Wen Hair Care / Guthy Renker / Billing method and practice

Arden, NC, United States

I am a man who purchased Wen products for my wife as a one-time gift. We received Wen product and used it; although the product was OK, we decided that $40 per month was just too much to pay for this product. However, we had no idea that I had signed up for automatic billing and shipping via the internet. Imagine my surprise and (I'll admit) my outrage - and I mean outrage - when I found out that I had been charged for another shipment. I found this out when I found a new box of the product on my doorstep!

I called Wen and a woman with a foreign accent who spoke 85% English was not helpful. Then I called my bank and spoke to two women that spoke 100% English that were helpful but not advantageous. In short, I have to "jump through the hoops" of changing all my debit card numbers and accounts if I don't want this company to charge anything more to my account. This is a big pain in the rear-end, just to put it to you "waist high over the plate"! -- Good luck dealing with these crooked hucksters from Wen!

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