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Westgate Resorts Branson Woods / being placed in a substandard unit, twice, which caused physical and emotional distress.

1 Novi, MI, United States

I booked a banked internal exchange from Westgate Villas, 2- bedroom unit to Westgate Branson Woods. I booked the date in July 2018, for around my birthday, September 30th -October 7th 2018. I paid the internal exchange fee. And was told I would receive a two bed room unit. When I arrived at the resort on Sept.30 around 7:30 pm. After travel two days, a total of 13 1/2 hrs. By car. I was given a map with my unit circled on it and diracted to go find it myself in the black night. I told them that I have night blindness, and could not understand how to get to my unit. They didn't care they showed me the map again, and I went out to find it. I drove around for 1/2. And stopped in front of a unit with a truck in front of it. I was afraid it would be the wrong unit and afraid for my own saftyy. So I called the front desk. And told her I was afraid to go up to the door because it might be someone else's door and I didn't want someone to harm me. I was told to come back up to the front desk. I did and they gave me another map and Verbal directions on how to get there. I told him I did not know where I was gone it was so dark I couldn't see anything and I had already gone to the wrong unit and was lost. They just show me the map again and sent me on my way. Again I am driving up and down very dark roads without any lights other than my car. I was afraid and I wa verbal directions on how to get there. I told him I did not know where I was going it was so dark I couldn't see anything and I had already gone to the wrong unit and was lost. They just show me the map again and sent me on my way. Again I am driving up and down very dark roads without any lights other than my car. Alone and afraid I tried to find my unit but couldn't . After about 30 more minutes I stopped a shuttle bus and tried to ask him where the unit was. He called into the office and they told me to come back up there. I went back up there and they gave me another Matt and told me where to go. I told them I have been looking for my unit for at least an hour and I was tired and frustrated. Again I ventured out to try to find the unit I thought I found the unit but I wasn't sure and was afraid to go in again. So I called the front desk and ask them if they could have security make sure that was my unit. By that time it was 10:00 PM and I noticed my tire was going flat. I knew I had would have to call AAA, pack, as settling in. I called AAA and started to carry my belongings into the unit. Preoccupied by my car situation and very tired and frustrated.I stepped in a unit, Caught AAA, and begin to unload my car. It was it until after AAA came and help me with my car, did I noticed The strong smell of mold in the unit. I looked around the unit and saw that it was very unclean and unsanitary. By this time it was after 11:30 PM. I called the office and told them that I was highly allergic to mold and that I had asthma and allergies. I told the young lady that I didn't know if I'd be able to stay in the unit or not that night, but I would definitely have to move to another unit without mold. This was Building number 36 I don't remember the unit number. I also have fibromyalgia and rheumatoid arthritis and I have had three knee operations and one in the last three years. I was so tired I knew I could move anywhere that night I couldn't even think straight. I had an A and B units so I looked at the A unit upstairs, it didn't seem to have as much mold in it. It had a good size the makeshift air-conditioner/ air purifier in the floor and connect it out of the window. So, I thought that I would be all right at least until the morning to move. I called the person at the front desk, and told her that I would move in the morning. I did not unpack I just took a few things out and went up to the a unit and went to sleep. That was about 12: 30 or 1 o'clock AM. I went to bed. I was awaken around 2:30 or 3 o'clock in the morning by the sounds of scratching in running around the room and behind the bed. I thought that it was my service dog, getting water or food or using the bathroom on her pad. But my service dog was right up under my chin curling up and moving around next to me. She was afraid of something. I realize that it was something in the room running around and scratching and I was terrified. I tried to call the front desk, They told me the last time I had talk to them that they would be open 24 hours. All I got was a busy signal. I then called my brother in Michigan who is an exterminator. He told me that it was mice in the walls and maybe run around the room. I am deathly afraid of mice! I have a phobia and a fear of mice! I was just paralyzed with fear! My brother didn't call me back until about 6:30 and he had to calm me down, and talk me in to of getting out of the bed. I was just tremendously terrified. I tried to call her office again and their line was still busy. Once I got out of the bed, I rushed to get washed up and dressed. I would not go into the shower because it was filthy and nasty so I tried to wash up in the face ball in the water was cold. I had to bend over the tub to wash up with warm water. Eventually the water in the facet became warm after about 10 or 15 minutes. I just tried to get out of there and move my stuff out as fast as I could. With my bags and the belongings in the car, I went back to the check in office and try to report the situation. They told me they did not have any more units available. I started to get very upset and tell them that I could not stay in a dirty moldy unit with mice running around. I they told me that it will be a while and they would work on it. The woman at the front desk eventually came back and told me that they only have one unit available and it was 14 steps. I told her I had rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia, and two knee replacements in one knee and three knee surgeries all together in three years. I told her I couldn't physically do 14 steps up-and-down for a whole week. She looked at me with a stone face and said that was all they had. I felt that I was by myself in and unfamiliar place with not enough money for a hotel for a week. I feel that I had no other choice but to safe shelter. I said OK, I felt homeless and didn't have anywhere to go. Even though I was in original owner and Westgate from 1990 and was never late with my maintenance fees and pay my unit off in full. Anxiety driven, I left to continue to try to get my tires repaired on my car. That front desk told me they will call me when my room was ready. During the day I realize that I couldn't handle 14 stairs all week and hat then have to drive back to Michigan on Sunday by myself. My legs, knees, I am back began to spasm. I was in a lot of pain from climbing the loft stairs of the other unit, I am moving my belongings in and out of my car.I saw a message at 3:30 pm, on my phone, where the office called me. When I called them back, they told me that a unit was ready. I told the clerk behind a desk that time I realize I really couldn't physically handle 14 steps moving my things back into and out the unit and out of the unit, or even maneuvering in and out of the unit going places all week long. I have to walk my dog three times a day and doing 17 to 30 steps three times a day would put me in the hospital. I realized it would be too much for me. This manager/clerk behind a desk says, "we agreed on this earlier and this is all we have we don't have any more units". I called RCI and they told me they they had six units available at that time. I was in tears. I called Westgate where I own in Kissimmee, Florida. They called down to Branson and talked to someone at the desk. The manager/assistant manager/clerk In Branson Westgate, told Westgate in Orlando/Kissimmee, that they had a unit ready for me with only four steps to get in the unit. Westgate in Kissimmee/ Orlando Florida called me back and told me that they had better suited unit ready for me here in Branson. I was told to call in and pick up the keys. I went and got the keys and the directions to unit 1211 A and B. By that time it was dark again around 8:00 PM I realize when I arrived at the unit that there were 30 steps to the A Side and 17 steps to the B-side. Drained, devastated and being upset because I was lied too. I just began to try to move my belongings into the unit. As soon as I open the door I again smell mold. I looked around the unit and thought that at least the mice are here. I proceeded to put my cold groceries in the Oh worn refrigerator. It was very nasty on the outside when I open the refrigerator door and put the crisper out it was full of standing water. When I pulled the crisper out to empty the water in the sink I noticed that there was a lot more standing water underneath the crisper and it was too much for me to clean. At that time the phone rang and it was a representative from Westgate asking me about coming to a owners update the next day. I told her about the standing water and I told her was too much for me to clean so sheSet a maintenance man out. It turned out that the condenser in the back of the refrigerator was malfunction and it was all frozen and draining wrong or something like that. When the maintenance man pulled the trees out of the refrigerator I noticed There was black mold on the refrigerator trays and I realize that if black mold was in that refrigerator tray, Mold spores were also all through the refrigerator. I was sick to my stomach and then I just started videotaping the whole unit, all the mold and dirt. I noticed that the furniture was not only worn, But it was stained, nasty and dirty. I took a video of this entire unit in all of the unsanitary conditions. I then got out my essential oil‘s and vinegar sanitizer that I made. I put some of it in my diffuser and proceeded to try to sanitize the back bedroom and bathroom as much as I could, with the cleaners that I brought from home.. I did not unpack anything. The whole unit had multiple hours all the way through it.I was feeling very trapped. I was just trying to figure out how I would complete living this week without making my auto immune disease gon out of remission. I just didn't know what to do! I had called the insurance company that I got with this trip and they told me all I could do is drive back to Michigan, and get a doctors note, To maybe get reimbursed. I didn't have the strength at this point to drive back to Michigan yesterday. I have had no rest since I arrived here, I am exhausted and tired, so that was not an option. I went to Walmart and bought paper plates paper, cups, Clean towels, washcloths, Bleach, more vinegar, how shoes & shower shoesThat I knew I would have to throw away when I got home. I also bought a face Mask, and other things that I needed to try to get through the rest of this week. I confined myself to the back bedroom and bathroom. About as much space as it is in a hotel. I then tried to sanitize it is much is possible. This morning I went to the Owners update appointment In the sales office. I tried to tell the sales rep. what was going on. She really didn't pay too much attention to what I was saying until I showed her the videos of the condition of the unit I was in. They all act shocked, which is hard for me to believe. she then brought her manager over. They apologize and acted like they didn't know anything about The conditions of these units, but, they also seem to be making excuses for why these units were like this. They were making excuses about management was new new, and that the unit was "woods " with animals, and things like that. So, I see it what are you gonna do now? Then the manager went and got the head of the housekeeping. She was the only one who really listened, understood, and seem to care. She was the only one that was honest with me and told me that it was no excuse for what I had to put up with. She immediately made a call and moved me in this unit that I am in right now. The sales person seemed a little put back by them relocating me to this unit. The unit I am in now is the same type a unit that I go to every time I travel. This sales rep. told me that i owned a standard unit in Westgate Villas and that's why they put me in a standard in Branson, Missouri. I don't mind them putting me in their standard unit but, I had no idea that their standard unit in Branson Missouri, is one full of mold, dirt, broken, and Warren furniture, and mice running around in the walls. The sales rep. calls the unit I am currently in a premium elite unit. She claims that I have three upgrades from The unit I own in Westgate villas. I don't about any of that I just wanted a clean sanitary unit. So if the only clean and sanitary units are the new models that they have here in Branson then I guess that's all I'm asking for. I don't understand, I asked them for a sanitary unit. I told them I would even take a one bedroom unit is long as it was clean and mice free. I am upset because nobody did anything until I showed the video of my second unit's condition. The manager here told me too me to send him all the videos. He says that he is going to send them to corporate office. The unit I own in Westgate villas. The manager here wants me to send him all the videos. I do not understand why I have to send them to him, without you hearing my entire story. Which he does not know. I feel that I have been lied to, disrespected, ignore, and devalued as As a long time, in good standing, loyal owner who has owned in west gate since 1990. Thank you very much in advance for consideration of this matter sincerely Karen Martin-Carter [protected].

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