Windstreamsatisfied... not to have their service

Thank goodness I do not have service through Windstream!!! I recently moved and found out that they were the only provider where I lived. Needing internet for school, I tried setting up service through them. Three weeks of them telling me they don't service my address (even though every neighbor has them), telling me to place an order online to save money, which seems like a very conveinent thing until you are promised to hear something within two days only to call back four days later to have them tell you the order was suspended because they couldn't verify the address. Supposedly the problem was fixed and I'd hear withing two days. Nope, called back again to be told that they can't find my address or my order for that matter. But hey, we can push it through right now and you'll hear something within two days to verify install. Too fricken bad. I would rather live without internet than to do business with such a disorganized and unprofessional company. I honestly feel bad for the people working there who try to help customers only to be supported with absolutely nothing but bad business from their company.

Jul 17, 2013

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