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Bangaluru, IN Review updated:

WIPRO HR & Senior Leaders can be very fickle-minded & capricious even uptil the penultimate stage in hiring, so please tread with extra prudence when applying there & don't forget the adage "Many a slip 'twixt the cup and lip".


I had 20+ yrs of relevant experience in IT-ITeS org (bellwether as well as startups) at the time of this incident. My successful career has been based on a bedrock of consistent outcome-based, client-appreciated hard-work, backed by a scintillating academic past in school-college.

May'2016 = I was at a cusp, taking a much-needed sabbatical from work & actively looking for a new role with career growth
Jun'2016 = I received an initial call from Wipro for a Senior (GM level) position with a specific vertical, account, role
Jul'2016 = I was called to BLR from DEL for a day-long visit to attend a series of final interviews with Sr.Leaders & HR
Aug'2016 = Correspondence related to my hiring were proceeding smoothly, early date of joining discussed, docs submitted
Sep'2016 = My hiring process slowed down mysteriously, citing delays in "internal approvals"-still no offer letter issued
Oct'2016 = Sr. HR SPOC resigns & no intimation is shared that my hiring has been put on hold, after 4 mths of waiting
Nov'2016 = I try making a few enquiries & realized that I've been left high & dry, after nearly joining formally
Dec'2016 = I file a greivance addressed to Sr. Leadership of Wipro + Ombudsman with all details, chronology of events
Jan'2017 = Wipro Ombudsman lawyer reverts after internal investigation that business requirements are dynamic
Feb'2017 = Wipro HR (Jr) level reverted to me that the episode was regrettable & I will be contacted if any requirement

Having known from the beginning of the recruitment process that I was urgently looking out for a job with steady income, that I had pressing personal financial factors to address (home-loan EMIs, sustaining my family) on just my life's savings upto that point, WIPRO HR could have handled the matter with due sensitivity, clarity, transparency, expeditiously and with a less cavalier attitude.

The WIPRO VP to whom I was to report upon joining and who had called me daily at one point to urge me to be ready to join at a short notice in Aug'2016 should not have abandoned me suddenly (as was done), avoiding my calls & mails without a professional update. I had a couple of other offers that came during July-Oct'2016 which I rejected thinking that WIPRO team was so gung-ho about my candidacy and the chances of joining shortly were very promising. I'm still jobless & the career gap has grown - much to my disadvantage and only due to 3-4 ruthless Sr. folks with no accountability & low conscience.

I highlight my plight with a hope that the mental trauma, waiting-in-vain, frustration, disillusionment, disenchantment and disappointment that I endured all these past months should not be a recurring phenomenon for another senior professional applying to WIPRO. If business requirements are so fluid that even Sr. Level hires can be stalled / shelved overnight ad-infinitum, then why raise anyone's hopes by leading them on, inviting to BLR for final F2F talks, explaining the JD, role, responsibilities, delivery-expectations in minute detail?

Very insensitive, unprofessional, unbecoming behaviour coming from an IT major of our nation. I had expected lots more professionalism, accountability and sensitivity from an esteemed org of such repute, with such highly touted standards of business ethics and corporate governance.


Mar 31, 2017
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  • Wi
      Apr 13, 2017

    Dear Sir/Ma'am,

    We deeply regret this incident and apologise in advance for the inconvenience caused to you as a result. Request you to please write back to us with your personal email ID details so we may contact you there and investigate the case further.

    Best Regards,
    Wipro Support

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  • Bu
      Jun 13, 2017

    @Wipro Support Hi "Wipro Support", thanks for your prompt response (in 2 weeks) & apologies for my delayed one (2 mths later). Not sure what level / category of "support" your team specializes in (HR, IT, Legal)? You should have all the details of my case by now from your Ombudsman. It should take 5 mins of trawling to find out everything, basis the details of travel & interview mentioned earlier. I can share my email-name-phone only if there's any further point to this - like a positive outcome awaiting me. Perhaps the same job / role is available now??

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