Wen Hair Carewen by chaz dean seasonal cond. one gallon auto - spring blossom.

Order date: 06/06/2015. Wen by chaz dean seasonal cond. One gallon auto - spring blossom. A friend, who knew my story saw this website and thought I should share my testimony. I wanted to ask people to please stop defending wen by chaz dean. If this is not your experience, does not mean that it is not someone else. It cruel, what has happen to me and others. It's not something I would wish on any woman. Your hair is your glory! I'm still crying about this, every time I think about what happened, you can't get rid of that. Let me start by saying, I have never had hair loss. If anything my hair was very healthy and strong. There is no history of hair loss or balding in my family, I have two sisters with beautiful full heads of hair. I have been on thyroid medicine since 2009, it did not affect my hair, skin or nails. Those are my disclaimers.

I am an * woman and I had watched the info commercials and wanted to try this amazing hair product. I purchased wen from qvc for $202.44 a bargain, I was so excited. I had family members and friends buy me more for christmas presents that year. I had enough to last for a while. I used it in my daughters and my hair, but her hair texture starting changing and then she started losing hair.

I didn't really think it was the wen, not at first. I had switch completely over to using wen and nothing else. I had so much, and let's be honest, it was a huge investment on my part and on the part of my family and friends. My husband was using it and he didn't have any issues and I noticed that my hair was dry, brittle and the texture was different, but the loss was gradual - at first. I could see underneath. I was getting bald spots. I was losing my hair and I didn't understand why. My texture was changing, but I thought that was part of the process. Honestly, I wasn't aware of any issues and I was still seeing wen on qvc and the beautiful results and wondering why my hair didn't look like their hair. I thought maybe I need to buy the other products as well, get everything.

I had some hair loss, it was misleading - how often do you look at the back of your head underneath hair part and search for balded areas. Some hair loss, until it wasn't. I was washing my hair, preparing for a wedding and I felt something all over me and I opened my eyes to see my hair everywhere. I screamed. I didn't know, what had happened and I didn't care, my hair was everywhere. I jumped out of the shower and touched my hair and it was in my hands. It was coming out everywhere. I grabbed a comb and more hair. Devastating, emotional distress, I didn't understand what happened. I had done the same thing, I had done a hundred of times. But my hair was falling out by the handful.

I'm on my way to a wedding. I was that girl, that people loved to touched my hair, ask what products I used, make comments. My hair has always been one of my best qualities. It sounds awful but as women, we care for hair and it's not an afterthought. I have always been very careful with products, shampoos, conditioners, oils, any and all styling products I use. I watched this product for a long time and I really thought about, looked at videos and in the end trusted qvc.

My hair was all over my body, tub, shower curtain and I was holding it in my hands, combing it out as gentle as possible, trying not lose any more hair but it was too late. I stopped using wen that day, I went back to pantene and olive oil treatments and leave-in conditioners and nothing else. At first, I still had enough hair, most people couldn't tell. I was able to hide the loss. But even though, I had stopped using wen my hair was still brittle and dry, and every time I combed my hair there was a lot of hair loss. After a while, I just wanted my hair to grow back enough length for me to cut off the strands that were left and start over with the new growth. I had a comb-over hair style for 5 months. Then, just as emotional and with much distress, I had my daughter cut off the dead lifeless hair. I trusted qvc. I didn't think that a product on their network, and continues to be on their network would cause so much pain.

I have been hiding my hair loss from the world. I was never one to wear hats, I own ten hats now. I went to church in a hat, to meetings in hats, everywhere in hats. I didn't want people to see. I didn't let my husband see my hair, he would try and would stop him. He would say, isn't there something you could do, or what are you going to do about your hair. That only made it worse. I didn't want the questions, I didn't want to deal with it. My daughter, who just turned 18 at the time became my support and my cheerleader.

After I lost my hair, I still saw the same products being sold on qvc, that to me is horrible. People trust and believe that those products will do no harm and not to warn people or remove them from products sold, makes me cry all over. It's not enough to say, sorry! There are times when words simply don't cover the distress you experienced.

Wen Hair Care

Apr 28, 2017

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