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Don't forget to search for Wyndham's other scams under Fairfield, TrendWest, etc. (I actually liked them many years ago when I worked for some honest folks and believed in the product I was selling). I have email addresses and links if your interested in getting even.

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  • Sh
      Sep 11, 2009

    Everytime I go to a Worldmark resort it appears fully booked. Therefore, there must be thousands of people who understood what they were getting into and the VERY SMALL minority on this board who didn't? Where the people on this board born yesterday? Worldmark/timeshares are NOT a new concept.

    So none of these problems are about you trying to get something for free and then finding out that you got what you paid for? Do you normally sign your name not knowing what you are getting into? Everything is always someone elses fault and not your own. Let's face it. You wanted something for free (whether it be a free gift or free "trial" accomodations) and then you turn around and found out that you have to pay like EVERYBODY else. I love you idiots. I buy your uneducated mistakes for a fraction of what you paid and make a killing. Way to research what you buy before actually buying it. It's not what is true. It is what you can prove.

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  • C2
      Nov 23, 2009

    I had purchased into worldmark myself about 4 years ago. I was told at the time of signing that I could cancel my contract if I was unsatisfied. A couple of days after my purchase I tried to book a vacation to try and se how it would work out. Tha places I tried to book were all pretty much booked for the next 3 months. So I called the numbers provided to me in the nice little green owners briefcase they had given me. I found out that day this was going to be impossible to cancel so I went to the office I had signed out of and they wouldn't help me cancel. They gave me instructions on how to request my cancellation and since I was five days into the contract, I only had 2 days left to cancel. At this point I wrote them an e-mail through the contact us link on thier website, Told them of my situation and that I did not like what I had purchased and requested a cancellation of contract.

    Two weeks later I got a response saying that because the 7 days had already past I am no longer able to cancel my contract, a couple days later I recieved notice of payment due. I decided since not to pay and hoped It would all just go away since they have never collected from me and I did not plan on using thier service anyways. After four months my credit had plumetted due to them reporting and hurt my career in the military because I had a security clearance required for my job, I went under review due to the tarnish on my credit. So I made the back payments and since then have not fallen behind even with dues and fees that come about.

    I feel for all those who where lied too, during this presentation. In a way we were suckered to believe we could cancel, when in reality they do not tell you how many days you have from the time you sign. They do not make any of this clear during thier presentation and sales pitch. They don't tell you about the limit for roolover on credits and how they actually work. They sold me a basic package that I will be paying on for about 8 more years now until it's paid in full.

    I decided to pay for the contract in hopes that I would be able to sale and get out of it. I made 4 attempts in the past 3 years and have always ended up owing a large balance if I sold and would have to pay up for the balance in advance before it could be sold. So I say to all those who are interested look else where you will find the same thing for less from a time share reseller, and be able to stay away from a contract to if you are interested in credits alone... buyer beware!

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  • Ch
      Nov 01, 2010

    First, let's try make the all the contract information transparent, open, and honest so the buyer may make a more informed buying decisons. Secondly, le'ts really make a more consertive effort to address the concerns of the timeshare owners. Thirdly, let's strive to communicate with timeshare owners, during the sales process, more openly, honestly, and provide much more comprehensive details. Finally, let's address concerns before they become problems and escalate to the point where we are loosing our valued customers. I don't work for the oranization but I'm sure we can do a much better job.

    Let me ask a few questions:
    What can we do now to resolve your concerns?
    What would you recommend we do better?
    Would you recommend buying a timeshare with Wynham? why or why not?

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  • An
      Oct 15, 2011

    If the sales process were more open and honest then no one in there right mind would buy one! Trust me when I tell you that these sales people are very well trained at what they do. What they get away with is just this side of organized crime! If you feel that you just have to go and pick up that free gift then you had better be prepared. If the sales person or closer sees an opportunity they will take it without any consideration of ethics or what kind of a burden it will place on you! They usually have about a $1000 commission on the line and they will tell you anything just for the sale! Just say NO! and when your 90 minute presentation is up, simply stand up and say we are finished, where is my gift! Save yourself the grief, don't go to a presentation and certainly don't buy one! You can rent timeshares all day long for very cheap prices with no maintenance fee!

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  • Ai
      Jan 18, 2015

    Short yellow bus. Hmmmm. Why do they never have rooms available??? I read they had CA State Attorney General up their you know what for overselling when they didn't have condos/units available for what they sold. That is like selling 50 ice cream cones a month when you only have 10 available. What a fraud. How come the state attorney General is still allowing this!?????!!!

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  • Ai
      Jan 18, 2015

    And short yellow bus. I know you used to ride the short yellow bus but please look at your spelling of where next time you want to call people dad is elderly and got suckered into this fraud and I am trying to be sure I in no way shape, or form am going to have to inherit this piece of scam fraud

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