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World remit is a organized scam that is run from London.They are effective during the first few transactions and then they leave you at the mercy of their scamming team.Beware of these Nigerians, they are now based in London, Canada, Australia and USA.Gone are the days when scammers were based overseas in Nigeria. Guys the scammers are in town and have obtained the necessary permits and registrations.If I were you I would use other law abiding companies like Western Union.Dont get scammed

Dec 07, 2014
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  • Jo
      Sep 21, 2016

    I don't understand these comments. I've used World Remit 10-15 times a month for many years to send money overseas, both to bank accounts and mobile money wallets, and it's hardly ever failed. I'd say they are every bit as reliable as major banks. They ask the same security questions as the banks to verify your identity, for a very good reason. International money transfer companies like Western Union and World Remit attract an unusually high level of card fraud. Fraudsters often attempt to use stolen credit cards. Money launderers try to make large overseas transfers. In my experience, which is pretty substantial, on the rare occasions anything has gone wrong World Remit tries to remedy problems quickly and politely. Refusing to give a financial institution basic security info like your date of birth is going to create problems, not solve them!

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  • Bu
      Apr 17, 2019

    Used World Remit for the first time and only after charging my card, let me know that my account was not approved with some [censored] claim. Not according to terms & conditions. Saying they're going to refund "later". That's pure fraud. Systematically luring new clients testing their services, taking their money, keeping til charge back hits them. Scammers. Used Moneygram for many years without anything like this. Stay away!

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  • St
      Jul 08, 2019

    Have been using them for over four years and never a problem. All transactions were typically processed in twenty minutes or less. No complaints here!

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