Woman Withinpayment with gift card and paypal

For several days, I have been trying to place an order with Woman Within, using a gift card for part of the purchase and PayPal for the balance. Each time I received a message that the PayPal payment option was unavailable. This happened again today (05/17/17), so I called to see why I was receiving this message. After talking to two people, I was told that you cannot use the gift card along with PayPal and I would either have to use only PayPal, or use the gift card with a major credit card.See Top 10 Worst Companies in El Paso, TXHaving had my credit card information stolen previous, where Woman Within was one of the possibilities for the theft of information, I am not anxious to experience that again and is why I use PayPal. I find this policy absolutely bogus and should not have to choose between using the gift card or using PayPal.
Since I have had problems with Woman Within previously, including over zealous marketing, I have decided I want all my information removed from the mailing list for Woman Within and all other associated companies.
Teresa White

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