Wiegand Enterprises LLCstay away from dorena banks, kent cory and wiegand enterprises

L Nov 25, 2017

I lived at 2435 West Wisconsin Avenue in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Kent Cory and Dorena Banks are rude and disrespectful!!! They don't give nobody their security deposit back after they move out. That's why nobody does not want to rent to Wiegand Enterprises, because Wiegand Enterprises are shady, crooked and corrupt!!! They rent to bad black people who cause problems inside the apartment building. Dorena Banks is rude and disrespectful to tenants who pay their rent and When a tenant address their problems to her and Kent Cory about the building!!! Their buildings are nothing but cesspools.I moved out of the apartment, because the whole apartment building was getting bad and because more black tenants starting moving inside the building!!! Black tenants are making the apartment building look bad.Please stay away from Dorena Banks, Kent Cory and Wiegand Enterprises, because they ain't worth it and Their buildings are not worth moving into.!!!

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