Wish.compoor delivery service / did not get 1 item of 40 items ordered

Not happy! Didn't get one of my 40 items ordered from 'wish south africa ' order number : 5aa9f5fd4da3725d58ae138f please refund this full order, was supposed to get it the beginning of last month.

I don't think it is my duty to report each item one by one not delivered when u ask me everyday did I get my items I say no, you say sorry, you will chase it up, but still not 1 item. I am so disappointed I don't k ow what to even say.

I hope you can make up for the sad business you are running.

I gave you the order number, I didn't get one item! Please refund all of them and if you want to call me on +[protected]
E-mail address : [protected]

Jun 03, 2018

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