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I was offered a discounted vacation if i would attend a couple of hours seminar at the resort. The couple of hours was all day and after telling them we wasnt interested multiple times they just had us talk to someone else. They told us that we could put the down payment on a credit card with no interest for a year. They also had my wife apply for one so after the year was up we could transfer from one to the other with no interest for another year. After the year we tried to transfer the remainder but was told we could do it. We also just recently found out our membership couldnt be used for a hotel for two nights because the yearly fee wasnt paid. My wife had called and set it up to be tooken off the card we was paying on and it didnt get done. I called and talked to the booking department and he told me i could call accounts but it would be several hours wait. Westgate didnt send anything saying it was due or even that it was late. I got the membership because we enjoyed the location and seemed to be something to save us money.I have five kids so money is slim and now we are paying thousands of dollars for something we cant use. If anyone can help please contact me [protected]

Aug 03, 2018
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      Sep 16, 2018

    I have had a timeshare with Westgate since Jan. 2014. Since the wildfires of 11/2016 regrettably happened my husband and I became disabled and at 1st asked that the maintenance fees be waived, as there was no buildings to maintain. After repeated attempts to speak with customer service and being spoken to rudely and the call being disconnected by them we looked for help to either re-sell or get rid of the timeshare. The jokers "willing to help" you get rid of the timeshare are just as crooked as Westgate themselves. They wanted more than 1/2 of the remaining price of the timeshare to sell it.
    I have asked several times for help from Westgate and the same reaction as above every time. I am done with Westgate. My husband and I were high pressured over an 11 hour period and promised things that never happened.
    We are going to join the class action lawsuit against them and sue them privately ourselves.

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