Wiegand Enterprises / Kent cory and dorena banks is evil wicked and crooked against tenants

Milwaukee, WI, United States
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Kent Cory and Dorena Banks are evil wicked and crooked against tenants.They slide notes and eviction notes under tenants doors, They don't tell tenants why they getting evicted from their apartments!!! Kent Cory and Maintenance take too long to come over and fix things inside your apartment that is broken.Dorena Banks have an attitude problem with the tenants.The black, white and hispanic tenants start problems with you in their buildings!!! The black tenants let black homeless people in the bulidings. The Rave concert fans get drunk, They damage and destroy apartment property. That's why The white Marquette University students and The white UW Milwaukee students move out of those apartment buildings, because of the black tenants who live in those apartment buildings and The black homeless people who loiter and hang around inside the apartment lobby and sleep in front of your door!!! Do not rent to Kent Cory and Wiegand Enterprises!!!

  • Updated by Rennard Cotton, Jan 15, 2017

    Stay away from Wiegand Enterprises, because Wiegand Enterprises is evil, wicked and crooked on people. Kent Cory rip tenants off of their security deposit, Dorena Banks has an attitude problem with and against tenants!!! They lie to you in your face, After you get evicted or If you move out they will lie on you to other property mangers and property management!!! Do not rent to them and Do not trust them.Rick Wiegand don't do nothing about Kent Cory and Dorena Banks. The only troublemakers in their buildings is Larry Ozimek, Marcus M.Thomas and C Bueno. Kent Cory won't evict them when they do wrong in his buidings!!! Kent Cory and Dorena Banks are bad for Wiegand Enterprises!!!

Jan 15, 2017

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