[Resolved] website mimics state site for registration renewals and charges unnecessary fees

I searched Google for my state registration website and this site came up, appearing to be the site for my state's dmv, but instead it was a 3rd party. I thought I was on my state's site, but according to the dmv, this site will take me to theirs, leading me to believe I am dealing directly with the dmv. However, when I saw my bank statement, I saw I was charged an additional $20+ for my state registration for my car.
This is ridiculous, and outrageous, and I only hope I save someone the additional expense for something that should be no additional costs! The state does not charge a processing fee, and I only hope they can shut this business down! This is a scam!

  • Updated by Sessi, Jan 12, 2017

    UPDATE: contacted me after my two online posts regarding their site and they have fully refunded me my charges. They have asked that I remove my posts, but I feel as "update" to the incident is sufficient.
    I tried calling their 800#, but it is a recording asking you to email their customer service department. I prefer not to resolve matters such as this over email, so instead of emailing them, it was suggested I leave a comment here to "warn" others of their misleading service.
    It is now up to you whether or not you want to use their services. They attempted to make it right by refunding me 100% of my charges, but I still feel their site is misleading, and to me, that is a scam.
    Under the true definition of "scam", I am probably incorrect, but any site that charges a "service fee" for something that is otherwise free is wrong. It is no more/less work to go directly to your State's page for renewing your registration, but this site cleverly pays for their link to be at the top of the search results on Google.

Jan 11, 2017

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