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I purchased a Worx GT approx. two months ago. I have only used this product twice. After the second time using it the battery stopped charging. I am not sure if this is the charger or the battery, but now I have this two month old trimmer that will not work. I sat on the phone for over an hour and have sent two messages via the contact me link. NOTHING! No one has contacted me back and no one will answer the phone. I will be reaching out to an executive there today and the BBB.

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  • Tw
      Sep 06, 2010
    Worx GT - Quit working
    Worx GT
    United States

    I have had the Worx GT for two months and have used it maybe 5 times. I was using it to weed eat and it quit working and the battery will not charge.

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  • Re
      Oct 12, 2010

    I have received a total of four batteries - the original (purchased April 2010), two that I purchased, and a replacement for the original. Currently, of the four, only one continues to charge. Worx GT did replace the first battery to quit malfunction - but it took approximately 30 days for the replacement - after two phones calls and an email. The excuse for the delay was it took sometime as they receive hundreds of faxes daily ( I was told to fax my receipts from the original purchase). My dilemma is to junk or not to junk the Worx GT Trimmer once the last battery fails. I have had a cordless Black and Decker for over 5 years and never had the problems with the battery as I have had with these batteries. My biggest concern is that Worx GT does not seem to care, nor are they recommending options for battery replacements, cause of the problem, potential solutions, or plans to correct. Clearly they are not admitting to the problem that their batteries are malfunctioning or poorly designed. This is my last purchase of such tools as this from an infomercial. I will go direct to a retail outlet and go with a brand I can trust - Craftsman or Black and Decker. Recommend you steer clear of this product -or - is you have a recommendation as to how to fix it - I am all ears! Weedy in Ohio!

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  • Ma
      Oct 26, 2010

    Bought mine in April. Worked till July then battery would show green charged but only last 30 sec. Called Worx & they sent new charger/battery. Same issue (Dry here so don't use that often)

    Called Worx again - recommended take to Author servicer- they sat on it for month then diagnosed. Worx sending another battey- 3 weeks no battery- called Worx & demanded new unit or my money back.

    Supposedly sending me a new unit. We'll see

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  • De
      Apr 24, 2011

    I found it was cheaper to but a Black & Decker new string trimmer with battery etc. complete than to buy a replacement battery for a Worx, what a rip off. I will never but or recommend a Worx product again. Congratulations Worx, you ripped me off ! But It Will Never Happen Agaun!!!

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  • Mi
      May 01, 2011

    on my fourth battey and second charger, try to voice your oppion to company reps ... they theaten to hang up on you!!! do not buy this piece of crap!!!

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  • Ti
      Apr 15, 2012

    Bought the WorX GT trimmer mid summer of 2010. First battery only lasted about 2 hours of trimming over a two or three charges. WorX replaced the battery for free 2011. Only used the trimmer about 2 hours during 2011 (small yard). Worked fine. Now 2012, tried the trimmer for the first time this season, battery is dead, when trying to charge the battery, the red light on charger flashes on and off, battery smells like a burned capacitor. I am going to go back to a corded trimmer. Don't waste your money on this trimmer. The trimmer is constructed well and cuts pretty good when it works, but the batteries don't last and at $60 + per copy it just is not cost effective.

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  • Pe
      May 15, 2012

    I have had the same problem- sending note after note to their customer service area and no response from them. I really loved the flexibility of the trimmer - but it cannot be used without a battery. I bought two batteries at the time of purchase so I could swap out. One battery lasted 10 minutes and wouldn't accept a charge, the other battery lasted and I thought it was charging because of the green light, but it was not charging and wouldn't take a charge. I guess I'll invest in a Black & Decker too. I've never had a problem with Black & Decker.

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  • My
      Jun 03, 2012

    I bought a Worx 18volt saw for light duty work, used it twice and then it stopped working. Tried charging numerous times but still no good. Checked battery out put with a volt tester and the best I could get was 2.9 volts, not much use on a 18v product.
    Worx just were not interested so threw the Worx saw away and bought a Bosch.

    No more Worx products for me, they're useless. Grrrrrrrrr!


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  • Bo
      Sep 07, 2012

    Have been trying for almost 2 months just to get string!! Finally gave up and bought my own at Ace. Haven't had battery issues like those mentioned, but most likely will invest in something else next growing season. I WLL NEVER BUY A WORX PRODUCT AGAIN!

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  • Sh
      Sep 09, 2012

    We have now had our worx gt 2 months. Battery is not charging. I was looking for a solution when I came upon this site. We were looking at the new Jawsaw. I know now not to waste the money. It would have been fine that they had a battery problem, but to have it and not address the issue as well as take care of their numerous customers is just horrible. It is important that we as burned customers let all that we know about this. Save others their hard earned money and put a dent in this companies business. It is the only way to get big business attention. They only respond when there is a loss of sales!

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  • 19
      Aug 04, 2013

    Thanks for the info. I was going to order this for my son in law and my self.ill just go with black and decker

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  • Do
      Nov 13, 2013

    Tried and tried to get new battery when mine failed. Kept getting the automated system and thought I was getting a new battery. Finally mine died and I consistently emailed and called customer care. Did get a new battery but my charger is bad. Haven't even gotten to use the new battery. They won't stand behind the charger now that it is out of warranty. Wasn't out of warranty when I started complaining. Doesn't matter. WORX CUSTOMER SERVICE DOESN'T CARE!!! LOUSY LOUSY LOUSY! Wish I could take out a full page add in the USA TODAY and let the country know they stink and don't care. DON'T BUY THIS PRODUCT!!!

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  • Be
      Aug 09, 2014

    Just purchased new battery. Consumer fraud should not be tolerated! My experience is the same as others with bad charger; green light on even before charging a "dead battery." TIME FOR CLASS ACTION LITIGATION

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  • No
      Aug 28, 2014

    My Worx blower which I received end of May 2014 was first used in mid June.. Worked fine.. Second time, clip broke off the strap.. no biggie.. third time in July on a full charge the battery stopped cold.. It ran for 3 seconds then stopped.. this continued for 10 minutes until I became so frustrated I tried AGAIN to contact this company.. Forget it.. I left my phone number with them on various days of the week for 3 weeks. This company supposedly warrants their blowers for three years.. They are nothing but a SCAM company.. They have no customer service.. there is NO customer service.. I will NOT spend any more money on this piece of garbage. I will take this matter to a higher level and I'm sure I will get a full refund after I'm done with them. It's an awful shame that companies such as this advertise false claims regarding a product. They take your money and RUN! I REFUSE TO LET THE GET AWAY WITH THIS!

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  • Ib
      Sep 02, 2014

    Biggest rip off imaginable. Batteries are terrible. Machine works well but without batteries it is useless. Wish I had done more research before I spent the money.

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  • Da
      Apr 23, 2015

    I have two 18V Worx batteries that do not take a charge. Now I have two Worx trimmers that must be recycled for the plastic and aluminum. I loved the performance when new, but, the trimmers proved to be very expensive for 3 or 4 uses.

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  • La
      Oct 23, 2015

    I have the same problem please include me in your suit, never got a confirmation e-mail for my order so I cannot locate receipt. how to even start trying to get help this is total crap!

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  • Al
      Apr 04, 2016

    I have 2 chargers and 4 battries none of which are now functioning. THIS PRODUCT IS TOTAL CRAP.

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