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Bought a front door from Wallside Windows. This door was supposed to be oak stained and professionally installed. The door came out an ugly yellowish unstained color. The installer said they made a mistake. He said he would install this door and then when the stained door came in they would replace it. He also said they do not make doors so the stained door has to be ordered. The new door frame was crooked and there was gaps in the door seals where you could see daylight. The step seal at the bottom was so high that it was dangerous for me to walk across. Wallside said they would replace door frame, seals, and the step seal with a handicap model. I tripped on the high step seal and was injured. Did they care NO. I told them I would be visiting relatives out of state during the winter. Wallside said no problem they would replace the door and door frame when I got back. They never replaced the door as promised. When I refused to pay the balance until the door was replaced they ruined my credit. Having a credit company call and threaten me financially. This has been almost two years. Still no door as promised and they still have a credit company calling me for money. My advise is to go to a professional door company not a siding company who does doors on the side. Before getting windows, siding or doors from any company see the movie the Tin Man.

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  • Ba
      14th of Apr, 2012

    The name of the movie is Tin Men not Tin Man. Very good movie that everyone getting windows or siding should see.

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  • Tr
      14th of Apr, 2012

    File a small claims court complaint and get them face to face or a default judgement in 30 days or your door replaced for a filing fee of $15.00. When you and the sheriff go and take their computers and phone system, they will be writing you a check,

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  • Ho
      29th of Sep, 2012

    Stay as far away from wallside as you can!!! I live in houghton lake michigan I also had my windows installed by wallside and the reason they tout thier worthless warranty believe me is cause your gonna need it. I had a lot of windows put in cause someone said they were a good company. I got three different estimates like my daddy allways taught me: One from Northeast Window and Door in Harrisville, One from the Window and Siding Warehouse in Rose City And Wallside Windows in Taylor. Three hours from were I live. How stupid can one women be? If I only thought of that before I ordered the windows I could have saved myself a lot of trouble. But the sales guy said they were in the area that day so I thought great we set an appnt. And all the B.S. started. He said these are the best windows and they have the best warranty and they have been around 65 years, Come to find out they have only been manufacturing vinyl windows since the late 80, s but they were the cheapest, So I went with wallside, Big mistake ! ! 1st of all I should have realized that being three hours away, What will I do if I need service ?, I should have listened to my instincts ! Cause that's all I have been doing for month's now is service on these windows.They said is was'nt the windows it was the installation and the guy, s who put the windows in are no longer employed by them. It took weeks and weeks before I could even get anyone to come out to address my issue's The windows they sell are the worst windows ever. to make things worse the guys who put them in OMG. They had some guys who I found out later were sub-contractors not a horrible job. All my windows were leaking and crooked, They kept sending new people out to fix em. After several attempts to fix the problems I filed a lawsuit and had a the window company from rose city change all the windows out and They did a beautiful job. I guess the old saying still goes: Good things are seldom cheap, And Cheap things are seldom good.My advise? Do your home work

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