Wish / refunds

I've ordered multiple items from Wish and 4 months later, i still never received them. In the first month, i received notifications from to see whether or not I've received the items yet, and i informed them that i have not. Wish stated there was a delay with my order and if I'd like to continue waiting a little longer in which i agreed. Of course items never came and when i requested to cancel my orders and asked for a refund, i was told that after checking on my order they found it had been lost in the shipping and because 30-days has passed they cannot give me a refund. May i remind you that they claim the ORDER GOT LOST in the shipping. That is not what they told me when they checked on the status. NO fault of mine the Customer and it's their problem, not mine! And what "Wish GAURANTEE" are they advertising
if they refuse to refund an Incomplete Transaction where items are ordered and paid for by the customer but not delivered to the customer. This is fraud and criminal!

Mar 25, 2017

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