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I attempted to use Worldremit to send money to a friend in Malaysia. 1000 RM which amounts to $247 USD. After confirming the transfer was underway by email, Worldremit sent a text message to my phone asking me to call them. After calling them they asked me to answer questions. They asked who the money was going to and then what was my relationship to the recipient. I answered these questions until we got to the next question which was "what was the money for? " This is where I told then they were violating my privacy and the conditions under which I would agree to do business with them. Worldremit told me they would not tranfer the money and it would be eight to ten days before the transfer money would be returned to me. I told them they had doubled my injury by debiting my account before determining whether the money would be transferred. Their business practice of charging their customer for a service and then refusing to deliver is solely their responsibility. Please keep this in mind dear reader. Do not support bad business practices such as these. They examine transactions already confirmed and then ask for privacy violating details which then disqualify you if you stand up for your civil rights and refuse to answer. It is a matter of time before they come for your rights. I have been banned from using Worldremit services all together. My complaint is two fold. One, bad business practice of not vetting customers requests prior to charging for the product and two, requiring privacy violating details for transferring money that they would not dare to ask of larger more powerful entities. Remember this a very small amount of money. We have big brother chasing pennies now.
My Transaction Number: [protected]
My Customer Number: WR1475312
Let me add one detail. In April 2017 I sent a similar transaction to Malaysia that was confirmed by Worldremit. The money was debited from my account and not transferred to Malaysia with no communication whatsoever from Worldremit. This only came to light recently. So transactions that may just disappear. Trust issue here. I have the emails from Worldremit to submit.

  • Updated by Xogenesis · May 16, 2017

    I reget a typo in the original. The second to the last sentence should read: The money was NOT debited from my account and not transferred to Malaysia with no communication whatsoever from Worldremit.

May 16, 2017

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