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A very' pushy, talkative woman keeps calling asking for money to release a prize of 3.5 million dollars. On the first call she wanted me to get $1500 and take it to the airport. I told her no that I was not going to the airport with any money. I hung up on her. She called back several times and I attempted to block her number, but she is apparently calling from a number that cannot be blocked by me. She called again this morning at 6:15 AM and woke me up. I told her NO again and hung up. She called again about an hour later and insisted on talking to me. She was very persistent. I am not going to send the money anywhere and expect to get some back in the mail. She claimed her phone line was based in Tampa Florida. Probably another lie. She had an accent that I did not recognize. This person refuses to understand the word "NO" This person from Winners International was very pushy, persistant, and irritating. She was insistent on getting her own way, which does not work with me. When I say "NO" I mean it.

When a person says they need the money to cover custom fees, that does not make sense to me. W'hat I saw was a scheme to get money from me, with nothing in return.

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  • Ch
      Mar 06, 2010
    Winners International - phone calls
    United States

    i have been receiving harrassing phone calls from Winner's international. a man by the name of James Robinson, phone no. 876 460 8070, has been calling often with the call ID of "private call". it is obviously a scam since they only had my phone number and said I won $5 million. they had no other infformation and said they have given out the offer many times today already. (i'll bet). they could not tell me who submitted my name or who was paying me this or the purpose of giving out winnings. BEWARE OF PHONE CALLS FROM PEOPLE WHO WANT YOUR INFORMATION!!!

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  • El
      Jun 01, 2010
    Winners International - SCAM!!!!!! BE AWARE
    Dean Ellis Construction
    United States
    Phone: 317-403-5496

    I received phone calls from Jamaican men claiming to be with U.S. Customs. (obviously I didn't believe them, as U.S. Custom Agents usually are from the U.S. themselves.) They claimed I had won 3.5 million dollars cash and a new Mercedes Benz. All I had to do was pay 1% tax ($368) through Western Union and make it payable to a Ms. Keisha Campbell, St. James, Jamaica. After these men told my Grandfather to [censored] himself I informed them that the police were on the way to the house to monitor the phone records and the man politely said goodbye and terminated the call. THIS IS A SCAM, BEWARE.

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  • Le
      Jun 29, 2010

    I have recieved a phone call the other day from a man who claimed he was a jamaican resident. He had called me and was telling me i won over 2.5 million and a new Mercede Benz. He had told me to pay $175.26 to get the prize(of course i knew it was a scam). So. just hearing of what he was saying i couldn't help but laugh!! The name he went by is David Thomas, he wanted me to send western union to a person name Aleena Grant in Jamaica and later changed the name to Fothia Scheeny. This person was telling me there would be a couple of men and a Lawyer named Vincent Muniez will be there to give the car and money(scam)... i called back and told him I send the money(when i lied and of course i didn't!!) he said thank you and don't ever call my phone again!! AND OF COURSE HE SAID [censored] YOURSELF!!>>
    I have called back and yeah it got ugly!!!
    So coming from me dont fall for anything that is fake!!

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  • Es
      Aug 25, 2010
    Winners International - Rude and Pushy Phone Call on Cell
    United States

    Two men, very thick acents called my cell repeatedly, persistent and rude, caller said I had won 18.5 million or 8.5 million and that I had to pay $50 in order to get my money. Obviouslythey have my cell phone and said they had my email address. I asked to remove me from their list do not use my information, and when asked how they got my info said when you spend over $20 then said $25 at walmart using a card automatically entered in drawing. Really?! Now, what do I do to protect myself?

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  • Ou
      Sep 04, 2010
    Winners International - Attempted psycological techniques
    Winners International

    About every three months, I get a call from a number with area code 876. My caller id and phone bill state that this call is coming from Jamaica. The first time they called, a Jamaican man tried to tell me that I won a 2017 Mercedes-Benz and 2.5 Million Dollars. Being the educated and quite skeptical person that I am, I knew it was a scam. I tried to ask the individual how I "won" this contest, since I haven't entered any. He stated that I made a purchase somewhere and that automatically put me in this contest. I then asked him what I purchased. He said he could not tell me and that they were just the delivery company. I then hung up. He called again but I just let the phone ring. Today, I got another call from someone with the same area code. Geared with having heard their pitch before and very upset that they keep attempting to contact me, I was ready for a fight. So, this time the person's name is Anthony. He says right away that they will be delivering my prize today. This time, the prize is a 2017 BMW 7 Series and $10, 000. I hit him with all the information I already knew about them. He tried every psychological trick in the book to try to convince me that "Winners International" is a legit company and that "he" would never lie to me. He even tried (knowing that I am in Ga and in the Bible-Belt) to use God and religion to try to sway me. He also continuously told me that I sounded like a very intelligent person. I can see right through all of this. I made it clear that I know that they are scamming people and that I know they haven't been caught because they are outside the U.S.. He then tried to tell me that he was located in Las Vegas and he was unsure why my caller id would tell me that it was Jamaica. He even said he would give me 20 minutes to think about paying the deposit to recieve my prize. He said to call him back, and of course, I don't. So he calls me instead. This time, he uses a Georgia number. Like, I am going to buy that!!! He asks me what my decision is, I say, "I don't think so, I am not interested". He again, insists I take a week to think about it. Anyways, if these Jamaicans call you and tell you have won anything, don't believe it- no matter how convincing they are. They are trying to find people that they can scam. They are looking for people who are gullible and don't know any better.

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  • Lo
      Sep 13, 2010

    my mother also recieved these phone calls the woman had a jamacian accent said she worked out of las vegas her name was portia look for this number( 941)467-3109 1876-398-9475 731-8743 something needs to be done about these people

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  • Dk
      Sep 14, 2010

    I just received two phone calls. The caller ID was "Restricted"
    I told him I was not interested and to not call again. I then hung
    up on him. A minute later he calls back asking why he got
    disconnected. I told him that I hung up on him and he laughed
    asking why I would do that. I told him that when something sounds
    too good to be true, it usually is. I then asked him to not call here again
    and I hung up on him. Hopefully I won't hear from them again.
    I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

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  • Ta
      Jan 27, 2011
    Winners International - glenn washington
    Covenant Plumbing
    United States
    Phone: 972-564-5535

    Winner International has called our home/small business phone approximately 20 times. I have asked, as my husband has, that we be removed from the calling list. When I asked why they weren't removing us from their calling list, the sales man explained, "Because I want to f--- you", then hung up. They have had the nerve to call back several times after that. When I called the number back, a child answered the phone. When I asked to talk to an adult, a woman that could barely speak English got on the phone and yelled and cussed, and said no, they would not take us off the calling list and they would continue calling. Is there a law against this harrassment?

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  • Cl
      Feb 05, 2011

    I have received a phone call from a David West of Winners International in Stockton, Ca who stated I have won second place in a Instant Cash Award to the tune o f $ 795, 000.00 . (he had a heavy Hispanic accent, and was very hard to understand) He requested me to go to Walgreens and purchase a Gold Visa Debit Card (for $200.00) and he will call me back at 1300 my time. His time at the time was 0710. I agreed, . He kept insisting that I keep everything Confidential, not to tell anyone about this. He stated that when I receive the "check" on Monday, (2/7/11), it would be transfered to the debit card. Sounds pretty ligit, too good to be true. When I asked him "how much will I have to pay, he said "nothing". We shall see. I do not plan to purchase the GVC, as I have one through my bank. He again warned me about telling anyone. When he calls me at 1300, I will tell him I have rhe card.

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  • Da
      Mar 22, 2011
    Winners International - bogus sweepstakes
    Winners International
    United States
    Phone: 410-341-3877

    They called 12 times Mar 21, 2017 from 877-879-5511. Finally answered around 11:30pm. Heavily accented guy claiming to be Jim Johnson says we won a new Mercedes with my name engraved on the seats. After much round and round (as he was difficult to understand), he said he'd gotten my name/phone somehow through Wells Fargo/Bank of America. I told him to remove my name and number from his call list, which seems to have worked for the time being.

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  • Ru
      May 25, 2011

    I just got a call from "Michael Lopez" with a thick accent and rude manner. Typical scam deal--I receive a package of some sort after sending him money on the phone. He proclaimed himself an IRS agent and told me I was late on taxes, as well. When I scoffed at all that, he promised to come to my address (which he knew) and "rape your wife." I hung up. He called back. I hung up again. Next thing is to trace this call and see if we can find this crook--but what are the odds of that? Probably the same as me actually winning a lottery game that I never played.

    This is a criminal element.

    Russell Renka

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  • Jo
      Nov 09, 2011

    I`am a victum of this lottery scam. these people are good and persistent. Don t listen to them . This sweepstakes fraud is huge .There are victums in almost every state. continious calls, Many different phone numbers, many, many different names. If you hear kids playing and dogs barging in the background, hang up. let`s come together and get these jokers. I have some falseified documents they sent me to help the cause.

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  • Ca
      Oct 09, 2014

    I got a call from James Malone... On my cell phone.
    Telling me I WON $2.5 Million Dollars PLUS A Mercedes M? (do I want red, black or blue)
    Since I was trying to get ready for an appointment I had to be at in an hour,
    so I wasn't gonna be home to accept my Prize Package, at my front door with the balloons,
    and film crew, etc... so do I want a confidential presentation...
    Okay... Is there a CVS near you? Okay go there with $450, but a GreenDot Money Pack...
    A "Scratch-off"
    Money goes on card, then take it home, call him, scratch card with only a Quarter, so as not to damage the numbers underneath.
    He did get my address & home phone number, but that's it...
    Then I got call after call my cell phone shows 10 times, within about 3 hrs.
    after I finally got off the phone, I looked up GreenDot Money Pack, and found all these entries telling of a scam, etc.
    so I called him on his office number: 876-575-9317, and told him about all the Scam Warnings I found... he tried to tell me that he/they posted those to deter the imposters, trying to use their name...
    Then I got call after call... my cell phone shows 10 times, within about 3 hrs.

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  • Sp
      Oct 09, 2014

    The poster lives in Africa but his bureau is located in the UK . Very obvious that this clown is an advance fee 419 scammer.

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