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West Corporation / Employer

1 157 S Howard Spokane, WA, United States Review updated:

If one wants to work for a company that thrives on "double speak"--this company is for you!

This company hires so many applicants and then "cleans house" to make room for the new applicants only to be hurting their call time. Rules are constantly changing or made up as they go along. No one can seem to agree what the proper protocols are when dealing with customer complaints in terms of what the solutions are. When one complains about missing hours on one's paycheck--they are given the "run around" as well as "lip-service" on why they have not receive their pay. Always double check what you are getting paid an hour as the company is known to "switch-n-bait" what your pay rate is.

They claim they care when in actuality, they care about their own bottom line. They claim they want to see employees succeed when in fact they can't even provide employees the proper tools to succeed in the telemarketing business.

When one sees their hiring run the other direction! This company is not worth it unless you like "double speak" and "mind games".

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  • Mo
      8th of Sep, 2009
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    I fully agree and will go even farther. i was flung out onto the floor to sink or swim, they have 12-15 different systems and each has to have it's own pw. i would get in trouble and written up at the drop of a hat, i had no idea who my supervisor was or how to get in contact with them. i had a sup call one day and i tried to de-escalate it, got a sup over who threatened to fire me if i didn't try to de-escalate the call. i told him i did try then he snarled "you didn't try hard enough"
    sups would routinely tell us to tell the customers we would have the sup call them within 2 hours, then they would never call them back. We were crammed in like sardines, not allowed anything to break the monotony. My only break from it was watching trains go by. there is no happiness there, no camaraderie, not team spirit. nothing. Place was a piece of crap, there are 2 bathrooms on the call floor, one male and one female, each has 3 stalls for a place that has over 800 people.
    My last comment is beware of QA. this one woman screamed and screamed at me until i was in tears, then when she found she was in the wrong gave me a half hearted apology. Basically if you are a grunt you will get shafted if you have any tenure or position there you will get to do whatever you want.

  • Ex
      21st of Sep, 2010
    +1 Votes

    I worked at West Corp for 6 months, I was given the run around from day one out of the floor, I would ask a question to a sup or coach and would get a half-[censor] answer, then would try to explain it to the customer in my own words, most calls turned into sup calls because i was not properly trained, our training course was disaster...i dont even want to try to explain that terrible situation. i hated the QA process, they wanted us to be "perfect" on the phones, but kept changing the QA scoring rules, and would constantly change policies and protocols, so I never knew the proper way to do anything. then if we scored badly, they forced us into signing a paper that says we understood that we did bad, but wouldnt get an explanation for anything. they also would write you up for everything, including needing to set away from your desk to go to the bathroom, it was ridiculous. our call center only had 2 tiny bathrooms on the second floor for about 300 people. we didnt get to have assigned desks either, if you had one desk in the morning, you would come back from lunch and someone else would be there, and you would have to go find another desk, but beware if you sat somewhere they didnt want you too...
    WEST CORP was the [censor] place to work.

  • Cu
      27th of Oct, 2010
    +2 Votes

    I currently work for West in Nevada, although for how much longer I do not know. There are 3 classes getting ready to hit the floor. West has started "cleaning house". They have now decided if we do not use a certain system we have an EVERY single call, no matter how simple or easy the call is, we will get an automatic step 2 pin. We are only allowed 3 then we get terminated. This is one of the many new rules designed to help "clean house" once the classes hit the floor and are on the floor for a couple of months, all of a sudden the new rules they have in affect right now simply disappear. I have been at this company more than 2 years and have seen this happen many times. I have survived them so far, but I never know when I will be caught in one of their traps during "house cleaning" time! Horrible place to work. They even "reserve" the right whether they will accept your doctors note or not. They do not care about their agents at all, only the money they make from tha client having your butt in the chair. We have had the ambulance out at least 15 times since I worked there. People, no matter how sick they are, come to work for fear of being fired. One time this poor lady was walking to the restroom and fainted. Terrible place to work. If you apply, and get hired to work at West, just think of it as a temp job would be my advice to you. I am currently looking for employment elsewhere...

  • Ds
      18th of Feb, 2011
    +2 Votes

    Yeah i worked there off and on for 3 years or so. The last time i worked there my father passed away, they were not going to excuse me for missing the day he passed away, only the day before, day of, and day after the funeral. So instead of being fired for missing that day i was forced to resign, and when i did the woman in charge of hr said she she can see that my job is obviously not inmportant to me because i chose to be absent after receiving that news. what a [censor]. just like everyone else in charge there.

  • Oj
      15th of May, 2011
    +3 Votes

    I completely agree. You are not at all properly and adequately trained when you are placed on the call/production floor. When you asked for help you get ignored and passed on to the people the System Matter Experts, Team Leads, and Supervisors favor. They are constantly breaking state and federal labor laws and codes, yet when you explain it to them they literally tell you are wrong, even if you have documented proof. People who are disabled, pregnant, or even in the military do not get the special privileges that are guaranteed by the government. If you get sick, you are asked to stay, people are on the floor coughing, hacking, and even throwing up on the floor and you get written up even if you get fired. They say that they want to help people who are in school, but they will not work around your school schedules. This place is totally and utterly crooked and I am in the process of bringing labor and civil charges against this company. I do NOT recommend anyone work for this company.

  • Ol
      14th of Jun, 2011
    +1 Votes

    This is the old "Dog & Pony Show" at it's best!

  • Ih
      4th of Jul, 2011
    +1 Votes

    i can vouch for everyone on here, i am still currently working for these degenerates, the operations manager for the dept i'm in is a sexist douche, and a pothead, and he is dating one of the other team leads in the same dept. he favors the cute young girls and is a condescending jerk-off. they create a flexible scheduling system they call spectrum, then they fire you for using it. they deny holiday pay whenever possible. west also thinks they can break WA state labor laws or that they dont apply to them. the entire building is like highschool, just one big popularity contest. they give us rediculous handle time goals, then yell at us when we dont meet them, THEN they say well you have to take even more time to try to sell them crap they dont need, i'm in tech support, why the hell should i be selling stuff to customers?! and i why should we be forced to shorten our troubleshooting time to fit in a stupid sales pitch?! where i come from we have a word for that, it's called 'counter-productive'. this company is run by a bunch of idiots.

  • We
      27th of Jul, 2011
    +1 Votes

    I agree with what everyone has said. Here is my 8 week experience with this company, located here in Ohio.
    We were hired as part of as "pilot program" to be tech support for one of their Mobile Phone clients. We were promised a pay rate of $9.00 an hour. When we got our first paycheck, it was for $8.50. They came in and talked to our class (still in training at this time) and said it was due to a payroll error as all of WEST does not have a $9.00 an hour scale programmed into the Pzayroll System. But they felt that they would compensate us with a $35 gas card, and the promise that the $35 would be on the next check. So the gas card would be a gift. Two weeks later, the $9.00 an hour adjustment, nor the $35 was on our pay. Again they came in and apologized. Only this time, no gas card. Just asking us to please be flexible and rest assured, this would all be taken care of by next paycheck. So two weeks later (now 6 weeks in) the payroll was still not correct. The $9.00 an hour was finally corrected, but no retro-pay. So, they gave us another gas card, $70 this time. Not sure how I'm supposed to pay bills with a gas card, but whatever. They then promised that the next pay our retro pay, which they stated numerous times, would be $105. They also informed us that the $105 in gas cards would still be taxed. So, two weeks later...can you guess?...yup, no $105. There was an amount for $56. When I asked payroll about the discrepancy, they said that management was in error. We would not be paid $105, only 105 hours at the $0.50 difference.

    But wait, there's more!

    West's management of employees is abysmal. For example, they put a lot of emphasis on time management, and want people ready and able to take calls at the start of their shift. That's reasonable sure, but consider this...They are strict about employees showing up to work early. In other words, if your shift starts at 3pm, they don't want you at your desk no sooner than 2:50. Any earlier and your sent to the breakroom. They also don't want you logging into your system till 5 minutes before your shift. Now, when you have 10-12 programs, each with their own passwords that need logged in, a system that needs booted up, and having to hunt for and assemble headsets, there is no mathmatical way that you can be prepared to fully take calls. Sure, you can log into the phone and take a call, but you wont be fully able to service a customer cause not everything is ready. But that's the point of West. They're not concerned for customer experience, they are only concerned with stats. And successful West reps are those who are concerned about their stats rather than customer satisfaction. Consider for a moment that in order to maintain your position, not only is Tech Support required to resolve the customers issue, but to upsell them a feature or device. You must maintain a quota or else. Management also is strict about you occupying space. Myself, I have leg issues, and require a walker. Yet, during 10 minute breaks or my 30 minute lunch, I m not welcome to just stay at my desk. Scram, go to a break room, your not welcome here is the general feeling one gets.

    But what if you can't resolve the issue? Well, than you create a case. You're expected to keep a customer on the line while this is filled out. The case requires navigation thru 6-8 different programs, a lot of cutting and pasting, as well as determining departments, divisions, etc that the case needs to go to. An average rep just hitting the floor averages 20-30 minutes just to fill these out. Experienced reps still take 5-8 minutes. This time is not including the 5-8 minutes of speaking and resolving the issue with the customer. Not good when your AHT (average handle time) is meant to be 12 minutes or less. Again, you're set up to fail.

    But wait...there's STILL more...

    So I am into my 8th week of my 9 week training period. 5 weeks of classroom training complete. 2 weeks of mentoring done. Well, technically they cut off two days of mentoring and threw us into nesting. So this is my first of 2 weeks (plus 2 days) of nesting. Unfortunately I got horribly ill. Turns out I had food poisoning. Needless to say I was too sick to work. Heck, I was too sick to even drive the 30 minutes just to get to work. I did use the call off line. But upon returning, I was unemployed. They have a strict rule about how you can't miss anything during your first 9 weeks.

    Now, in fairness, I was aware of this. So it wasn't a surprise. I was advised that in situations like this (cause West is an understanding and compassionate company) they have you fill out a rehire/reschedule request form. I was told it can take up to 30 days to process, and if approved I'll be placed in an upcoming hiring class. OK, fair enough. I filled it out.

    How have I performed thus far? Let's see, high marks in class, I was the only one who received a PCS and it was all fives (we did a day of mentoring with customer service calls, even though we were tech), I met my sales goals during mentoring, as well as adhering to expectations for AHT and hold/availability. In fact, I was even in contact with our trainer who wanted me back and said that he emailed a recommendation that I be placed into a class asap. So day after day goes by and nothing. I try calling HR and mostly get stonewalled with "wait the full 30 days." Well, today I got thru to someone who now informs me it's company policy not to rehire anyone unless they worked a year and gave at least z weeks notice.

    This policy flies in direct contrast to the concept of rehire/reschedule. What's the point of r/r if their isn't any intent on rehiring? She asked if I had documentation. No, sorry. I don't run to the hospital every time I get sick. Granted if the illness was more than 2 days I would have seen a doctor. But without any documentation, I am basically SOL.

    It seems absolutely absurd that someone who is willing and able to work, one that they've invested so much $$$ into for training, and one who performed more than adequately, should be so easily discarded. I mean, what a mismanagement of resources. And they wonder why they have such z turnover.

    Sadly, with this economy, even though West whips its dogs, this dog needs its master. The job market sucks, and something is better than nothing.

  • Li
      28th of Jul, 2011
    +2 Votes

    So as a current employee in tech as well I can tell everyone literally hates that place. You are spoken down to, degraded as a tech agent by the team leads, points and smes, but mostly the team leads. There are a few tl's that are nice and understanding, but not anymore.

    Ever since the "big change" all the tl's from "over there" think they are the best thing since sliced bread. The walkie talkies are annoying. We are on long calls for reasons. If we need help we will put our cup up. We don't need you comming up to us, making us put out customer on hold, explain everything to you, just to have you tell us to hurry up.

    We are all sick of you West. Your morale SUCKS! You make everyone run scared and if we speak our minds we get pinned. I would rather be in the military than work for west. At least in the military you can earn respect. As an agent at West, we are ###, we are walked all over, we are micro managed, and the un resolution specialists. Don't forget, take that 10 extra minutes to capture incident and 5 extra minutes on sales, fix the original issue, get yelled at by your customer, tl's, Smes, and points all while keeping your call under 13 minutes. This place is horrible.

  • St
      2nd of Sep, 2011
    +2 Votes

    I worked for West in Niles, OH when Dish Network was there. I hated the constant change, and then being forced to tell customers half the story, even though we had the full story. I said screw it and started telling customers the full story. 1/2 would cancel, 1/2 would understand but be upset. Well, towards the end I had to have surgery. I took 1 month off using FMLA. It was all accepted. I came back and 1 week later and was fired for supposedly posting bad comments on Facebook. I asked for proof and their excuse was they didn't have it in their hands.

    My new job, I found out that about 3/4 of the customer service team there is from West and talking to a couple of them, I found out similar stories. People getting terminated shortly after coming back from FMLA leave.

    I say, ditch the companies that are clients of West. Tell them that we would come back once they ditch West. I have lots of friends and families that are willing to do that as well.

    Say no to AT&T, Altel, Dish Network, Direct TV. If you know more, please post!!!

  • Ol
      2nd of Sep, 2011
    +1 Votes

    Class Action! Get everything you can together. Repost, I'm going to be writing a report for the Board of AT&T listing the many violations of employment laws, fraud, bad faith, and theft by deception. West's use of deception to obtain control over the property or services of another, an example of a state statute governing theft by deception: Theft by deception. A person commits theft if he obtains property of another by deception. A person deceives if he intentionally:
    (1) Creates or reinforces a false impression, including false impressions as to law, value, intention, or other state of mind; but deception as to a person's intention to perform a promise, requires a Justice Department investigation. It will take some time, it's going to happen in the very near future. Agents may already be working the case.

  • No
      8th of Sep, 2011
    0 Votes

    i agree with everyone here about the way west operates. i will tell you what happened to me. i stated working for west in February 2007. in Sept 2007 i had a medical issue and was told to stay in bed by my doctor due to my back and i could not stand up straight or sit. i did go to the ER and my doctor. they (west) was debating to let me go or not. they put me on probation and gave me an extension on a level 3 write up not allowed to miss any work for any reason in that 90 days. another one i went on vacation that was planned for 6 months or longer even in 2009. i posted my hours in spectrum and there was one day that was not pick up and I still had to call in absent when they all new i was out of state visiting family. i forgot to call in that one due to being busy with my grand-kids being out of state like said and upon my return they gave me a level 3 write up for a no call no show. even though they new where i was. i have an elderly parent living with me and we had to move. we found a place to live and i was the only licensed driver in the home that could get the moving truck i had documentation showing i had no choice to move and everything. i did miss a day or 2 of work. they told me that they would work with me and get me an extension due to my situation. i went back to work on my next scheduled work day and worked 10hrs on my day off to make up time. then i was on my day off and them upon my next work day i went to work and the next after that. i was told they wanted to talk to me and finish the call i was on then go to the conference room. they fired me.
    i filed for unemployment and did not get it i appealed that decision and in the appeal hearing hr lied to the judge over the phone. they said that my no call no show write up was also my level 1 write up for attendance that is so wrong when it is a separate category of its own. then the hr person told the judge that there is a panel of 7 people who gets to review if a person gets an extension or not. mine did not make it to the panel. the hr person made the decision by herself for all 7 people. no matter what you do or how you do it you are damned if you do and damned if you don't. when you get fired no matter the reason you will not get your unemployment because they will and do lie to the judge.

  • No
      7th of Nov, 2011
    -1 Votes

    Great place to work...took the time out to actually study outside of work for training and programs we use...gathered a few coworkers on days off and crammed down on our scripting techniques and being informative to customers. Great so far...

  • Li
      2nd of Dec, 2011
    +1 Votes

    BELEIVE ME YOU DO NOT WANT TO WORK FOR THIS EMPLOYER!!! I have never felt so degraded with the mind games they play on you. This place is satans den the management are satans gremlins, I would rather starve than put up with that sinful ugly place again.

  • Ol
      3rd of Dec, 2011
    0 Votes

    Call me about an EEOC Complaint!

  • Pe
      22nd of Dec, 2011
    0 Votes

    Everything you read about this place is . the team leads ans some and the rest of them don't know what the other one is doing they make you feel stupid and degraded.there suppose to be there to help you but they they walk right by you and stand around and visit and look out the window but if you look out the window you get in trouble .and lordly be if your phone doesn't get hung all the way they will give you a pin for and there some and team lead lye though there teeth when you try to explain what happen they still write you up and look at your a lie but when point something out to your team lead they I'll get back to you still waiting for them to return which you they wouldn't come back to give the answer i had a PTO day and because i did not call in they tried to give me a no call no show and was going to write it up pay has been shorted when point it they try to engorge you it took be over a month to get it corrected they act like it coming out of there pocket . the building is one of the most unsafe places there stuff on the stairs you call slip on like paper and it does not get picked up for weeks even paper or cans left in a window seal. the tables and chair in the lunch room are dirty i also seen ants in the lunch on the floor by the door the lead outside has hole in the pavement it been there for almost a year west does not follow state or federal laws there are people that work there in wheelchairs and on walker but they can not get down the row to get a place to sit .If they can find a dumb thing to write you up for t hey will they put so much stress on there employees it make them sick this is the worst place to work and don't ask a question because your likely to get wrote up or fired i got in trouble for looking out the window even though a team lead told you to look and the some are a bunch orange vested lies if you kiss there butts your their friend i had a some and a team lie so they wrote me up when i asked for help and don;t listen to you sorry they had to do their job anyone that they say they like it at west are lying or walking around doing nothing almost everybody i know there are looking for a different job to give you example of how it is to work there out my class of 30 only 3 are are still there after a year should tell you something about the place they put plastic ties on the headset so now they scratch you and grab your clothes and don't ask for something to put over it because they wouldn't anyway one department to the next don't know what the other one is doing if i was a company i would not give them my business until they can show respect to there employee the team leads and management have there benefit that are 100 percent better then they give there employees that should tell you how they feel about you i would not recommend this company to my worst enemies almost there famous saying is i can't talk to you

  • Pe
      26th of Dec, 2011
    0 Votes

    when they hire you they make alot of promoise which are all lies they say they will work with you for sitter, school and anything else they can helpyou with .they do not follow though with this also there no foot rest or wrist rest or a mouse pad unless you get a doctor excuse and if you are sick they will not accept a doctor excuse that why alot come to work sick ans if you have an allergy too bad just something else for them to write you up for everything you read on abolut this company amd the way they treat you is true so if i was you i would run the other way as fast as you can ever time i see someone applying for a job i want to tell run for your life because they will not do what they promise they will do

  • Ol
      26th of Dec, 2011
    0 Votes

    Class action legal action is needed as this is a true hostile working environment designed to make one fail. AT&T supports them in a minimum wage rip-off! A "Class Action Legal Case" is required! See prior case-law, West Lost the case.

  • Rb
      5th of Apr, 2012
    0 Votes

    I am an employee that works from home with west, but I have no skills. I was rehired last November, and was given a skill. The hours were great and pay was awesome until after the first of the year. Then there were no hours available. I found myself stalking my computer and the spectrum software waiting on hours to be posted. In the meantime, I was in the process of correcting a wrong first name. Once that was done all my logins were changed but didn't work! I called, emailed daily to get it fixed. After 2 weeks, I was able to log in again but the next day, I received an email outlining the "work requirements" and when I would be terminated if I didn't have the hour requirement met. That day was 3 weeks away. The following day, I was terminated from the GE skill. I tried to visit with them to no avail. I liked working for them but their termination from skills is not done with proper notification. If you chose to work for West from home, be careful and pay close attention to work requirements. They are vicious!

  • Jo
      26th of Jun, 2012
    0 Votes

    I went to work at West because I needed a job immediately. I was and still am quite thankful that West was there for that purpose, however, 3 weeks in, my wife had a miscarriage which threatened her life. I missed half of a day of training due to being with her in the E.R. and was fired. I filed a complaint with HR and was given my job back, but had to wait 4 more weeks to start in a new training class rather than miss 1 day and go back. (Its not like the training is that important or useful.)
    Later I was constantly missing hours on my paycheck and couldn't ever get anyone to fix the issue. When I left after 4 months, I was still trying to get paid for the consistently short paychecks and finally gave up. My hours worked were 40 per week, but my hours paid were more like 20-30.
    Now that I've been gone over a year, West is screwing me again by making it impossible to get a copy of my W2.
    -If you need a job fast, get in and get the hell out!

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