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Months ago I spent over $700.00 in clothing and accessories on wish. Only 1 problem. 1 outfit was too small. Not really a problem it worked as a gift. So because I was so happy and satisfied with wish I just spent over $1000.00 this month because due to hurricane irma I lost everything! And I mean everything! So stupid me I went and purchased all these items and none! Not even one of my clothing items fit! Not 1 !!! I ordered xxxLg and xxxxlg! Now I'm afraid to open another package because I know it won't fit and because I stupidly spent all my $ we with wish I can't afford to repackage and pay for shipping to resend not even one of these items back! Especially clear to China!n!! My shoes fit great but has a big stain on the top by the toe & yes I sent a picture! My other items are cheaply made and look nothing like the quality of the product in the picture!!! The xxxLg in women's is way smaller than the xl in men's! I guess it meant xxxxlg on my daughter's Barbie's cuz that's who it fits! And these women in these pictures were not chines nor were they small!!! The only thing I'm happy with is the cologne! So can I just refuse all of my items so they can return them to wish and I can have a refund? I don't know a single soul who will but my items and like I said I don't have the $ to send all these back! And now that I'm broke and nothing fits I have nothing to wear! I've been wearing the same 2 pairs of shorts non appropriate for public use for over a month waiting patiently to get my things from wish and now I have to wait to refuse everything little by little to get it sent back and then wait another year for a refund? I could have gone shopping here and had everything! I hope you understand what I'm asking and saying! I'm not going to open these and then have to pay to repackage and send them back when I know they won't fit! I really feel scammed! My number is [protected] please call me. Or do I need to use my lawyer for this incident? Regards, Angela Salpas [protected]

Oct 19, 2017

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