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Please see my chat with their rep. It never worked and I was never able to get any assistance other than nothing.

You are now chatting with 'Ghen'

Ghen: Hi there

Ghen: Unfortunately, you are beyond our 5 day refund period. As customer service is our number one priority, however, we would like to do whatever we can to resolve your problem and ensure that you are happy with choosing WebWatcher.


Mark or Bo Stahl: That is not right since I have chatted over 6 times trying to fix this problem and you have never been able to fix it.

Mark or Bo Stahl: Everytime I chatted no one ever able to fix the problem I was told everytime that I needed to restart my computer, but nothing was ever done to fix the problem

Ghen: I'm sorry for the inconvenience. Your software is checking in recently on 10/29/2009 12:05:52 AM. Are you on the target computer now?

Mark or Bo Stahl: I am not happy about the service or the program. You are just asking the same question as the other rep...but nothing get done.

Mark or Bo Stahl: I just want a refund or I will make it know on the web about your terrible servicer.

Mark or Bo Stahl: This is wrong.

Mark or Bo Stahl: Your web page says 24 hours a day 7 days a week but EVERYTIME I asked for assistance it was useless.

Mark or Bo Stahl: Is there an 800 number where I can call and complain?

Ghen: We can also refer you to our technicians via Desktop Sharing Session to double check settings and ensure software is working and up and running

Mark or Bo Stahl: I have already went through all of that.

Mark or Bo Stahl: Don't you read what I am writing?

Ghen: via Desktop Sharing session?

Ghen: I understand you had chat sessions with our previous reps but it looks like you have not had any Desktop Sharing Sessions yet with our techs

Mark or Bo Stahl: My son. whom In purchased this program for was able to get online and look at ***. Yes the web rep said that my setting were correct but it did not stop it from coming on the computer.

Ghen: They'll also test everything to make sure that it's working properly.

Mark or Bo Stahl: They said they did that.

Mark or Bo Stahl: They did it last night until after midnight.

Ghen: You still have not had any techs via Desktop Sharing. This way, the techs will remotely connect to your target computer and check settings and tests everything to make sure it's up and running.

Mark or Bo Stahl: You know what we were told to do...Same as always.

Mark or Bo Stahl: REstart your computer.

Mark or Bo Stahl: HAHAHAH, I did not pay for a program that does not work or reps who cannot do their job.

Ghen: That's not the one I am refering to Mark. The Desktop Sharing Session is a different service we offer. It's where the techs will REMOTELY connect and get hold of your target computer and tests everything.

Mark or Bo Stahl: I almost begged for the rep to do whatever was needed and he sopposeable did but...I was still told to restart my computer.

Mark or Bo Stahl: I just want a refund as this has cost hours of my time and now thinking th ecomputer was safe to learn my 12 year old son saw everything.

Ghen: Go to HELP > TRouble ticket system > New ticket and send your refund request

Mark or Bo Stahl: Those are picture that no kid need to see.

Mark or Bo Stahl: I was sexually abused growing up. I said it would never happen to my kid but even if his body was not hurt the pictures will never go away.

Mark or Bo Stahl: I do not want to go to some other page I want you to handle it.

Mark or Bo Stahl: Can't you guys do anything I request?

Ghen: That's why I am offering you a Desktop Sharing Session with our techs Mark so that they can ensure your software is up and running. Do you want to take advantage of it? If you are on target computer now, we can get started with the Desktop Sharing

Mark or Bo Stahl: EVERYTIME, I have used this chat you have been unable no unwilling to do anything that needed to be done.

Mark or Bo Stahl: I just want a refund

Mark or Bo Stahl: The computer is in Alaska and I am at the Mayo Clinic in MN.

Ghen: For refund requests---- please go to HELP > Trouble ticket system > New ticket

Ghen: Just put it in the subject line: Refund request

Mark or Bo Stahl: I have called my husband everytime so he could get on the computer to work with you guys at least 4 different time.

Ghen: and indicate the reason why then hit Submit

Mark or Bo Stahl: He is now at work and the computer is locked up.

Ghen: You will be notified with in 24-48hours

Mark or Bo Stahl: Ghen, You are still doing the same exact thing as the oother rep. Do something differnet where you do not have to deal with me or this issue.

Mark or Bo Stahl: Is this what you call service?

Ghen: Mark, I am doing all the best to help you trouble shoot. If you want a refund-- please do submit a refund request.

Mark or Bo Stahl: So they can e-mail me the same bull. Why can't you take care of it now?

Ghen: Refund requests should be in writing.

Ghen: Do it by sending a ticket.

Mark or Bo Stahl: I have just wrote a very indepth refund request to you

Ghen: This is the chat . You need to send it via ticket. Please follow. Go to Help > Then Trouble Ticket system > then New Ticket., Thank you

Mark or Bo Stahl: Thansk for nothing.

Ghen: That will be forwarded to the refund team

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