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Wachovia Dealer Services / Scam activities

1 P.O. Box 25341Santa Ana, CA, United States Review updated:
Contact information:
Phone: 858-614-5204

Was out of work due to being hospitalized heart problems which caused me to get behind on my payments. Received phone message from Jenny telling me that she did receive a payment from me of $400, but it wasn't enough and that I needed to send in $200 more to keep it from being repo and if I needed more time to come up with payment, please call me. Was not able to return to her call right away since I was out in the field at work.

When I did get home that afternoon called Jenny.' Mr. Caldwell what's going on with your payments your car is very close to being repo or you return the car to us on your own. I did get a payment from you today 5/11/08, I made the transaction on 6/5/08 it was just getting posted to her, strange. I replied 'What about the 2nd payment I sent the next day 6/6/08 $300. She 'I don't see anything showing that, do you have the western union transfer number, which I did read it to her, She 'Ok I have a meeting that I need to go to, so I can't check right now to verify that we got it, so call me in the morning and I will let you know if we got it or not, then figure out where we go from here, time was around 4:30pm.

Knock on my door around 6:30am, was my daughter 'Dad they are taking your car. So run outside gentlemen already has it on his tow-truck. I tell him there must be some kind of mistake and that I spoke with Jenny yesterday afternoon and she needed to first verify if my 2nd payment was received.Tow-truck driver checks his paperwork to see if there was a cancellation form submitted by Jenny who was named as the individual requesting the repo be made, which was faxed to his office at 2:30pm 6/11/08. STRANGE fact is that I spoke with her after 2:30, she was already going to repo car before even checking to see if any other payments were received by there office. Having car taken in this such manner was very degrading and wrong for it to even happen.

Called left message on jenny's phone asking her to call me in reference to checking on my payment, did not mention anything about car being repo. Waited for call from her didn't happen after office had been open for a hour, but had to call her instead. Ask her if she had any information for me about my payment I send in, She 'Didn't get a chance to check to see if payment was received' I replied 'Ok then could you please explain to me why you had my car repo if you have not even checked to see if there was a 2nd payment. Then she starts talking about the bank will need to reinstate my account which was going to cost me a considerable more money. Ok ' So tell me then how much is that going to be then, I need my car' Jenny 'I don't know off hand not until the repo office process there paperwork, maybe somewhere around $2, 000 not sure, plus it takes between 24-48hrs to do paperwork. I stated that I was very confuse what just happen. First you leave message telling me that I needed to send $200 more and if I needed more time, then you turn around and have my car repo so you can collect more money from me while the whole time you were planning to repo my car anyway. Telling me one thing and doing another could not get her to tell me how much it's going to cost to get back my car, Only believe I was behind a month, but according to Jenny I was 2months behind, that can't be funds are supposed to be taken out of my account electronically. She said that they attempted to collect payment from my account but funds were not available. That's bull----. I have a courtesy account which will cover payment transfer up to $780 even if account does not have full amount there. So I checked my credit union statement, which would have showed where my account was overdrawn if they actually tried to get a payment and charged me $25 for not having funds there, which I wasn't, so there office didn't even try to get payment from me which made my account behind. HELP what can I do to get this resolved. Oh by the wy called Wachovia and asked if I could speak to Jenny supervisor/boss about my problem, was told that she didn't have a supervisor, was transfer to another individual who I told what was going on, she said that Jenny and her do the same thing, but since Jenny was handling my account she could not give me any information, Said that she would talk to Jenny when she returned from lunch to see what was going on and have her call me about the status of my account, NEVER CALLED ME BACK, that's funny when they blow up your phone answering machine calling for there payment everyday at all odd hours. THIS IS NOT THE WAY TO DO BUSINESS!!

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  • Sa
      14th of Jun, 2008
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    I had a very similar situation on Sunday. My car was repoed. I called them & Alma said I was like 49 days late. I made payment on 4/30, so I was only really 8 days late & had an electronic payment pending(it was the weekend) Oh, I see the payment now! she said. I asked then "when can I get my car???" Sounds logical! Alma says "you can have your car back if you pay the 10, 000 pay off! I don't have 10 k layng around! I'm a teacher & on a limited budget! So, I contacted attorney. He said that Wachovia is crazy! Call them back & talk to supervisor. I did & she said same thing or get the car refinanced! BUT I AM NOT THAT LATE!!! Not EVEN TWO WEEKS??? They received payment I was actually a little ahead, but they said they wouldn't accept it!! Even went to look for another car, but was turned down cause Wachovia reported me as being over 30 days late. Alma admitted to seeing that my payment was made! Now my life is a mess. I need my car. I feel like I was robbed!!! Is there any help I can get????? Excuse grammar & such. I'm highly upset.

  • Ja
      8th of Jul, 2008
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    I was also repoed. I was behind a few months due to job loss. When I got my new job I made arangements to pay wachovia $500.00 bi-weekly. A woman by the name of Sue agreed and I began sending the payments Money Gram. After a few weeks of paying I was told by sue that I only had to make 2-3 more payments and I would be cought up. Later I get a call on June 30th from a Stephanie and she states that I needed to pay 270.00 to keep my car and I was 75 day past due. I sent a payment in June 18th and they have no account of it. She goes on to tell me that I have to reasearch the payment myself with moneygram. I call moneygram and they tell me that Wachovia Recieved the payment and for some reason they did not credit my account. I loss signal with Stephanie and I call her back and she says that I now have to surrender the car because I hung up from her and I didnt get in contact with her in a timely fashion. At that exact moment a tow truck pulls up in front of the house and she say that I have to surrender the car. I tell her that I cant do that due to the fact that you recieved a paymentfrom me and you did not acknowlege it. I had to go to court for a custody hearing and I told the supervisor that and she said she didnt care and that I needed to surrender the vehicle. After 30 mins of going back and forth the tow truck pulled away and I just went to court. When I got out of court the car was gone. They repoed it from the court house. The thing thats fishy about this is that I discovered the rep Stephanie was calling me from her personal cell phone the whole time. Why would she do this. Could it be because she was doing something unethical and she didn't want it to be covered by the recording of the convo?

  • Jm
      2nd of Aug, 2008
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    They are the DIRTIEST slimeballs I think I've ever met. I've lodged complaints against the HOFFMAN ESTATES office through the corporate website. Folks, we have the start of a revolution. Time for us to take these ###S to task.

  • Tr
      20th of Aug, 2008
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    I also have had problems with this company!! A few months ago I received a call from Ms. Earl stating that if I did not come up with $600.00 that evening that she would have someone come get my vehicle until it was paid up, granted I was two months behind due to hospitalization but you would think that they would understand. Needless to say I had to borrow. I always talk to a lady by the name of Nadine and she is just wonderful!! However today I looked in my bank account and I was overdrawn $500 or so dollars. I had a payment scheduled for Aug. 16, 2008 and called them 2 days before and rescheduled for Aug. 27, 2008. To make a long story short, they debited my account on the 19th of August. NS[censored] They not only made me overdrawn on my account but they want to fight my bank on service charges due to their stupidity!! I will probably get my payment back (per Nadine) but a supervisor has to agree to give me all my overdraft charges back.. We will see what happens in a day or to but for now I have not a penny to my name. How do I feed a husband and 3 kids? Any suggestions?!? I feel like telling them COME GET IT, what do you think?

  • Wi
      7th of Oct, 2008
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  • Il
      19th of Feb, 2009
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    Ok People I can Relate with all of you I have also just had my car repod by Wachovia! I was behind one month made my payment in Feb for Jan and Feb from my checking acct on line, because Wachovias web site would not let me make a payment since i was a month behind. So to make the long story short. the next thing i new my car was repod from my parking lot at home i asked the repo man this is a mistake ive made my payment from my checking acct i have a copy to show you the funds were deducted already. But he took the car anyways.. Called Wachovia next day! According to them no payment was receieved according to my bank they should have already received the money! Im just so exausted about this whole situation!! I cant even keep writing about it.. Now I need to go get my car and pay for towing fee, repo fee. etc... I put a stop payment on that check since according to them they never received it.. What can we do!! They have to worst Cust. Service Ever the guy im dealing with is Chris and he has no customer service skills at all He did not care one bit about my sistuation and it seemed like he didnt even believe me that i made my payments. he told me call back in 24 to 48hrs. I was like i need my car i will make a payment for both month with you now. he was like no I cant help you. hung up!! So so pissed off. What Can WE Do!!

  • Ma
      2nd of Jul, 2009
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    Very similar story! car repoed saturday morning. received a letter that afternoon giving me 10 days to make a payment? left hand and right hand not known to one another of this screwed-up group. we call them the "wacky whiners". cashed my check, but no credit for it! this HAS to be illegal!!

  • Na
      1st of Sep, 2009
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    My car was repossessed on January 26, 2009. I believe that there was a decision made by the corporate bigwigs within Wachovia Dealer Services (WDS), to repossess from anyone who was 60 days late or more, or who was somehow inconsistent with their payments no matter what the circumstances.

    In my experience, I was not late (less than 30 days) and my car was repossessed anyway. The repo guy told me he was to pick up the car, with or without the sheriff. I chose to voluntarily let him drive away in my car out of my driveway.

    I called the WDS collections department and reminded them that they owe me a car. It was pointed out to me by one of those representatives, with the bad attitude, that I was over 60 days late eleven times. I said that they have never gone unpaid, however late. Didn't matter to this person, who I am sure is trained to act hard, without a care, and with "it's - us - against - you - and - we - don't - give - a - damn" attitude.

    Okay, what happened? I had to wait 24 to 48 hours before they (WDS) had a settlement for me. Meanwhile my car is sitting in a desolate auction yard on the border of Mexico, ready for the wholesale price that would be paid by another dealer - the type that will take advantage of the demise of others.

    After all, business is business. Cold, hard, and without scruples, WDS will have you "skip-traced", a method used to find you by process servers, investigators until your vehicle is taken from you. What a creepy, ugly, crappy bank we deal with.

    Eight days later, I was able to reinstate my loan through the assistance of family members, but it is still tough to make payments on time due to under-employment. (I work part time, and I am going to college to earn my first bachelors degree). To date, I still receive menacing phone calls and voice mails reminding me that after 30 days, the New Agreement is in force (an agreement that I have never seen nor signed).

    Other banks and credit unions have been much more helpful in my times of trouble. After all, it is much cheaper to have the loan paid than to repossess the item. As a result, those banks and credit unions have all been paid! Will WDS work with me? Nope. They have proven themselves incompetent fools in the marketplace of loans and once my loan is paid, I will take them to court . . .possible in a classaction suit. Count on it.

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