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I stopped a order of led shoes before they were shipped and asked for my refund, i've sent email after email, it's been a very long time and my money isn't on my card still. I order from wish alot but this is redulious, I just want my refund. Simeone needs to fix this.36.00$refund my money at once... I'm tired of the run around, all I want is my refund... I was even going to reorder the shoes again in the right size but if this is how you treat your customers i'm not so sure anymore. Please fix this issue at once, i'm very upset with wish. com, lachelle young..

  • Updated by No refund still, Mar 17, 2017

    I want my refund, you sure can take the money off real fast when I order but I can't get a refund fast .I'm tired of waiting for my money back .I've emailed and emailed, it's been almost a month, I want my money returned to my card at once.

Mar 17, 2017

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