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I sent in a payment mid November for December 2016 COBRA coverage (clearly marked on the check) and they say it was applied to September. I said why would you apply it to a past period of time. They answer the coverage was retroactive. I said I know I could've had coverage back then but couldn't afford it. So I finally signed up just before the 60 day window closed and selected my insurance coverage. In mid November I pay the first premium and they applied it to September. And they will not refund the money. Seems like a scam to me. Thank God I payed only the first premium before calling to verify active coverage or a second payment would have been applied to October. Obviously having coverage in past months is not helpful in the here and now particularly since I had no claims to submit for those months. In other words, they are not allowing me to determine when my COBRA starts. I understand it is only 18 months and in my case would be 15 since I elected to sign up 3 months late, but that should be my choice - NOT WageWorks!!!

Dec 02, 2016
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      Jun 15, 2017

    HI - I believe that WAGEWORKs has exploited and discriminated against me because of my disability and that is why my appeal for wrongful termination has been DENIED. They will not allow me to repeal WAGEWORKS decision of denying my appeal against WRONGFUL TERMINATION OF COVERAGE without filing a lawsuit.

    I paid my bill for November 2016. I have proof of that. Coverage was still dropped without my knowledge and refund check was sent 3 months later. And yet my appeal against this termination was DENIED. I made my cobra payment, then they terminated the insurance coverage for medical and extended the dental coverage an additional month for no reason with no notice and how I found out i was terminated was I got a refund check 4 months post payment of my medical coverage stating that I owed them 51 dollars for dental coverage. Now all the services I thought I was covered for (because I paid by bill) that wageworks cashed are no longer covered or paid for and went to collections. I filed an appeal and they denied it because they stated I owed them for dental coverage, despite my proof of payments. They do not allow for a rebuttal of their descion, they said if I want to challenge their denial of my appeal I would have to sue. I have no funds for a lawyer, they know this, they exploit and abuse their power any chance they can - they even denied a HIPPA form so that when I am too ill my mother could not advocate for me. Thanks, Josephine Barnett and Maria Strocchia, her mother who has HIPPA authorization as Josephine do not always have the capacity to speak or which WAGEWORKS have taken FULL advantage of by prolonging HIPPA for her mother, wrongful termination, and denying her appeal.

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