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World Reserve Monetary Exchange / Awful company

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My father passed away this year in April. My mom found he had been receiving coins from World Reserve Monetary Exchange so she called and submitted a letter to stop delivery of the coins since the purchaser had died. They continued sending the coins and billing her for them. She kept returning them. When she called to find out why they are still sending them they told her they could not stop until she sent a death certificate. You can't just stop an order from this company... You have to die and then some... My sister sent it and told them all future shipments would be considered a gift since the credit card in my dads name is gone too. Hopefully they will get the idea now...

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  • Ch
      17th of Oct, 2008
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    Customer account security is of the utmost concern at our company. We do not discuss a customer’s account with anyone other than the account holder without express permission from the named account.

    To protect the account holder, under these unfortunate circumstances, we ask for a death certificate or Power of Attorney to be provided prior to discussing any account with anyone whose name is not on the account. Therefore, we cannot adjust payments until this paperwork is faxed or sent. This policy is not intended place an undue burden on a customer. We believe this policy is in the best interests of our customers to protect the integrity of their account information.

  • Ch
      17th of Oct, 2008
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    Chris Pugh

  • Fa
      29th of Jun, 2009
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    I have the deep feeling that I have been sucker out by the "World Reserve Monetary Exhange" company. Yes, I thought it was a government agency... it ran in our local major newspaper, ST. Louis Post Dispatch. Huge artical, full of colorfull pictures, people looking happy, the wearhouse where all the safes are at etc. I agree to go along for the deal of the "year". They had the "you have only 72 hours" to respond to the deal. They sold me a banker's safe that's 22inches high (i forgot how wide) and 14 inches deep. Well the safe is suppose to be free, you're just paying for the money/coins. Now, I'm supposed to have with it "four" 2-dollar bills in those "pretty" cases... a roll of presidental coins, 250 bufflo nickels, and the famous silver egal coin. (I figure to myself that the presidental coins and nickels might be worth something in the next few years maybe 10-20) All for a low $298. I had figure, if I'm getting the safe that's on the picture... then I thougt to myself it an ok deal. I figure there might be some markup after all its a business. It should arrive within a week from now. But now I have read tons of sites saying that this company is a scam! I figure the best thing for me to do is take it as a learning lesson. I'm not sending anything back ( I hear too many complants that sending it back and the company has no ideal you sent it) and there's no monthly plan I had enlisted into. I'll just pretend that I wasted my money on beer, stripers, or somehting and always check around before I make any purches with a time limit.

  • Di
      10th of Jul, 2009
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    I agree completely with Family man 2009. I also ordered the same thing and tried to cancel it after I read the controversy about this company, and they wouldn't let me. They said I had to wait until delivery and then refuse it and they would refund my money. I spoke to a supervisor and she kept repeating to same thing. I asked how long it takes to get my refund and Diana told me within a week of refusing the delivery. We'll see--
    This also was a learning experience for me.

  • Mi
      20th of Aug, 2009
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    I placed my first order with WRME and received my safe and uncirculated coins today. The salesperson was pleasant, gave me all the information and all costs involved and the charges on my account were exactly as she said they would be. My shipment arrived in 4 days and I am very pleased. I will order from them again. Inside the shipment were the instructions on returning the items if I chose to do so for a full refund. Everyone should make sure they understand the total cost of their purchase whether it is one full payment or a monthly agreement before finalizing the purchase. I did not feel they were trying to pull the wool over my eyes but I did get answers to my questions before giving my CC info.

  • No
      30th of Aug, 2009
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    Well Michael Hutchinson, make sure you come back after 18 more months of them shipping your nickels to you piecemeal and charging ~$100 to your credit card and let us know how you feel about WRME then. You will have $100 of presidential dollars and $200 of shiny nickels and a nice, new safe.

  • Zp
      19th of Oct, 2009
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    I moved two years ago from Ohio to Massachusetts to find a new job. I sent a change of address to the post office and also WRME. But no new shipment have come to me in MA.

    Come to find out WRME is bared from selling in MA. They never told me that. There are many states that prohibit and bar them from doing business in their states.

    I have called custermar service many, many times talking to BILL, JESSE, TANYA, NANCY, TYLER, and CYNTHIA and all have lied to me by telling me my quarters were on the way!!!

    Don"t do business with them!!!

  • Pe
      20th of Nov, 2009
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    when I was saw the add on TV, they says that presidential coins are made in gold.
    All times they says same think, made in gold brilliant mint condition, but when I was received the first 5 coins certificate and 5 rolls seller, I saw that are not true that are made in gold on any matter.

    I was called them and they says that mention "in gold mint", like..brilliant like gold but not gold.

  • Ri
      22nd of Dec, 2009
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    this company is a rip off, you think you are signing up for a safe and then you pay for 4 rolls of presidental dllars a year, but your not, you signing up for making a payment for all the coins each much until there payed off and if you try to cancel you have to send the safe back at your expense, or pay 872.00 and if you call to make a one time payment, they will continue to use that card even though you tell them not to.

    i know because i did that and i said do not use for this a card on file, i even got a note saying that since i didn't have a crd on file that i was in violation with the contract and i had to send them a card number, or send the safe back at my expense or pay off the remaining amount.

    this is proof that i had no card on file, but yet they charge my debit card even though i told them not to. Stephanie the supervisor said she went back and listened to the recorded conversation and she didn't hear that at all.

    I even file for Bankrupcy and they are still charging my card and won't refund the money even after my lawyer calling and the Bank will tell you if you give them a card number they have every right to use it and it you try to fight it WRME will lie aboout the tape, when i asked to hear the tape of course i couldn't.


  • Ca
      24th of Feb, 2010
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    Well, i fell for the add that WMER had ran in the USA Today for the f2 balistic safe, and the coin's, and all the hoopla about what a great deal this would be.So I went ahead and got one, cause "their's only 3, 000 that 's going to be offerd to the public!" When I got home, and did some reserch on the coins and the safe, I was not impressed at all about the so called deal! I had asked the sales lady three times about the fire rateing of the safe, and she couldn't give me and answer, just that it weight's about 75lbs. So I called around to some of the local safe dealers here in town, and they had told me, that A safe that size and that weight is like wrapping all your personal and private document's in tin foil.. (if you had a house fire!) not to mention, that some one of any size could easily carry it! So I called back to cancell my order and was on hold for a half hour and finally got some one. they said they had cancelled everything so hopefully I will have no problems of any kind with this company like some of you have had.

    Please do your reserch before you decide to buy a safe or DEAL OF THE YEAR on coins from WMER..

    For the Money I got a little bit bigger safe that's made in America, and has a two hour fire rateing at 1200 degrees. To me that's worth it!

  • Id
      25th of Feb, 2010
    +2 Votes

    I too fell for the add in USA today for the "free" f2 safe from WMER. Unfortunately I thought it was a good deal, however, wiohin 24 hrs and some research that should have been done BEFORE ordering, I called to cancel. They said nope - to late, you have to refuse it with UPS. Even though it hadn't left their shipping area yet. Spoke to a supervisor Michelle, she said she would "try" to cancel before it shipped. (yeah ok) Then she said we had to call back today for a tracking number then call UPS and cancel. I called UPS yesterday and asked who I needed to call. They said a tracking number is generated at shipment to the company and the company is the only one that can cancel otherwise they have to try to deliver atleast once. Spoke to an Ashley, the supervisor is trying to stop shipment. call back tomarrow. Called back today...talked to Cynthia...cant stop once its in shipping should have called yesterday! I DID!! gave her the names of the people I spoke to she said the notes didnt match with what I said. Told her of course they dont, why would they...this place is a rip off & they may have gotten 1 payment of $149.00., but I cancelled my card and they cannot deduct any more money! To bad, if I had gotten to the bank yesterday before closing they wouldn't have even got the 149.00. I told her what I thought of the false advertising, and what I thought about shipping something out that was still in warehouse and could be cancelled but they refused to. Man I feel like a real idiot! If you order and want to cancel ---BE SURE TO CANCEL YOUR CREDIT/DEBIT CARD ASAP! It's a pain, but atleast they can't keep dipping into your cash.

  • Sm
      13th of Mar, 2010
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    I bought the safe, was happy with the deal and they havent charged me or set me up with any recurring memberships since and it has been months! I got a safe and coins/money for $298 and am happy with it. You really should do your research and ask lots of questions before buying anything. No one is going to be happy to help you if you dont do at least that much first. I work at a small town bank (that is thriving quite well thank you) and we hate it when people dont do their research and use their debit cards online only to get scammed later. Not only do you lose money but so do we when you guys get scammed and we have to cancel a card. ASK QUESTIONS, DO YOUR RESEARCH BEFORE YOU PURCHASE. I turned out just fine from this deal because I did my work ahead of time.

  • Le
      6th of Apr, 2010
    +1 Votes

    I just ordered the president dollars and the holder out of the sunday parade in the paper. paid the fees each month and tried to cancel. they said i had to return the dollars in order to cancel. i said no just cancel me and i'll pay for what i have. they didnt cancel and keep charging my credit card and sending me coins. once when my card was maxed they call me several times a day wondering about my card. what nerve these people have.

  • Do
      30th of Apr, 2010
    0 Votes

    Thanks to all of the posts, I will not be calling WRME. Also, it was VERY obvious to me that the post by "SMART BUYER" was from WRME trying to scam everyone with credentials as a banker. This way, people will think "if a banker is buying this stuff, it must be good, right?" Give me a break.

  • 2b
      22nd of May, 2010
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    I bought a number of "special" state $2 bills. I was brought through the ordering process with numerous offers of extra things and special offers, most of which which I tried to turn down. When we got to the end, I was rushed through what the prices would be, which ended up strangely high, but I assumed that it was including some of the extra 2s they promised. They arrived a bit later. I got 4 $2 and a box with some stupid lamination of cities over it. Well, I figured I wouldn't complain to my mom, who thought I had really liked them. Then, about a month later, another box arrived. This time, it had more stupid 2s, but another payment. I WAS NOT PAYING SOME $60 FOR 4 $2 BILLS! It was stupid. My mom also discovered a nasty extra bill on the credit card and said I had to cancel. I was about to go to her to say the same thing! I did, which took 3 hops to 3 different service people during the call. Finally they said it was gone. I hope it was, as I haven't heard anything from my mom. We sent the 2s back. Now, much too late, I became very interested in money, largely through the website . I discovered how common $2 bills are, and how I could get them from ANY bank for face value. I've actually started spending 2s because I find it fun! Now I really feel ripped off. I was duped by that stupid "official" advertisement in the newspaper that looked so realistic...

  • Mm
      3rd of Jun, 2010
    +1 Votes

    I just ordered the $2 bill vault pack from WRME which I saw from the ad on a newspaper when I was having a break from work. I called them up quickly as it was said in the ad that it is only for 48 hrs. offer and that a lot of people were calling. I was thinking to myself that I might run out of this precious collection and opportunity. At first, when I talked to the sales person at the phone she said she would check if there is available bill for my state and she came back to say they still have stocks and I can order 10 vault packs. I asked how much it would be to order 3 and she said about $ 180 or so. I opted to order just one and she told me the cost is $60.88 w/c includes shipping. She also offered me a deal to send two free $2 bills from other states plus a box to collect the bills and would send $2 bills every month from other states until I completed my collection. She said I can cancel at anytime so I agree to it. Those offers should already gave me a clue that this offer is a scam because how can she offer me to send the $2 bill on other states if it is hard/scarce to find it. Anyway I was stupid and was pretty happy about the transaction but when I got back to my desk and opened my laptop and search the $2 bill vault pack came all the scam report and about this WRME scam. After 2 hrs. of ordering it, I called them back and asked the customer service to cancel my order. Of course I did not tell them that I read that they were a scam. I only told them a different reason and they were obliged enough to cancel it so I was happy not to go through with all the comments that are posted here. Tnx again to all those people that warned us and a quick lesson to learn is research first before making a purchase and make sure to read all the lines in the articles that you read in the newspaper because some of them are actually just ads and not 100% real.

  • Ho
      17th of Jun, 2010
    0 Votes

    The best thing to do is to pay by credit card and then just change you card number when you no long want to receive anything more from them. Of course you will need to mail in the letter to let them know that you wish not to; but the 100% safe way to not get recharged again and again, is to change your card number. I fell for the $2 Oklahoma bill scam and they are nothing more then stickers on top of the reg 2006 issued bill. I saw the large ad in the paper and I bit into it hook line and sinker. I paid $60 some off dollars for a total of $12 worth of product.

  • Ja
      27th of Jun, 2010
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    Have been dealing with a coin company called United States Commemorative Gallery, also in Canton, Ohio--am wondering if this company and World Reserve Monetary Exchange are one and the same??? So far, have not had any real problems with US Commemorative Gallery, and any issues I did have were taken care of---but the similarity in the two companies business, names and addresses makes me feel a bit uneasy, considering all the bad press about WRME. One thing of note though, USCG is a very prolific mailer---I get at least 3-5 pieces of mail offers from them every week--have seen the WRME ads in the paper before and have always been wary of them, and investigating them on the internet showed proved my fears correct. Not surprised to see them also behind the Amish Mantel Heater scam either--Just hope that USCG is not part of the WRME scam group. Many thanks to the former employees of the company for telling their stories.

  • No
      3rd of Aug, 2010
    -1 Votes

    I don't know what you're all complaining about. I signed up for the full set of presidential dollars spread out over a few years as they were processed. I've never had any unexpected charges, and they even offered to send me duplicate coins after moving if by chance I had missed one of the shipments. They've always been very nice on the phone and willing to help.

  • Do
      11th of Aug, 2010
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    Thought the $2 Utah state set of bills would be a great Father's Day gift for the hubby. The bills arrived weeks later than Father's Day. Then we get home from vacation in August and there are two boxes on the porch from this company. One is more $2 bills another a wooden box to keep them in. The invoices included did not tell you the price, so I try to call Customer Service. No answer, No call back, No service! I call American Express to find out that the company has dinged my card $98!! Thank goodness for Am Ex, they have now blocked this merchant from my card and I will need to return this stupid stuff on my dime and hope for a refund. DO NOT GET SUCKERED INTO THIS COMPANY LIKE I DID! It is one huge rip off!

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