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Waste management begins calling regarding payment before I receive a bill. For some time I tried paying on line but at 65 years of age and not being accustomed to paying on line I was intimidated by all the security bells and whistles going off when I went on the wm website. Since i've had to pay a computer person over and over to get virus', I asked to have a paper bill sent. It is now february 17th, I have no bill in the mail yet and I have already started to get wm messages about paying my bill. This turns into harassment when the calls keep coming and I haven't even received a bill. If I could switch to another company I would but this situation proves why competition is good: when a consumer has no choice the company can do anything it pleases, including harassing a responsible older person with daily calls — usally for about $65-75... I am sick of this.

Ps: today is feb 17th and the bill just arrived; it was mailed from phoenix on feb 12th — if we had weather problems as we often do I would not have received it in 5 days. And since I am leaving to go out of town until monday I am not paying it and mailing it until monday... This is harassment and I am sick of it.

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  • Wm
      21st of Apr, 2011

    Please all of you contact me. I hate their service. One quarter there was no past due amount, January of 2011 I get a bill that charges the current due amount no problem on my credit card, but then all of a sudden there is a past due amount. Then a few weeks later the reinstatement fee. Nothing in the mail. The only reason I knew is because all of a sudden I was getting an email confirmation for over 120 dollars, bill normally around 90, and then I am being charged separately 38. Then again this month. Funny how all payments are going through without any change to my credit profile. I am calling tomorrow but from past experience it isn't going to be fun. I am going to get an audio recording this time. I setup an email in hope of getting responses to build a profile to fight back.
    email me your concise story with how you could prove it. I can easily prove it by showing my invoices to a judge I would even post publicly by just removing my name, account, and address. Take pictures holding up your cell phone or the current days paper, get audio, and get invoices online as proof.

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