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WOW! [Wide Open West] / Knology / customer service - internet

1 Denver, CO, United States
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I am one who does not normally take the time to write any comments and/or reviews, because I believe companies should know if their service is good or bad. It is not the customer's responsibility for them to know that. However, the WOW Cable service that I received on January 22, 2019 has me so appalled I just can't help but to right a review. It is different when you don't receive good service such as; a long delays when you call, or lack of response, and even some billing errors. When a company insults your intelligence and belittle your understanding of the English language that's taking things too far. I have included their advertisement in my review. I noticed that they were offering a significantly lower rate for Internet service for new customer than for existing customer. The rate they are offering new customers is $39, 99 dollars a month for a 24 month contract and commitment. They are trying to convince new customer that they are getting a bargain by comparing the rates of $39.99 a month versus $49.99 per month for 100 Mbsp Internet service. I know this is a tactic to increase business and usually the lower rate, or incentive is tied to some greater responsibility on new customers than existing customers. As outlined in red their ad stated "$39.99 per month for 24 months and requires a 2-yr service plan agreement. After 24 months, rate increases to regular rate (currently $49.99 per month). Pricing subject to change."

I noticed what they were advertising as the regular current rate was significantly lower than what I was paying; I am paying $59.95 for 30Mbsp. In addition the level of service I was receiving ( Internet speed) was about a third of what they were advertising as the regular current monthly rate. I called customer service and asked who was receiving and paying the regular current monthly rate of $49.99. Because assuredly a loyal and faithful customer as myself could receive that rate. That's when the jostling and back and forth began. The first customer service representative, Levert tired to convince me that the $49.99 was only for new customers. I agreed with him that the 24 month commitment was for new customer, but you stated in your add that their was a regular current rate of $49.99. He continued to just read off a script never once addressing the issue that a current customer who had been with the company for over 7 years could not get a straight answer about who was paying the as printed regular current monthly rate. He then transferred me to someone else, her name was Leslie. Once again she began to read off a script, even at one time she tried to up sell me by offering me a higher Internet speed (not even the 100 Mbsp, but 60 Mbsp) for more than I was currently paying, and trying to convince me that that was a bargain when clearly they were advertising that they have a rate structure that exist which is far lower, almost $20 lower. The rate they are trying to convince new customer is currently $49.99 per monthly for 100 Mbsp. Why would you advertise a false rate structure when clearly existing customer would learn about this. As Leslie continued to try and convince me that I was reading things all wrong and that I didn't understand what currently meant. She continued stating that the current monthly rate that new customers would be paying without the 24 month commitment would be $49.99 a month after their 24 months were over. I said okay if that is the case why is that not mentioned in the ad. The ad clearly stated that rate was the current monthly rate, I have always thought current meant now. Webster defines currently as "the present time", which I believe means now. She continued to state that I did not understand the offer was for new customer. Again I continued to state I did not question the new customer part, but I am questioning what you have printed as a current monthly rate. Then the discussion turned to the meaning of currently, that's when I had enough. Leslie went on and on often interrupting me before I had completed my sentence, and as human nature goes this only leads to an escalation of volume. The final straw was when Leslie accused mean of yelling at her and what she was not going to tolerate, so I hung up. I guess WOW never heard that the customer is right, and accusing customers, questioning their intelligence and out right demeaning them is excellent customer service. When it really came down to it we were talking about a $10 difference in price. A price that they had clearly advertised as an existing price. So I guess WOW would go to all of that length to demean, insult, and berate a customer for $10. I can't imagine what they would do if there was more money involved. I clearly see how WOW values their existing and loyal customers. By, By WOW and yes I will be telling everyone about the SUPERB customer service I received (NOT).

I have since read other negative reviews so I guess this is par for the course, business as usual. I am happy that we now have so many more choices such as; other cable companies and even cell phones with hotspots with unlimited data. If cable companies such as WOW doesn't get their act together they will go the way of the VHS tapes, irrelevant and obsolete.

VERY, VERY, Agitated and Perturbed

Jan 22, 2019

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