the company I paid and after 3 days I got email from the seller, who informed me that the item was sold out. But the seller offered to choose two bracelets, and the second bracelet was as compensation. I chose the bracelets, but the seller misled me and provided nothing. I wasn’t happy with such services, so please post comments if you have the same problems.

Dec 16, 2014
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      Dec 17, 2014

    I got a call from wholsted jewlery saying that I had won a free ring and all I had to pay was the shipping cost of $3.99. Then they began to say they would be sending me earring for a shipping cost of $9.99. Then they said that I would be charged $16.99 a month for their services. After all this they kept saying congratulations you are approved for more offers. This kept happening over and over and they kept adding charges each time. When I told them each time NO they just talked faster and faster.
    So after I got off the phone I called the company back and they told me that I wasn't in there computer system and they told me to call back in 24-48 hrs. Then they began to tell me different services they provide for a discount price of 16.99 and the is a secure system.
    So by now they are charging me about $50.00.
    After all this I looked them up online and I couldn't believe what I was seeing. Everyone was saying this company was a SCAM. As you can imagine I was terrified that my bank account would be emptied completely. So I called my bank right away and they checked my account and nothing was on it yet ( thank God) so I cancelled my card.
    Anyone that get a call from this company cancel your credit or bank cards as soon as possible.

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