WageWorksTransit Pass

As another unsatisfied customer reported in March 2012, WageWorks is supposed to make it easier for you to get your commuter train pass every month and for less money since you get it taken out of your paycheck pretax dollar. You have time till 12th of each month to change/cancel your order. If for some reasons you were unable to use your monthly pass, WageWorks will credit your account for a future pass, at least I was left to believe this to be true. Because of unforeseen circumstances, I needed to cancel my monthly pass for October. I called customer service on 09/24, and was told that it was too late to cancel the order for October, and that I should not worry as my account will be credited. All I was supposed to do was to call them back in early November. So I called WageWorks today, the first person I got on line told me that there is nothing that can be done as my money is already gone. The second person I talked (supervisor) told me that I need to talk to MUNI and Caltrain to get my money back. The third person (general manager of the customer support?) told me I need to talk to Clipper (MUNI and Caltrain passes are "loaded" to Clipper card). So what is going on? I spent more than 2 hours on phone without getting a resolution. Are we talking about completely incompetent customer service or a scam? When I pointed out discrepancies and misguidance to the manager (the manager should be responsible for the action of his/her subordinates), all I got back was that I need to send a complaint letter to their Executive Escalation Team !!???! Now I wonder should I forget those $185 I wasted on the unused monthly pass, or should I hire an attorney to represent me. The latter will definitely cost me more, but at least I will have a satisfaction of seeing WageWorks at court. Honestly, at this moment I do not care about money, but on principle.

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