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World Reserve Monetary Exchange Complaints & Reviews

The World Reserve / Presidential dollar scam

Feb 18, 2017

My wife purchased a presidential dollar collection from the "the world reserve" and we have had nothing but problems with this scam company from the start. Now they say the dollars have been discontinued and will give store credit. That is not what she paid for and when you try to go to...

World Reserve Monetary Exchange / Presidential Dollars Both Denver and Philadelphia Mints

Apr 07, 2016

I was suppose to receive the Presidential coins for the year 2015 both mints, but hear it is April 2016 and no coins. In all fairness to World Reserve I have moved from 3024 North Woods Lane, Rogers, Arkansas 72756 to 2803 West Center Street, Rogers, Arkansas 72756, but the coins should...

World Reserve Monetary Exchange / Company policy ripoff

Jul 24, 2014

Ordered the ballistic Vault Bag (U.S. Currency) . When I called to place the order based on the advertisement that I had received in the mail, the person taking the order advised that one of the bills that would be in the bag would be a 1934 series $500 bill. Upon receiving my order 4 day...

World Reserve Monetary Exchange / Broken Promises

Mar 05, 2014

Bought 2 sets of the Presidential Coin collections and paid upfront for the entire collections. Agreement was to receive these on a quarterly basis. They changed their policy to sent out once a year in December. I have to basically call and call and call and beg to get these coins sent...

World Reserve Monetary Exchange / RIP OFF


Mon got Ripped off big time by them!! She paid $553.02 to World Reserve Monetary Exchange for 18 rolls of Nickels face (value of $36.00) they billed her $3.86 each for shipping for 40 rolls But she only got 18 rolls. And they billed her for 20 rolls $360.00 then $154.40 for shipping and...

World Reserve Monetary Exchange / The cannot do anything right


I had ordered two presidential coin sets from these fools like 5 years ago! I got about 4 coins with certificates to accompany them. When it came time to get the Rutherford B Hayes coin, I never received it! I called to figure out what was taking so long to get my order. World Reserve...

World Reserve Monetary Exchange / They did not provide what I paid for!


I answered a national ad. for U.S. Presidential coins from World Reserve Monetary Exchange and I gladly - like a fool - parted with my $$$ thinking they were a 100% genuine company!! They are ###!! They did not send me what they promised me on pages and pages of documents! I am about to...

World Reserve Monetary Exchange / Sending me samples I didn't ordered


I am now receiving samples that I do not want. Their CS is very informal - one needs to leave a phone number so they can call you back. To avoid the do-not-call act. This company is out to take your money - do not buy anything from this company. Also, I see someone at this company gave an...

World Reserve Monetary Exchange / vault tube presidential dollar coins


Hello, My name is Herman Nichols, I live at 15131 Midcrest Dr. Whittier Ca. My telephone number is [protected]. I paid over $1000.00 for 13 one dollar coins packaged in a plastic tube. They are issued every 90 days. The total number of tubes issued are 40. I started this for my 2 daughter...

World Reserve Monetary Exchange / Charged $196 to my credit card without my authorization


I order a product (my state $2 bills) for $48 from World Reserve and was charged $196 for products (other state $2 bills) that I did not order, however, customer service refuses to make it right by arranging and paying for their product I did not order to be picked up and shipped back to...

World Reserve Monetary Exchange / Don't deal with them


Family Man 2009 if only I had ran into you about the same time 86 days ago. I too am a victim of the World Reserve Monetary Exchange Company. I thought it was a government agency also….as if you can trust them also. But that’s another story of another time! I fell for the full...

World Reserve Monetary Exchange / Awful company

My father passed away this year in April. My mom found he had been receiving coins from World Reserve Monetary Exchange so she called and submitted a letter to stop delivery of the coins since the purchaser had died. They continued sending the coins and billing her for them. She kept...

World Reserve Monetary Exchange / Total rip off

World Reserve Monetary Exchange. What a complete fraud. I feel like I have been mugged; over and over and over and over... I don't know why my husband thought it would be such a great idea to buy from this company, but I do know I don't want to add up what he spent. I told him to...