[Resolved] Why Not Lease Ithorrible program, things are not explained properly. rude customer service

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We decided to look at new couches at ABC Warehouse. We decided to go with a bundle they had with a TV, couch and two lamps. After being offered the financing Why Not Lease it offered at ABC we decided to go with it instead of paying the full amount up front. We were NOT explained this properly. They explained it as 90 days same as cash and if not paid off in the 90 days, we could continue to make the payments we agreed to, but would be charged interest until the set was paid off. We asked several questions, and wanted to make sure we understood this properly before signing. Nothing was EVER said about only "leasing" this furniture. After several payments towards this, we thought it should be just about paid off. I called Why Not Lease it and was informed that we automatically are only leasing it now because the 90 days had ran out. We could continue to lease it for about $350 a month like we have been paying, and after 18 months our lease would be up and they would come get the furniture only if it was in acceptable condition, or we could buy it out right for over $1000. Only $33 from the over $350 monthly payment had been going towards the actual furniture. If we were properly explained how this worked we would have NEVER signed up to pay $350 plus a month to lease this furniture! Yes it is our fault for not reading the few page agreement that was given to us on a credit card reader, but we figured after asking over and over exactly how this worked we figured we were okay.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Kingsley, MI It is nearly impossible to get a hold of customer service on the phone, and when you do they are rude and do not explain things in full detail if they know you are not completely happy with what is going on. I explained to one of the customer service representative on the phone that when we agreed to this, the employees ate ABC warehouse did not explain this the proper way, and that we told we would be charged interest after the 90 days, not signed up to lease the items. The employee of Why Not Lease it basically said it was not his problem. I understand it is not his problem, but being in the customer service industry, you would think maybe he could have responded little better. I asked him to reset my password with an email so I could read the agreement online. While waiting for the email to come, he said he had other customers to tend to and I had to call back if I wanted any more help. I never received the email to reset from him. I did call back and the lady I talked to than for the first time actually sent me the email to reset my password. Beyond baffled that the company can operate this. Stay clear of Why Not Lease it and they companies they work with. Things are not explained properly, and you are treated poorly from the employees. One bad review gets to about twenty plus people with word of mouth. The only thing that would make me a satisfied customer is if the payments we have made ($2174.64) was put towards the balance on the set that was owed. Nothing outrageous, just back to the original agreement that was explained to us.

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    I emailed the company on the email that the website had provided. I received a phone call a few hours later stating that the issue was going to be taken care of due to the misunderstanding and lack of explanation that was given to us. Extremely satisfied that they were fast in responding, helpful and resolved the issue we were having. This is a leasing company, not a financing company as we were explained to from the store we purchased the furniture from. Lesson learned for all the fine print and don't believe everything the sales person tells you!

Jan 18, 2016
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  • Me
      May 06, 2016

    I called them to clear up my accont and was hung up on

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  • Jp
      Jul 26, 2017

    @medso_savage Does not surprise me. The customer service rep that I first talked to was extremely rude.

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  • Ch
      Jun 22, 2017

    How long did it take to resolve your issue. I am having same exact issue from sales associate to why not lease it. What was the name of the company you emailed?

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  • Jp
      Jul 26, 2017

    @chapone21 After going rounds with the customer service reps at Why Not Lease It, I gave up and emailed the company. I found the email address right on under Why Not Lease It. I explained it was my fault for not fully reading the whole agreement policy page (which was pages long and shown to us only on a small credit card reader) explained all that happened, informed them of their rude customer service, and said the only way we would be satisfied is if it was paid off completely and ours. (which we did pay the full amount we were supposed to). I also stated I would email them first before posting on the actual bbb website of the horrible experience I had. I received a phone call within a few hours from them, extremely nice lady who ended the contract and we were all set. Hope this helps!

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