Whelan Security Company / management of whelan security-milwaukee (hwy 100)

Recently I applied for a supervisor position with Whelan security Milwaukee. At the interview, i was told by the hiring manager that all supervisor positions were filled so i was asked if i would settle for a regular guard position, and I accepted. I finished the rest of the interview process, and never heard back from Miller Coors or the Hiring manager. I called the office to check the status of my application, and the manager answered and said he would call back later that day and talk, eventually it got late and i called back again that friday, and the hiring manager assured me he'd call back on Monday and continue the hiring process, so far its been a week and a few days, and no call. Also whelan security has posted multiple jobs openings for supervisor, after i was told there were absolutely no positions available. This process of hiring is childish and unprofessional. If the company does not one a certain candidate, they need to inform the applicant of their decision. People have to make money, and waiting around on an empty promise from a "Professional security company" can affect that. I ask that you talk with the staff and let them know, that if they decide to refuse an applicant, to inform that person directly instead of string them along.

Nov 18, 2017

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