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This place will tell you a lot of things to get your money and what is so bad is after the agent tries to sell it to you and she cant get you to then somehow she will signal to someone else of course the first one tells her all about you and she leaves for awhile and comes back and says oh don't tell anyone but I will give it to you half off.

She will make you think you own a unit but why is it they can rent it out to anyone and I thought if you own it you could stay all you want, but you only get it once a year. So its a timeshare not a deed.Its like they still own it and you get nothing. And if they make you stay there 7 hours like us you would sign anything and regret it later.

I canceled mine sending them a registered letter and changed my checking account number.

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  •   Nov 10, 2008

    I was referred to Westgate by a friend who claimed that it was so great. It was supposed to be a 90 min presentation it wind up being 5 hours long. After feeling obligated by a little nice old salesman and his fast talking manager we purchased Got home and now have changed our minds. I am going to write 2morrow to cancel hope all goes well with canceling.

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  • Xx
      Apr 11, 2011

    a timeshare is buying a week or weeks. not whenever u want to go.

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  • To
      Feb 10, 2013

    WestGate properties are a scam. Here is what you do? When they contact you to offer you to stay at one their properties for a low low price (something that sounds good) - ask them to vie you the price without the presentation. This may be $100 more. If you can't get the no-presentation price then do what I did. Sit through a presentation and ask for the cheapest plan they have. You have 30 days by law to cancel anything. Write a letter to them stating you want to cancel the plan and send it return receipt. Option #3 - when they contact you to stay at one of their properties and prequalify you on the phone tell them you don't qualify for the special but would like the no-presentation price. If they lie and state they don't have a no presentation price than remind them of their unethical business practices well documented with the Federal Trade Commission. Works every time. My wife and I stay at all Westgate Properties and NEVER attend presentations.

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