SUBMIT A COMPLAINT / unethical behaviour

Hi there,
On March 11 2018, I was searching for a mobile phone to buy from your site. I came across a product for sale - a Vkworld S8 mobile, blue in colour. After looking at images of the product and reading about what it had to offer on the page, I ordered one for the price of $306.00 NZD. When my confirmation email came through to tell me that my order had been successful, I was notified that I had purchased 100 Pcs Rare Juicy Seeds (Ass Seed Flower Living) for $306.00 NZD.

I had no intention of buying 100 packets of seeds and I was furious that I had been scammed and tricked out of my $306.00 NZD.

If I am not refunded for the unethical behaviour of your website, I will threaten legal action. This is unfair and wrong.


Jun 07, 2018

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