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i just saw the wen infomercial and asked if there was a way to not subscribe to autoshipments but they said they might be able to do it for twenty extra dollars (although i doubted they wouldn't keep charging my credit card for some strange reason there would be a mix up i'd have to spend hours on the phone to fix), i told them they would sell a lot more product if they had a one time purchase avail since i declined the offer who accidentally asked me if i wanted lumineers since the answering ladies and men are taking calls for many products)... i felt like it was a scam and after reading a bunch of message boards i'm so glad i didn't apply. i realized i could buy it on ebay to try it and others are saying qvc are offering it without autoshipments. i'm interested in trying the product but without trying it i'm not going to sign up for every month so i decided to spend less and get it online from either unsatisfied customers or people who were unable to cancel their membership even after calling and returning the product so if anyone wants to try it i would recommend not buying it from the infomercial and buying it on ebay... just a little tip.i also thought it was funny how they say you only need one product but 5 products come with it, lol) then if you love it and have to have it, you can try the autoship but just like any gym membership or anyone who's tried proactive, it's close to impossible to cancel membership without extra fees, return fees, or credit card charges you are unable to rectify and waste much of your time getting nowhere. it makes me not want to buy the product but i'm curious and will check out more message boards first. thank goodness for the internet! if anyone got stuck with an extra set and wants to sell me a set for the normal price i'd e happy to buy one from you. i want to see how many people really feel the difference and wonder what the ingredients actually are, if anyone has them listed on their product bottle... makes me want to throw together some herbs and natural ingredients and make my own product and infomercial. ya can't blame him, he has scammed enough people to make enough money to hire celebrities to promote the product and show what hair looks like before a blowout and after a blowout... it's pretty obvious that the before pix are air dried and with a big round brush and a very good hot, fast hair drier and curling iron ends, how wonderful the after pic looks..(and if those examples were his best before and afters i'm doubtful it is so wonderful but i have not tried it yet so can't comment on the actual product, just their creative way of collecting fees).. i can't believe i even called. that's what happens when you can't sleep at 4am, you start making crazy decisions... makes me want to open another biz but i couldn't do that to people, however, enough people buy into it to do it... same with proactive, if you wash your face twice a day and apply the same exact active ingredient from a normal brand your pimples will go away without bleaching your pillowcases. it's just ritual... and if you have ever tried to clean the jack la lane juicer you will use it once and forget about it. i have one if anyone wants to trade for a set of the hair care products! lol. jody

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  • Jo
      7th of Feb, 2010

    i think it's funny that one of their main ingredients is alcohol which dries your hair and then they use the oil to silken it out. i'm sure you can come up with your own brand but i wouldn't recommend it... i find that a good finishing product makes it silky like biosilk or other brands, you sort of jut have to try different items out... i'd love a magic bullet though! lol

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  • Si
      22nd of Jul, 2010

    I have found the the Wen Hair Care is wonderful and does make a hugh difference in the condition, thinkness, and texture of my hair. However, I will not do any offers where you are auto enrolled in monthly shipements or billings. Or any free trial offers. You can buy Wen on line from QVC and only when you want it, in single or multiple quantities, no auto orders and no auto charges to your credit card obligations. Try it from QVC. blessings SisterGenny

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