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Birmingham England West Midlands, GB

My problem is that in February of this year I purchased a IRULU Walknbook from your Geek website. A week or so ago it failed to boot up correctly and inspite of all my best efforts I could not repair the machine.

I started a notification of faulty goods thread with the Geek website only to be told that you had a 30 day returns policy. Whilst I accept this where the goods sold are not as advertised on the website, I pointed out that electrical goods should still carry a warranty /guarantee. Each time I pointed this out, your staff simply reiterated the 30 day rule.

I contacted IRULU who, to be fair offered technical support to try to resolve the problem. In the final instance they could not fix the tablet and asked me to return to the merchant who would provide a replacement. The relevant E Mail trail with IRULU is below this communication (your staff will have details of the notifications exchanged).

I tried this but have received no reply. I have been using Geek regularly for the past 12 months and apart from one instance have been thoroughly pleased with the goods provided (the 1 problem I had was concerning an item that was so inexpensive that I didn't bother pursuing it). The IRULU tablet was reasonably expensive and more importantly was a present for my daughter, so I am anxious to resolve this matter quickly to restore calm to the family home!

Chris Reeves

Dec 07, 2016

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