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West Asset Management / Over Zealous Attempt to Collect Charges that I do not owe`

1 OH, United States Review updated:

I received an automated telephone call from West Asset Management and subsequently got a rude lady with a southern Texas accent and I explained I had no idea what she was talking about. She identified my address and told me I owed a small amount and that my credit was going to be affected. When I again told her I did not owe the bill and asked her to send me a copy, she talked over me continually and told me to write a letter. I told her I was not writing a letter for something I knew nothing about and again asked her to send me a detailed invoice for the amount I owed. She just got louder and talked over me. I told her if "she would shut" and listen she would understand I don't owe anything until I see a bill. She yelled, "don't you tell me to shut up". I hung up. I will not be treated like a criminal. This lady, with a Texas accent, was rude and threatening. Just because someone says you owe money does not automatically mean I owe money. Maybe she owes me money. Maybe I should file something with the credit bureau and threaten her credit. This is crap!

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  • Kb
      5th of Mar, 2011
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    We must have had the same vile, rude woman from Texas --I also had an incoming call from this company telling me I owed a bill for my son and they told me I had to pay it or it was going onto my credit report. They also told me I had recieved an EOB-from my insurance company and they proceeded to tell me they will collect the bill. I have never got anything regarding the matter. I told them I never got an EOB because insurance was run through X's as subscriber--so I never got any correspondence regarding the matter. I also told them I have "Court Orders" that proof's this truth. They then proceeded to tell me they do not care about a Court Order I have. I after 45 minutes of being subjected to over bearing, degrading responses asked them if they were aware of FEDERAL LAWS regarding PROPER NOTICE to me. I continiously asked them how can you tell me I owe it-and what I have recv'd when I had never even had PROPER NOTICE from them. She was so RUDE and DEGRADING--even telling me why my child was seen at an ER and what insurance was PAID! Privacy? WHO IS SHE? Than also told me to write a letter to there company for the info or she was reporting as derogatory on my Credit Report. Everytime I tried to speak --she would raise her voice over me--so I had to tolerate because I was afraid she would illegally report this bill---causing more of a mess. I fianlly said--"Look, I just answered my phone this afternoon--I request sense you are a third party collector and this amount is disputed and you know nothing of our family''s insurance and certainly shouldn't have any knowledge of my minor child health issue I request you either send to the correct address provided at the hospiptal or send it back to the hospital so they can proceed to correctly and legal handle this account. I told her you are not interested in "court orders" regarding medical coverage and payments or proper notification to me and apparently you are only interest in continous threat of placeing on my credit report--I told her I think the fact I have been on the phone over an hour with you proofs I am extremely interested in finding out exactly what is going on--She then just started asking me if I were on my home# or Cell#--I said I am not answering anything else because of your unnactable tone and your lack of "Proper Notification" and your degrading approach to even the validation of a supposedly remaining amount due for my child. She sasid she has it at her company and that was enough and I better pay or it is going on to my Credit Report. I said -well, than I better request your legal departments contact info because I will be calling the Attorney General's office filling a complain and the Federal Tele -Cummications and the Consumer Affairs on you because I do have a right to "Discovery and Validation of any bill" ----She said she was in Texas and I this bill was originated in Florida --and I didn't know what I was talking about and better just pay her because once it is on my Credit Report iot is too late. As this time my blood is absolutely boiling---I asked her what is is her Company's or Corporation Federal ID--Informing her if she is calling me ----representing herself with a company she should have it ----She said ---"You DO NOT NEED THAT YOU NEED TO PAY" she than proceeded to tell me how I have waisted over an HOUR of HER TIME! It was on my cell--so I have proof of this incoming call and she really has BROKEN FEDERAL COLLECTION LAWS! I am appalled that there are even people whom can be so VILE, RUDE and DEGRADING and she actually thought I would deal with a complete stranger over the phone --without any verification of a bill! If she puts an invalid debt on my CREDIT REPORT --on top of everyhting else she said and demanded from me--they will only have to remove it later and her company WEST MANAGEMENT can be FINED Big Dollars and hopefully this cruel woman will get FIRED! If West ASSET Management employees some-one like her than they are obviously bottom feeders and not a professional company. If anyone has had any experiences like this--please take the time to post so investigators can read about what is happening --the more people speak-up about company' reps. making contact like this than the sooner they can be forced to recognize Federal and STATE laws that clearly are established to PREVENT what I just experienced. They are trying to collect bills illegally----Please post your experience if you have also been harassed by the call center out of Texas or West Managemnt Group. I already have started the process in calling the Attorney Generals Office. ---They must prey upon us thinking we won't take the time to stand up for what is legal! Remember I had never even heard of the outstanding bill until I answered my phone---After all that --and when-- I finally asked for there Federal ID--and remember she told me I didn't need it ---I repeatedly asked for it ---SHE HUNG UP ON ME! Imagine that? So-was she for real or a scam or is there really a bill out there--She hung-up on me when I asked her for proper identification! The law says they have to identify who they are and suggest everyone remember to ask for a companys Federal TAX --ID number! I still have no info regarding the bill!

  • Pa
      8th of Jul, 2011
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    I have also had the same experience with West Asset Management. They told me they were not going to send me a monthly statement. I told them I would not pay anything further on the account until they did. I ultimately had to speak to a supervisor. She was also rude so I asked to speak to her supervisor. She hung up on me, but ultimately I ended up with a supervisor's name and number. Her name is Rebecca Russell and her phone number is 903-891-7181. She was very helpful and told me I did have the right to request a monthly statement. So every month I request a statement. When they call on the phone I don't answer or I answer and just hang up without saying anything. After several calls they give up. Now when I call they immiedately transfer me to one of the "team leaders". That's another thing. You have to make sure you are actually talking to supervisor. They way to tell for sure is to ask them their job title. Then you find out whether they are a supervisor or not. Nine times out of ten you are talking to team leader. The real problem is the laws that allow hospitals to sell your debt and release info about you. That should be illegal.

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