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I purchased a 2005 corolla in january 2006. I went through Wachovia Bank for the Loan. In September Wells Fargo took this loan, with little communication with me. I am a single parent and I struggle to make the payment and I am late more often than not. I have received phone calls before from wahcovia but since September, I had no communication at all just a statement through the mail. On March 26 I woke up and my car was gone. I understand that the company had cause to take the car, but I had no idea it was gonna happen, a check cleared my account on March 17 so I thought it was all good. When I called about the car dealer services was closed so I had to wait until Monday to talk to someone, when I did guy was ready to argue with me and was not nice at all. I was on the phone for 2 days and paid $1026.00 to get my car back. This was crazy because I was 71 days late and was making a payment on March 28. I should have talked to them and made a payment arrangement, but what does Customer Service mean?? I think it is poor customer service to have no communication what so ever with the clients. I would have responded to mail or email, I do not have an answering mechine and Im not home a lot because I work 40 hours and go to night classes too. If I had another car, I would have let it go, and that too is poor customer service, I thought there were services to help, but this was no help at all. It was an awful experices and there should have been some kindness somewhere and I was disappointed with the policies that wont allow the customer to know that they are at risk for loosing their car. In addition my son had medication in the car and was without it all weekend. I called all numbers given to me and could not contact anyone. I think that Wells Fargo is Chicken ### and had to send someone to take my car at a time when they could not be reached I would never recommend them to anyone...in fact as soon as I can I will refinance my car "not with them" Im sure this will not effect them, but it sure will make me feel better, . WELLS FARGO SUCKS

Wachovia Dealer ServicesHung up and would not accept further calls

Contacted Wachovia Customer Service Fri 2-26-10 3:00 pm PST and spoke with customer service and was disconnected a few minutes into conversation.

Called back same again at about 3:20 pm PST and spoke with Zevalia in customer service and explained my reason for call/problem and we discussed sitiuation for a few minutes.

At 3:29 pm PST, Zevalia asked me a question, and when I begin to answer it she immediatedly hung up on me promptly at 3:30 pm.

I immediately called back and let it ring for 55 seconds another 5 times and no one would answer phone again, so I must assume Zevalia's shift was over at 3:30 pm so she justhung up on me and went home.

I called back at 4 pm PST and successfully resolved my problem with another customer service representative who did acknowledge that some shifts did end at 3:30 pm PST.

What a crap way for a company to treat their customers.

No wonder they were taken over by Wells Fargo.

Wachovia Dealer ServicesCollections Abuse

My trouble with Wachovia began last February. I had purchased my vehicle with my ex and after our split I just couldn't afford to have a 535.00 a month car payment. Trying to do the right thing I asked my stepdad who is looking for a new car if he would like to assume my loan. We wanted to do it legally so we called Wachovia to find out if they had any programs to offer us. They said they had a refinance program that you can refinance the loan to a family member. We thought this would be easy as my stepdad is a Dentist and has excellent credit. Well it wasn't. Apparently in the half of a year I owned the car my 2007 Jeep depreciated 50% so they wanted my stepdad to pay the car out of debt asking 11k down. We were shocked so we had to turn down the refinance. We were advised by the underwriter to wait a year till the economy gets better and then re-try spring 2010 till then my stepdad drives the car and insures it and always pays. Occasionally he hits some late dates but never 30 days as he knows how crucial my credit is.

In April 2009, my car had become 10-15 days late. Because I had not answered my phone or returned their abusive excessive phone calls they showed up at my door. The local Albuquerque branch sent over the customer service rep to my house. I happened to be home getting ready for work and "knock knock" there is a man at my door. Not knowing who it was I opened the door slightly and the man said, "Are you Danielle." I said yes. He said "Weve been trying to contact you and you do not answer your phone". I laughed and said well how late am I. He said "10-15." I laughed and said so you feel you can come to my house. I shut the door and called my parents to see if they had mailed the payment in. My mom said she didn't know it was late but would call and pay it right away. She wanted the local branch number as she was outraged that they showed up at my residence for a car not even close to 30 days late. She paid two payments up front that day!

Today, I recieved 9 phone calls from Wachovia regarding my account being 20 days late. When Gary called me from the local branch he stated my payment was late. I let him know that I called last week on the 18th (which was a holiday) and let them know the payment was in my stack of mail waiting for pickup. He said that it wasn't good enough cause that was 11 days ago. Actually, Gary it was 7 business days ago. He demanded payment right now. I explained that I don't make the payments my parents do and it was mailed last week so look at the account notes as I even called. He said I didn't call and I needed to pay it right now. I said I don't drive the jeep so I am not making the payment. My parents payed it and he needs to wait and see if it arrives to their main office across the United States. He refused and started getting rude and loud and demanded to know where my jeep was right now. I told him it was none of his business. He stated that its their collaterol and he wants to know where it is and whose driving it. I said look at the account notes it explains everything as I am not going to go over the story again! He got loud and stated that he was repossessing my car. I said you're not repossessing it, and he said watch me. And hung up. I called back two times to try and talk to a manager and both times he hung up on me. At this point I am even more outraged as I am working and dealing with this. Finally a woman answered and told me she would transfer me. When "Kat" the manager picked up she already had my account up. Funny how that happened. Wonder if their abuse is a joke in their office that they were prepared for my call. Kat was even more abusive telling me to read my contract they can reposs after the first day late. I asked for another manager and she stated she was the only one. She stated can do whatever she wants. Don't tempt her. Watch it happen. MOre and More abuse I endured to the point that I asked if she was having a bad day since its snowing here that she feels she can be rude and act like trash. She told me she was picking my car up for repo and hung up.

After all of that I called the 1800 number and spoke to a wonderfully nice call center rep. He apologized for their abusive behavior and explained he couldn't do anything but he would freeze my account to stop the calls while we wait for the check to arrive. He then asked if he could transfer me to his manager so that a complaint could be started. I filed a complaint that the manager said would be forwarded on to his manager who would send it to Collections Manager who oversees all collections. He was apologetic. He asked for their names in the report but I didn't have them so I decided to call back and get their names. Gary answered and then transfered me to Kat. I asked her if my car was being repo'd so I could have it ready. She then denied all of it stating she never said that and that she never abused or threatened me. ( I wonder if someone was listening in) She then continued to imply I was a lier and towards the end I just said you act like a trash and hung up. I called the 1800 back and gave the names as I was calling I had "call waiting" once again it was the local office. This time it was Kile calling for a courtesy call. Apparently he was a manager. Funny how Kat told me she was the only manager. I told Kile not a good time you can call me back later. After his call Amanda called who was also a manager. Hmm another manager this is hilarious. How much can one office lie? And remember how Kat denied her abuse and threats well Amanda stated she listened to Kat's call with me. Totally makes sense how they lie and she reneged everything. Well Amanda didn't get it either. She continued to state that I am the bad guy and they are doing their job because I am late. Once again, what didn't t theyunderstand about "PAYMENT MAILED" after her conversation I said don't call me you guys are abusive and I will only deal with 1800 number. I'm sure she will ignore it and they will continue to abuse me! I can't wait till we write the payoff check next month, and my time with Wachovia will be over!

Can you believe in 36 months there has been close to 600 complaints against Wachovia Dealer Services? How much more do people have to endure before someone does a class action suit? They are abusing FDCPA with threats, excessive calls, and statesments of repo to try and get payment.

  • Te
    Texas Bob Feb 22, 2010

    You should got to /link removed/ Many people (like me) are in the same boat with Wachovia. I am looking for anyone who is initiating a class action law suit against them so that I can join.

    This is what bailing out a bad business will do for you.

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  • Tr
    true_yaya Mar 10, 2010

    I completely agree about Wachovia. I had the WORST experience with them and their little pawn named Sebastian from the Dallas Branch. Like most of your comments, he said there was no Manager available and kept giving me the run around. He continued to yell at me, telling me that due dates are due dates and I need to pay my bills on time; which, sent me into an uproar. I told him that my payments are all paid online and he told me that I sounded stupid and made no sense. I contacted the 800 number as well, and received help from Corrina, who apologized and helped me out. However, it was a little too late...I had contacted the Trade Commission and filed a complaint, as well as contacted an Attorney. I am going to show them how stupid I am and how I will not take this bs from them.

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Wachovia Dealer ServicesPersistent Harassment

I cosigned a car loan for my ex and he was late on a payment but then sent a payment which they lost and collections has been calling me and harassing me night and day to pay them. My ex moved to Fla., I gave them all of his contact information and they continue to harass me to make the payment because they work on commission. He is working with Wachovia to locate the lost money order and he has informed collections that this is the case. They will tell you whatever lies they can think of to get you to make the payment and when they see that doesn't work, they try other ones, they said they were going to sue me, that if the car was repossessed I would have to pay the fees... its all nonsense! Michelle from collections even went so far as to call my job, I have no clue how she got the number because I had not given it to them and fraudently misrepresent herself by acting like she was one of my students to speak with me. They are sad, pathetic, unprofessional and very uncoordinated. Do not give Wachovia any of your business!

  • PaminOhio Feb 01, 2010


    My husband was laid off from his job May '09 and I was also laid off as well, we have been trying to make payments on our car we financed through WDS but have had nothing but what you said-harassment! We no longer have a phone, (as well as other things we need with 3 kids) we use a cell phone (Pay as you go to top it off!)
    And the same person you said, Michelle from collections! It's insane! She calls-calls and calls more! She is nothing short o a nightmare! I can see it's WDS calling but if I'm out of mins on my phone I can not answer the cell!?

    I sent them an email from my friends computer trying to explained, well plead with them I'm trying the best I can (I know this post is all over the place-sorry bout that) I have kids I'm trying to cloth and feed and trying to keep the only car we have! I'm two(2) months behind but find some way to make a payment every month. I can make a payment and their calling the very next day (When I have mins left on the phone I try to listen to the voicemails) And who is it? Michelle!! She calls day and NIGHT! Wanting to know-"When can you make another payment!" OR You need to call us ASAP!

    Speckrazy I'm not sure why I responded to this post-I'm trying to make a point and trying to say I'm well WE are trying to make payments on our car as well as to say I'm sorry that they are doing this to YOU!
    I did not know that they work on commission? Thank you for posting this.

    I hope WDS stops this it's getting really bad.

    I do hope that they( Michelle) stop's bothering you. Your in a different situation then I'm in dear, maybe they need to be sued for harassing people? I don't know what else to think?
    Like I said my email is all over the place because I have so much to say-but don't know how to say it?

    Are you in Ohio?

    Thanks for reading.

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  • PaminOhio Feb 01, 2010


    Let me correct this, My email is NOT all over the place due to me and I have so much to say! lol-sorry!-it's because of WDS. I apologize for not wording this correct. Think the anger was building up and I got pissed. Again Sorry!

    My email address is NOT all over the place why? Because I didn't give WDS my new email-when I first signed for the loan...YES they did SELL my email & home address. The reason I know this is because my name, was spelled different and WDS was the ONLY ones that had it on the loan app. I did change my email and gave it to them just to find out it WAS them that was selling our emails! (Michelle?) Another harassment?? Makes one wonder?

    Just because we used WDS to get a loan- because we needed a car for ourselves and most of all our children does NOT give them (WDS) the right to call, harass, threaten or make us feel like we are worthless OR we are not up to date on our loan or because we co-signed for someone else (Thats a bad issue right there, bothering a co-signer to make their commission! SHAME on you WDS!!!)

    I just wanted to retrace and say sorry for not posting this correct. So sorry...

    Thanks again for listening to my crying!

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  • Pe
    Pennyroile Jul 09, 2010

    I took out a Prime Equity Line of Credit with Wachovia in 2004.
    Well first first off they put it on the WRONG PROPERTY
    (I gave them the PIN number, lot number and address three times and they wrote it down.
    Five years later, when it came time to sell my rental lot, I had to take a letter from my lawyer to get them to cancel it.
    They faxed the proper forms to my lawyer, but FAILED TO CANCEL THE ACCOUNT.
    (The gentleman at my local Wachovia demanded a $100.00 charge to put the line of credit on the CORRECT account, which I refused.)
    I found that my account had NOT been properly canceled SIX MONTHS LATER when I received a bill for $1, 118.00 for an insurance policy that they FORCED because my homeowner's insurance supposedly had lapsed.
    (My homeowner's insurance has NEVER lapsed.)
    I have faxed letters from my lawyer (from my local Wachovia's fax machine) to other divisions of Wachovia/Wells Fargo in addition to letters and documents from my insurance agent. These letters and documents prove that:


    They will never admit that they have made a mistake and will swear you have not provided proper documentation unless you actually go to your local bank and fax the papers from there. THEN you need to call the branch and CONFIRM that they received the faxes and follow up because they will drag their feet, lose your forms, claim you left out a form, (all so they can charge more interest)
    and then you will receive harrassing calls from a different division demanding payment which you may or may not owe. (Ask me how I know this.)
    Still fighting this out with them.

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Wachovia Dealer ServicesScam and cheating

I purchase a vehicle through Wittmeier auto in Chico. It was financed through Wachovia Dealer services. I have repeatedly sent them my Insurance information. I received a letter in the mail saying my registration would be revoked so I sent a copy of my insurance card to dmv, then faxed a copy to their insurance services known as Balboa Insurance center. I then received a phone call from one of their employees that left a message on my answering machine responding to my outgoing message that I'm not available at this time saying something unintelligible then your such a umph implying another word. I feel this is very unprofessional behavior and the company doesn't seem to care. I also know of other people having the same problem with this proof of insurance issue .

It seems to me they're trying to force people to add on their insurance to vehicles that are already insured.

  • mydesk May 03, 2010

    Illegal Capitalization on Car Loans where Wachovia/Wells Fargo claims that we consumers must pay extra fees for Insurance that we do not need according to the signed contract. Also Illegal Capitalization on Car Loans where within 1-2 weeks after signing a contract the Interest rate jumped from below 10% to nearly 19%
    Also Illegal behavior on collection calls. Inferior behavior and treatment on documents that are send to Wachovia/Wells Fargo.
    Wachovia Wells Fargo dealer services has no contact address for consumers that want to send documents to them proofing that they have sufficient Insurnace or have made payments for their loans. Even when I call the main office and speak with what was presented to me a higher person in the managment I get no result as to the address to which one can send any documents.
    So Wachovia wells fargo simply plays a game with us consumers frightening us and threatning us all day long in the evenings and also on weekends with collection calls on something we do not owe. !
    Me and over 600 other customers have all the same problem. Something must be done about that because it is not fair and down and out fraudulent how wachovia/wells fargo dealer services treats us paying customers.
    Alex Hart

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Wachovia Dealer ServicesIllegal repo

First in 2007 I was unemployed for 2 months. When I bought my car, I was told several times I had the unemployment coverage on my loan.

However, when the fatal day came that I was unemployed; I was told by Wachovia Dealer Services that I was not eligible for the unemployment coverage on my loan.
This was a year after I had the loan…

Once I became employed once again, I paid everything and got the payments caught up and then personally talked to Wachovia Dealer Services and requested a payment due date change.

They told me I was eligible to change my date once. I told her with the new job and schedule of pay days that I did need to change the date from the 9th of each month to the 15th of each month. When we terminated that phone call I was under the impression that my payment date was changed.

However, a year later, I got ready for work as usual and went outside and my car was gone. Wachovia Dealer Services reported to the police that they were going to repo my car.

After the car was repo I get a letter from Wachovia Dealer Services stating that they were going to strictly enforce the payment date since I had been late every month for 1 year.

They also billed me a late fee and claim I was 1200 dollars past due in my payments.

Of course the day and time they repo the car was right before I was suppose to report to work and I had to miss work because of the errors of Wachovia Dealer Services.

I don’t know why Im posting any of this here. Other than to vent right now and to warn people to stay away from these rip off artists. They have the worst business practices of any company I have ever dealt with.

Wachovia Dealer ServicesViolates FDCPA

I lost my job in February of 2009. I contacted Wachovia Dealer Services regarding my auto loan with them and asked if they would be able to offer a defered or reduced payment plan with I was unemployed. First off, they said no. They only offer defered payments to people who are employed. Wouldn't it make more sense to offer some relief to people who are UNemployed? If I had a job and was making money I wouldn't need help! However, they did allow my account to go past due 30-60 days as long as I gave them dates and amounts that I could pay in the future. I thought all was well. On 08/25/2009 I made payment and was about a week and a half away from being completely up to date on my payments. Two days later I received a call from their "legal" department. They man on the phone would not give me his name and his voice was quite unique and I recognized it from an earlier conversation I had with someone in their collections department. He told me that Wachovia had reported the vehicle as stolen from the bank (which is not legally possible, because I am the registered owner) and that the local sheriff would be serving me with a warrant and would seize the car. He told me that I needed to pay up immediately to avoid this from happening. I don't have the money, but I will in about a week and half. He said I could take my chances if I wanted to wait that long. So I called the local sheriff and they said that there was nothing in the statewide system that showed anything of that nature and that I (the registered owner) is the only person who they would take a stolen auto report from. I have since reported Wachovia Dealer Services to the FTC for violation of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. Once my account is current I will be contacting an attorney to seek damages for their violation of the FDCPA.

If you are contacted by someone from Wachovia Dealer Services claiming they are from their "legal" department it is a lie. If they leave you a message with an '888' number to call back on, do not. Call them back on the '252' number that they called you on. It is a direct line to collections. They will answer the phone with only, "hello, " but if you ask them which department you have reached they will tell you collections. There is no legal department. It is just a scare tactic to get you to pay up sooner. I almost borrowed money from family to pay this off and I wouldn't be able to pay my family back any time soon either. They will stop at nothing to get their money. They will even break their own word on arrangements you have made with them.

My credit is bad, but I am desperately seeking another bank that will allow me to transfer my loan to them. I would never in my life want to get a loan from this company again. If you already have a loan or are considering a loan with them think otherwise.

They are disgusting people and took bail out money so that can continue to screw the consumer.

  • Fr
    FryeLock32127 Jan 24, 2010

    I am having a similar situation. I recently found out WDS has been calling distant friends, relatives, and in some cases people I dont even know - telling them they are looking for me and that I "put their name down as a reference". Funny thing is, they know where I live, they have all my contact info (phone numbers, cell) and I even call them once a month on my own accord. Its a tatic to embaress me. Anyway, check my site out... http://www.WachoviaDealerServicesClassAction.com. I am trying to find like situations where WDS violated the FDCPA.

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Wachovia Dealer ServicesShoddy Accounting/Scam

I co-signed on a loan, through Wachovia Dealer Services, for my friend's truck in Oct. 2006. My credit history is spotty and Wachovia, I believe, uses such credit histories as a basis for a malicious rip-off scam. Simply stated, Wachovia Dealer Services refused to recognize many of the payments I made via Money Gram. Even payments they had previously recognized were later the subject of collection efforts. My friend was forced to surrender her truck today, the cause cited being that the loan was 5 months late (which it was NOT!!). There are two months in particular that I double paid since the first attempt was ignored. Since January, I have made nearly $3000.00 in payments when only $1800.00 would have been owed; $1200.00 were just "lost". Now Wachovia is saying that NONE of those payments were made, and that I owe February through June. This is truly an example of a company preying on those with less than stellar credit to scam money. Who would be believed? Of COURSE not the person whom has previously demonstrated financial irresponibility; this is a pretty air-tight scam! If anyone else has experienced a similar fate with their Wachovia Dealer Services loan, please email me: [protected]@yahoo.com.

Wachovia Dealer ServicesRepo/filed reort on my insurance

I was late on my payment and spoke with a (Jennifer) from the collection dept. from Wachovia. I was told that they could not accept a check because of a previous returned check from me and that I would have to pay be Western Union. I went to make a payment at Western Union and I call them to let them know that I was making the payment and they took an extra payment from my checking account anyway after they told me that they could not use my account anymore. The next month I paid them a paymnet to get caught up and two weeks after the payment, they repo my car, but wait it gets better. After they repo my car, they tried to do a claim with my insurance company without me knowing for damage to my car when there was no damages at all. My insurance company called me and ask me did I authorized this and I told them no so my insurance company denied the claim.

  • La
    LawLynn Jul 28, 2009

    Same thing just happened to me. Did a voluntary repo, then 7 days later my car insurance company calls; saying that Wachovia is making a claim on my car that there is a lot of damage! NOT TRUE. My insurance company is now looking further into it... I have not seen the car since it left my posession, if there is damage it would have been from the repo company or at auction... Just in case I will scan through pictures to get proof. I would recommend people take pictures or video tape the repo... I am shocked that they went to my insurance company without even contacting me!

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Wachovia Dealer Servicescharged me for insurance

Wachovia has been charging me for insurance for a year and a half already. I just found out last month when i asked one of the customer service representative to explain to me how they bill my payment. The representative said that they are adding 300 dollars because they are charging me for insurance that i didnt applied for. When i told them that I got my car insured already since i bought the car, they said they will deduct everything that i paid for. They deducted a total of 800 dollars from my principal. When I asked them why only 800, they said some months i pay 300 and some are only 90 dollars. I asked them to send me my payment history, they said it will arrive for 3 days but until now, its been 3 weeks already and i haven't received it yet. Im getting so frustrated. I dont know what to do. I need my money back.

  • Ly
    Lyle Fritchey Apr 02, 2009

    This company billed me for insurance on my Auto when I already have it. I paid the bill until I found out itwas for. I paid the regular payment and did not pay the insurance. Wachovia will not return the over payment, nor will they call the credit reporting agencies to have the overdue payment re3moved. This has dropped my credit score by 50 points. They have refused to correct this Issue.

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  • Ja
    Jack Jun 17, 2009

    My husband and I lost our jobs last year when the company we worked for went to China. We informed Wachovia at that time we were going to non opt the truck and not drive it until we got our new job in June 2009. The DMV does not require insurance on a truck that is not parked or driven on the street. We have made all payments on time for a year while unemployed. The month before we got our job, they repossed the truck.

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  • No
    NONE YEAH Oct 21, 2009


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  • Ru
    rush123 Nov 20, 2009

    I called to try to get an extension on one payment they were telling me that you have to make 12 payments before they will let you do that, they were very rude. I'm telling you that Wachovia Dealer Services isn't worth anything.

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  • Es
    Estatevillas Apr 08, 2011

    Wow. I'm having the same issue with now " Wells Fargo Dealer Services" . They do not want to credit my account with the appropriate fund. I think there is a criminal activity taking place here. I will get to the bottom of this and if possible give a case to a n attorney.

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  • Lu
    ****luna Aug 28, 2011

    I agree they are very rude they were charging me for car insurance when i already had insurance and i even submitted my ins info and they weregiving me the hardest time. once im done paying off my car i will not go through them ever again.

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  • Fu
    futbol24 Sep 21, 2011

    Wells Fargo Dealer Serivces back, if it was canceled then re are removing and the principle balanance is going back to original, prior to the cpi minus any paymets made.

    Wells Fargo Dealer Services
    Attn: Insurance Service Center
    P.O. Box 5075
    Coraopolis, PA 15108-5075

    also, you have to know that you will get refunded to your principle balance, not your bank account. and only the amount you paid. if you need an accont history you can get that online in there eservices online accounts.. thats where i see how my payments are posted.

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  • Fu
    futbol24 Sep 21, 2011

    800-368-6805 is the balboa insurance company and that address is for lien holder information that your insurance needs

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Wachovia Dealer ServicesFailed Autopay Services and Harrasment

In 6 months Wachovia Dealer Services has failed to set up automatic payments.
Initiating payment services via the official "paper" route twice has failed in as many months.
The on-line auto connect system has never worked. Except to show me my outstanding balance, and accept Visa payments online to the auto loan account. But NEVER has the auto debit worked from Wachovia (aka: Wells Fargo)
When trying to contact the Portland representative during business hours, I have personally run into a constant voice mail circular tree scenario when dealing with Wachovia Dealer Services (aka: Wells Fargo). The representative is busy, or the voice mail system is full, and you end up at the top of the phone tree again-and-again.
Conversely, in 48 hours Bank of America has set up, confirmed and paid Wachovia. Verifying them as a company and approving electronic fund transfers via the Bank of America monthly automated bill payer.
I have notified Wachovia and Wells Fargo that due to their negligence in the matter, should any marks on my credit score from them appear, I will have no recourse but legal action. Regardless of score or not, this incident is now sitting with the State Attorney General as of this writing.
I have left several AFTER HOURS voice messages to Anthony Ray of Wachovia Dealer Services at extension [protected] about his companies negligence. I can call my Bank and other loan and mortgage companies and generally reach a human - even after hours. Granted I end up in India at times, but at least there is an after hours rep capable of taking my calls on my other loans EXCEPT Wachovia/Wells Fargo.
However - again it should be noted the calling and service rep is doing his/her job. So I'm not really placing blame there. They work the hours they are given, and do what they must (barely). But the infrastructure of the corporate company is questionably organized. Making Mr. Ray look like a ### to the general enduser/observer.
My suggestion to the corporate types from Wells Fargo and Wachovia is simply to get your act together and show a little love to poor Mr. Ray. FNotice is hereby served to Anthony Ray of Wachovia Dealer Services at extension [protected] Lake Oswego, Oregon.
a) Your approval to contact me at my telco endpoints has been revoked
b) Your approved contact method is now in writing via snail mail or by email as indicated in the account provided in your online services for my account.
c) Your company (Wachovia Dealer papers are completed and sent to do the autopay.)
Financial Services and aliases thereof - operated in whole or in partial by Wells Fargo and/or Wachovia and their subsidiaries subsidiaries - are now officially reported to the state attorney generals office.
e) My views are my own, and subject to freedom of expression under the constitution.

  • Td
    tdog Jun 20, 2009

    Unfortunately, complaints like these cannot be either agreed with or disagreed with through these channels. I like how this person can identify the potential name of the rep in question but he does not list his own. There is normally a reason a process or procedure dosent work - usually due to the failure to follow through by the customer - who never wants to take responsibility for their own failures or shortcomings. This is usually the case in collections where somebody who's past due dosent get their way, or feels that they are not being worked with (when they are consistently behind) when they want it. Unfortunately finance companies are not Burger King and the customer cannot have it their way all of the time...get a clue people pay your bills ontime and you wouldnt have a problem..

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Wachovia Dealer ServicesAwful bank

I set up an auto-debit with wachovia and every month I got a statement saying I owed 265 dollars. HOWEVER they were deducting 278.00 from my account and when this discrepancy eventually caused me to bounce one payment they then refused to even accept checks, insisting I pay my car payment with money orders or through western union. I offered to have the payments come out my husbands accounts and they still refused.

When I told them to take me to court they told me they would repo my car right that day, and when I said I would be sure to move it they said I would be arrested! Now they are trying to repo it and sue me for the balance. Not only will they never recoup their loan that way, they will incur the fees of the repo service and the auction house and there will be no way to collect the debt. All this when all they had to do was fine me for bouncing a check and move on. They would have every penny.

Needless to say I went out and got a car with cash, I hope they do pay lawyers to sue me, I want to tell the judge how I offered and offered to pay them and they refused. It is totally unreasonable to ask me to pay with a money order or by western union, no one in any business ever does this, we are talking about years of payments with no problems, and it is because they sent me incorrect bills for months upon months. The people on the phone are beyond rude, they are austo piloted robots from h*ll. I hope they all lose their jobs and everyone defaults on all their loans. This bank needs TO GO!

Wachovia Dealer Serviceswill not give title back again

We have paid off my Miata X5 with this company not once but twice. We lived in Virginia when we took out the loan to buy the car and shorlty paid it off. Virginia has the electronic titles. WFS said the lein was removed and we received a little letter to say $o balance. Two years later we then moved to South Carolina, we changed all of our titles over and waited for my titles. A month later at 1 AM a tow truck is taking my car. I told them it was paid off. I went into the house and realized we never received that title. We called the company the next day. They told us we owed $3, 000.00 more dollard but our account was closed so they could not tell us why. We were trying to get it straightened out but no one could explain why we owed money. We agreed to pay because I bought the car as a Mother's Day gift for my wife. And we had to pay $1, 800 for repo fees. She was very upset! The letter from the first payoff was still in our farm house in VA. We went to get it and the house had beed robbed it was all gone. So, now we have this new pay off letter and WFS again has not sent my lein free title. We are getting an attorney and making them show why we owed the second time and for the title. We could not do it the first time due to having to pay again for the car. It was on the auction block before it was legally due to be. In SC you have 11 days to reclaim it. On the fifth day it was getting ready to be sold. And on top of that the tow company never inventoried the items in the car so my $200 sunglasses just happened to be missing. And they put scratches and two small dents on my car. Yes I am MAD!!!

Wachovia Dealer Servicesharrasment

I received a call from a Christine at my work number and explained I was unable to receive personal calls at work and she had the attitude of not caring. I told her our payment was made via Money Gram as told to James to do and she kept badgering me that it was not done and I expressed we have a confirmation that it was made. She continued to make me feel like I was a liar. I worked hard through a temp. agency to obtain this job and will get fired if found I am recieving calls that is not buisness related to the job. She continued to call my work number and then turned it to James Wilson to call me as well. She then spoke with my husband and stated they will be coming for my vehicle even after we paid them their money. James Wilson then called my place of employment to find out the location of my work. We have received nothing but harrassment from these people. Also, Christine claims we have not returned their calls. However, I tried to explain my husband has been speaking with their representatives for the past two days and she continued to cut me off and say "Do you want me to help you or not." If I lose my job due to their continued harrassment at work, they will then hear from my lawyer. One phone call from their establishments is sufficient, yet we had James Wilson call ten times in one day almost every hour on the hour. I guess this company feels their management is given the rights to harrass their clients. When I was overseas on a family emergency, I realized I had set up a payment for my truck and realized I couldn't keep the commitment, I phoned and spoke with James Wilson, who proceeded to be very rude with me. I feel this is unprofessional for a manager to react when I was only pushing it a couple of weeks and not totally cancelling the payment. I don't expect to be pardoned but a little compassion when one is at a grieving point is not too much to ask for. When I explained to Christine that we made the Money Gram payment last night, she badgered me with when, what time and how much then when I said James has the confirmation number, I got Do you want my help or not! I need my job and with the economy the way it is, I can't afford to lose it. Your staff had me so rattled, I am unable to do my job effectively. I would like for them to stop harrassing me, my husband and the people who live in my house( whom have nothing to do with this debt). Even after recieving a payment, they still threaten to come get your vehicles.

Extremely Stressed due to your Company,
Rose Dolan

  • Gf
    gfunkera Mar 18, 2009

    Compassion from bill collectors? LOL ROFL LMAO. Just pay your bills.

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Wachovia Dealer ServicesCar Repossessed

I need to talk to someone who will listen. My car was repossed today. I was 81 days behind, but was told one month was deferred. (So really only 51 days behind). I paid $40 for the deferrment. It never happened. I tried calling 5 times in the last 3 weeks. Twice I was told to contact "Ahmed" who is never there when I call. Specifically I was told to "hold off making a payment" until I straightened out the deferrment stuff is the fictional "Ahmed". Twice I was on hold, waiting to talk to someone for 20 minutes. Literally. Yesterday I left a message at 4pm with "Cheryl" who today admitted she had not checked her voicemail. I have been able to make a payment for weeks, just waiting for "Ahmed"...and now I have to pay approximately $1000 that is going to kill us. This is not right. I can pay right now, but the paperwork isn't filed and I just have to sit and wait. I have 3 kids - one is a baby and we had to walk home in below zero temperatures. They repossed the car from an elementary school, for crying out loud. I have 3 jobs I can't get to because no one has filed the proper paperwork to allow me to pay $600 dollars more than necessary to get my car back. No one will tell me what happened to the deferrment. No one will answer any questions about the fact that I couldn't get in contact Ahmed or that Cheryl never checked her voicemail. This is not right. I would really appreciate someone taking the time to answer questions.

  • Gf
    gfunkera Mar 17, 2009

    lol pay your bills and you wont have these problems.

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  • Uh
    uhu Apr 28, 2009

    I don't know who sent the last comments to this person in regards to the issue with repossession however I thought I would put in a comment about who stupid you are...And I know you know that what you just wrote and suggested was ver callous and of course foolish. If you are unable to help the situation, why would you leave a foolish, trivial comment like that? Karma is a ###. and so are you.

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  • Bc
    BC96 Jul 06, 2009

    I agree, they are HORRIBLY unorganized. While on vacation earlier this year, I was called by someone who told me they were looking for my car ro repossess it!!! MY PAYMENTS WERE ON TIME, AND I WAS NOT IN DEFAULT!!! I told the repo guy to keep looking for it, because it was parked at the airport, and I was on vacation. I immediately called Wachovia Dealer Svcs, and they told me it was an error, and no one had bothered to "hit the button" to release your funds for payment. HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE???

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Wachovia Dealer ServicesOvercharged

I am seeking national information from other consumers regarding potential consumer fraud through the direct actions of Wachovia Dealer Services (Wachovia Financial Services/WFS formally known) and including but not limited to Wachovia Dealer Services strategic partnership with Balboa Insurance Group; a subsidiary corporation of Countrywide Financial Services (CFS-NSE). The purpose of this consumer inquiry is to question the possibility of a national class action law suit regarding potential consumer protection violations with reportedly known aforementioned public companies and any or all yet unknown or potential investment companies associated with the initial possible corporations, company's and associations hereto yet proven.

I am a consumer and did open an auto loan with Wachovia Dealer Services in 2007. Prior to accepting the new automobile, financed through WDS/WFS, we documented and provided full disclosure of a million dollar plus auto insurance policy which fully covers the said vehicle. Faxed copies, certified mail copies, and regular mail copies were subsequently directly administered to and received by Wachovia Dealer Services via fax, mail and agent confirmation telephone contact as requested through WDS; as well as Balboa Insurance Group via the Balboa Ins Group public fax number, website address included on correspondences from WDS (ihaveinsurance.com) and certified mailed copy of full coverage sent to WDS and BIG's company provided contact information.

We documented numerous phone contacts with BIG and WDS confirming auto insurance coverage over the course of approximately 4 months. We have thoroughly documented all contact with BIG and WDS as have our Insurance Agency and policy holder provider agency.

We have been assured by WDS via customer service rep 'Bill' and customer service supervisor 'Nick' in the California based office of WDS [protected]) that the error on the fully responsible part of WDS via Balboa Ins would be rectified and the fraudulent attempt to continue to charge my loan account for proven unnecessary auto insurance charges (including but not limited to additional late fees, collection fees, etc) would be credited.

To date, WDS has continued to harass me via my employer and employee work related contacts; namely the customer service rep 'Angel.' Angel has been repeatedly informed of the WDS error and the service appointment of his supervisor 'Nick.' 'Angel' has received clear directions to not contact my employer and my employer's main corporation office-Angel's continued actions are directly causing numerous harms and damages to be disclosed.

My auto loan payments have been declined by WDS or held pending late (etc)due to the additional Balboa Insurance charges arbitrarily and incorrectly assigned to my auto loan account. These 'supposed' late payments have negatively impacted my credit. Currently the Dec 2007 payment is also being declined by WDS and additional late charges accrued without warrant.

Wachovia Dealer Services and Balboa Insurance Group ( BIG publicly reported as owned by Countrywide Financial Services) are theoretically only permitted to cause damage to consumers through lack of unified consumer action and poor representation.

If you are a consumer and you have a well documented complaint with the aforementioned company's please publicly respond to this posting. I am not an attorney nor do I represent one. I am a consumer; one who will not tolerate fraudulent damaging actions taken against me.

I am posting this solely to inquire about the potential advocacy of initiating a class action investigation from consumer peers. I am also interested in well documented evidence of WDS and BIG's financial profits obtained through similar practices taken against other unsuspecting consumer's and any personal damage directly caused by the WDS and BIG's collection practices, arbitrary assignments of auto insurance, and consumer protection violations; including any consumer reporting actions taken with local state attorney general offices.

I refuse personal liability for any unauthorized changes that may be made to my posting without my knowledge and or consent.

Wachovia Dealer ServicesThey SUCK!!!!!!!

Where do I begin... All I can say is that we needed to get our son a dependable vehicle so we went to the local dealership in town and found one that fit his needs. We then went and had him start filling out the paperwork and they came back saying that Wachovia woudl do the loan. What we did not know at time is that woudl begin the nightmare of working with a bunch of PIGHEADED, RUDE, SELF CENTERED PEOPLE. My son had gotten custody of his two children and at the same time been laied off at his job so he got a new job and the pay was not the same as he was making before. Needless to say he fell behind on one months payment. We then started to get hounded by the Vampires in their Collections Department. My son had made arrangments with them to do an auto draft from them and they failed to do it on the day that they said it was going to be done. Another day passed and they still had not done the Auto Draft. After the third day he took it upon himself to do the right thing and get them thier money and went to the bank and got a money order to send them. He sent it and the next day they tried to do the Auto Draft... 5 days after they were to do it the first time.
Fast forward 3 days now (28 Nov 08) they call my son at 4pm and tell him that if they did not have the money by 5pm, one hour later, that they were going to come re-po the vehicle. So my son calls me and we get the number to call them to see what needs to be done. When my wife calls and asks to speak to the person in charge she gets this woman on the phone that PROCLAIMS that she is the supervisor and that SHE makes all of the decisions on this account. Bear in mind that this account was only 57 days past due... Not 90+ days like every other loan institution out there does. While this woman named "Sierra" was on the phone with my wife she was a total and rude B*@^CH!!! She (Sierra) claimed that my son had given her bogus information. What really happened is that she had transposed the numbers that my son had given her and she make the mistake but she never admited to it because she said that she Never makes mistakes. As far as i know everyone that is Human is prone to make mistakes... All but this one named Sierra... She is perfect.. The first human robot nto designed by Bill Gates.
This company is by far the worst company that I have ever had to work with and at the first chance that I have I will re-finance this vehicle as to not give this mis-labled Company any more of my money. If you ever know of any one that is trying to get a loan and a dealship tells them that Wachovia will give them the loan... Walk out the door!!! You would be better off walking every where than dealing with these vampires. They have no feelings and are NOT Willing to work with you to make payments to them when they are the ones wanting their money.

  • Re
    realitycheck101 Dec 17, 2008

    Why is it that you are late and overdue yet that is of no concern? You state that you are ONLY 57 days late, you ARE STILL LATE!!! You made an agreement to pay x amount of payments every month and you didn't. You owe them money!!!

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  • Gf
    gfunkera Mar 18, 2009

    Why do people get pissed off when a creditor gets upset when they are late? You've signed a god damn contract. Read it. You want compassion, sympathy, and mercy from a world of snakes. You signed for it, now, pay for it. Jesus H Christ...

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  • Ti
    tiredofcomplainers Mar 31, 2009

    I agree with reality check and gfunkera, you shouldn't expect sympathy if your 57 days late. try lending money out to someone you dont know and then not think anything of it when they havent paid you for two months.

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  • Wa
    Wachovia Sucks Nov 11, 2009

    I agree. WACHOVIA DEALER SUCKS. Their rude and a bunch of stupid b"tches. They need to fix their computer system. You pay and they say you didn't. You have to keep repeating yourself. Because they're right and you're wrong. I spoke to a DANIELLE in Collections, in Kansas, and she is a stupid little girl. Worthless @sses. If you accidently walked into the door of Wachovia, RUN out the door. They thieves.

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Wachovia Dealer Servicesrude customer service

My father financed my vehicle for me. I was contacted by the customer service department by Brandi at [protected]. Brandi contacted me in regards to the current charges on the account. While doing so I requested that she provides me with the previous payments that were paid or outstanding and she became very rude and stated that there has been a current bounced check. I was not at all disputing that however I was inquiring on the previous charges to make sure I had a clear understanding on the current charges. At that time I requested to speak with her superior. Mr. Jesse at [protected] was placed on the phone. I began to explain my contention and I requested if he can provide me with a thorough break down of the previous charges and how they related to the most current charges. Prior to speaking with the two representatives I had previously spoken with two other representatives that had provided me with different figures. Mr. Jesse (I do not have his last name) stated that if you are going to dispute the charges that he would need to speak with the account holder my dad. I explained that I was not attempting to dispute the charges and that I was looking to speak with someone that can provide me with CUSTOMER SERVICE. Mr. Jesse stated "that Wachovia does not provide customer service" He then began to say that I was not the customer and that my father was. How ever Wachovia contacted me to discuss the concern because I have thus far made all of the payments since the purchase. Mr. Jesse became very arguementive to where I could not believe that he was in a superior position. I reiterated to Mr. Jesse that I was in no way attempting to dispute the charges and that if he would kindly provide me with the current charges and the previous payments that were made. Mr. Jesse continuously repeated the fact that there was a check that did not clear, and that he was not sure of what I was looking for. I reiterated again that I was looking for someone to take the time to provide me with the previous paid charges and the current. He stated that he did not have time to play with me, and I explained that as a consumer I am entitled to know what I will be paying. He stated that I wasn’t paying anything and if I were that I would not have a bounced check. I feel that this was irrelevant in regards to my question. He was very sarcastic and should not be in the position in which he so called hold. As a customer service representative for a much known cooperation or fist priority is the customer. If I was attempting to neglect my responsibility I would not have returned phone calls to discuss the concern. As consumers we have the right to know what we are paying for. At times we get frightened when figures are thrown at us and we may not take the time to request a break down and we just agree to make the payment. I don’t see anything wrong with requesting a break down on the payments that were made versus the outstanding charges. I am sure that as a large cooperation Wachovia would not agree to such treatment. Again I was not in anyway attempting to run from my obligation and I do understand that there has been several payments that may not have cleared How ever I feel for the most part in the past 2 ½ year of being a customer I have taken care of my responsibility. It’s unfortunate that this is a time that I feel a little short, and I did not need Mr. Jesse to remind me about it. At the end of the day we are all customers and I hope that he is never treated the say that he treated me. Rather you make your payments on time or not, I deserve the right to be treated like he would like to be treated.

  • Ho
    honest Feb 20, 2009

    "Mr. Jesse continuously repeated the fact that there was a check that did not clear, and that he was not sure of what I was looking for. I reiterated again that I was looking for someone to take the time to provide me with the previous paid charges and the current. He stated that I wasn’t paying anything and if I were that I would not have a bounced check. I feel that this was irrelevant in regards to my question." OH REALLY? b/c im sure they felt you asking about your previous payments had not a damn thing in hell to do w/ your current reterned payment!! GEEZ. if your previous payments cleared already, then what the hell do they have to do with the problem at hand?? SHIET.

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  • Va
    vangie Apr 27, 2009

    my car has been repo and trying to retrieve it by paying off the balance, I was transffered to repo dept and was talk to certain jennifer and told me to pay off $2881.42 and i can get back my car. I called back again the following day and talk to mike and told me to pay off this amount this include the repo fees of $350.00. I made a payment right away, two days after i called back to see if they receive the payment, i talk to this lady(forgaot her name) and told me to pay the $350.00 to get the car! I said, I was told that everything is in that amount and I just have to call to verify if i can get my car! I was put on hold for 15 minutes and when she came back she told me with sarcasm that i have to pay the$350.00 or else they will not release the car! I don't think this person knows what shes doing, at first this mike told me that i'm supposed to pay$2531.42 but then he change it because it was on repo that I have to add $350.00! so then i send the exact amount. I don't know if this complaints will go anywhere, right now I'm so upset and angry.

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Wachovia Dealer Servicesfinal car payment

My last payment on my car was 32.78.My payments had been 301.12.My payments were automatic payments so when it was taken out they took 301.12 and when I called them on it they said I would have a refund check in 2 weeks.So because they are idiots I am out 260.00 dollars for 2 weeks.Not a lot of money for a lot of people but for many of us it is quite a bit.

  • Ro
    Rob Mar 13, 2009

    There are agencies that can assist you. Call your state attorney general’s office, , file complaints with the Better Business Bureau, and make sure you tell everyone in your social circle to stay away from Wachovia. They are a lower grade bank with low class employees. Yes it is their jobs to collect moneys from debtors like everyone on here. After all, you don’t see anyone complaining about GETTING a loan! However, it is evident that they do not provide service after the sale and are a very sub standard banking-lending institution. I would suggest keeping very tight records and maybe seeking any legal advisement you can. Come places have free legal assistance, some radio stations (talk radio stations) will have call in legal advisement shows. Take advantage of them! Not only is it free, it also puts the name of the company out there for people to hear and avoid.

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  • Ti
    tiredofcomplainers Mar 31, 2009

    Well, perhaps you should have cancelled your autopay. Companies cannot change draft amount regardless what you owe since you have to authorize a set amount to draft monthly.

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Wachovia Dealer ServicesExcruciating Collection Dept (Jane)

I wanted to add to my previous post from yesterday (Excruciating Collection Dept Cus. Svs), that I was active duty for number of years at the time I received the car loan from Wachovia.

I fell into a spiraling health condition (severe heart complications, and recent open heart surgery) which caused my early discharge from active duty, and the start of my financial difficulties at this time.

This was not taken into consideration by Jane (she works in the collection department at Wachovia).
She was numb to my circumstances, and did not allow me to make arrangements to pay, but instead, she annotated my account that I was upset and wanted the vehicle repossessed.

I'm in dire need of my vehicle to get back and forth to medical appointments. I wonder if Jane can be held accountable for her substandard customer service, and the untruth she annotated on my account about the repossession?

  • An
    antiwachovia Dec 20, 2008

    Jennifer in Collections told me I should become a hooker then I might actually make some money and told me she's sorry to hear I'm still with my fiancee...she doesnt like him after he delt with her when they screwed me over on a deferment.

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  • Ro
    Rob Mar 13, 2009

    STOP COMPLAINING AND PAY YOUR BILLS!!! Plus, if your fiancee was not listed on your loan, than they would not deal with him. STOP being a leach on society and pay your bills!

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  • Gf
    gfunkera Mar 18, 2009

    Read your contract. They can repossess after 1 day late. You expect collectors to be nice? Sorry man, you're in for disappointment. The borrower is truly slave to the lender.

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  • Ti
    tiredofcomplainers Mar 31, 2009

    Stop buying cars you can barely pay for. That way if something unforseen happens your not at a loss. There plenty of cheap new vehicles that you can buy, but refuse to due to our materialistic needs!

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Wachovia Dealer ServicesTerrible experience

Never have I come into contact with a company this ridiculous! I am beyond pissed and frustrated. I have written Wachovia more times than I can count regarding their staffs behavior with no response even when letters are stapled to the payments; the payments get deposited but the accompanying letter never gets any response.

They claim I do not return their phone calls but I have cellular phone records to prove I spoke with them when I told Nicole (direct line [protected]) she got snotty with me and told me I “ am full of it and I do not return calls or there would be a notation of me calling". I am having financial problems due to an injury and instead of trying to work on a compromise their staff threatening to take the car away constantly sometimes when payment is only 2 days late. They fraudulently represent information harass and threaten me in order to get a payment in quicker.

Last month I spoke with Nicole I told her I needed to pay the car insurance before making another payment she told me not to bother paying the car insurance because I won't have a car to insure if I do not make the payment that day by western union and it wasn't even late at that time. I have insisting on only accepting written correspondence so their staff can be held accountable for what they say and do but they will not stop calling or give me or send anything in writing.

I have requested an account statement outlining the last year's payments dates etc because what I have record of does not match what they are telling me. I have never received that even with four written requests and six phone requests I assume this is not being provided because it too will prove they are lying.

Nicole has called my family, friends, and my ex-employer and who knows who else leaving messages with and discussing my personal information in detail. When I told her this was unacceptable she said it was unacceptable that she couldn't reach me and that she could call whoever she wanted and tell them whatever she wants to I have no say. I voicemail messages from her at 4:15 p.m. demanding I return her call by 5 pm. I have received up to 15 calls from them during one day. Wachovia is a predatory lender and make more money racking up excessive fees late changes, interest and using illegal tactics to make additional money. When I told her I was going to find an attorney or file charges against them she said “how are you going to do that if you don't even have the money to make your payments on time." That's a great attitude if someone isn't loaded with money they can be treated like crap.

This company is unscrupulous. I suggest anyone thinking of doing business with them to think twice and run far far away unless you're a masochist like getting abusive phone calls every day. They are worse than having a gold digging ex-wife just like a tick sucking you dry.

  • An
    antiwachovia Dec 20, 2008

    So So TRUE I have had the same experience with Wachovia. I wish there was a way we could all get together and file a lawsuit against them.

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  • Wd
    WDS is a JOKE Feb 20, 2009

    I have had the same experiances everyone that posted to this site has. The only difference is my vehicle has not been repo'd.

    About 2 years ago I was behind on my payments and some idiot called me at my work - twice. On both occasions he was directly told to not contact me at work. After the idiot called a 3rd time - I filed a complaint with the MN Attorney Generals office. The AG sent them a couple letters on my behalf and the finally responded to the AG and appologized up and down.
    Since that time I have not received a billing statment or phone call from them - even though I still make my payments late occasionally.
    If you are being harrased or treated rudely, threatend ect. file a complaint with your state AG office - every state has consumer protection laws and the AG will follow up on your complaint.


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  • Ti
    tiredofcomplainers Mar 31, 2009

    how about this one...make your payments. The thought that they're calling you at work should make you feel embarrased not upset.

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Wachovia Dealer Services — Treat you as if your are stupid and beneath them

I received loan from Wachovia Dealers Services a year ago. All of payments had been made on time, one month...

Wachovia Dealer ServicesScam activities

Was out of work due to being hospitalized heart problems which caused me to get behind on my payments. Received phone message from Jenny telling me that she did receive a payment from me of $400, but it wasn't enough and that I needed to send in $200 more to keep it from being repo and if I needed more time to come up with payment, please call me. Was not able to return to her call right away since I was out in the field at work.

When I did get home that afternoon called Jenny.' Mr. Caldwell what's going on with your payments your car is very close to being repo or you return the car to us on your own. I did get a payment from you today 5/11/08, I made the transaction on 6/5/08 it was just getting posted to her, strange. I replied 'What about the 2nd payment I sent the next day 6/6/08 $300. She 'I don't see anything showing that, do you have the western union transfer number, which I did read it to her, She 'Ok I have a meeting that I need to go to, so I can't check right now to verify that we got it, so call me in the morning and I will let you know if we got it or not, then figure out where we go from here, time was around 4:30pm.

Knock on my door around 6:30am, was my daughter 'Dad they are taking your car. So run outside gentlemen already has it on his tow-truck. I tell him there must be some kind of mistake and that I spoke with Jenny yesterday afternoon and she needed to first verify if my 2nd payment was received.Tow-truck driver checks his paperwork to see if there was a cancellation form submitted by Jenny who was named as the individual requesting the repo be made, which was faxed to his office at 2:30pm 6/11/08. STRANGE fact is that I spoke with her after 2:30, she was already going to repo car before even checking to see if any other payments were received by there office. Having car taken in this such manner was very degrading and wrong for it to even happen.

Called left message on jenny's phone asking her to call me in reference to checking on my payment, did not mention anything about car being repo. Waited for call from her didn't happen after office had been open for a hour, but had to call her instead. Ask her if she had any information for me about my payment I send in, She 'Didn't get a chance to check to see if payment was received' I replied 'Ok then could you please explain to me why you had my car repo if you have not even checked to see if there was a 2nd payment. Then she starts talking about the bank will need to reinstate my account which was going to cost me a considerable more money. Ok ' So tell me then how much is that going to be then, I need my car' Jenny 'I don't know off hand not until the repo office process there paperwork, maybe somewhere around $2, 000 not sure, plus it takes between 24-48hrs to do paperwork. I stated that I was very confuse what just happen. First you leave message telling me that I needed to send $200 more and if I needed more time, then you turn around and have my car repo so you can collect more money from me while the whole time you were planning to repo my car anyway. Telling me one thing and doing another could not get her to tell me how much it's going to cost to get back my car, Only believe I was behind a month, but according to Jenny I was 2months behind, that can't be funds are supposed to be taken out of my account electronically. She said that they attempted to collect payment from my account but funds were not available. That's bull----. I have a courtesy account which will cover payment transfer up to $780 even if account does not have full amount there. So I checked my credit union statement, which would have showed where my account was overdrawn if they actually tried to get a payment and charged me $25 for not having funds there, which I wasn't, so there office didn't even try to get payment from me which made my account behind. HELP what can I do to get this resolved. Oh by the wy called Wachovia and asked if I could speak to Jenny supervisor/boss about my problem, was told that she didn't have a supervisor, was transfer to another individual who I told what was going on, she said that Jenny and her do the same thing, but since Jenny was handling my account she could not give me any information, Said that she would talk to Jenny when she returned from lunch to see what was going on and have her call me about the status of my account, NEVER CALLED ME BACK, that's funny when they blow up your phone answering machine calling for there payment everyday at all odd hours. THIS IS NOT THE WAY TO DO BUSINESS!!

  • Sa
    sandra Jun 14, 2008

    I had a very similar situation on Sunday. My car was repoed. I called them & Alma said I was like 49 days late. I made payment on 4/30, so I was only really 8 days late & had an electronic payment pending(it was the weekend) Oh, I see the payment now! she said. I asked then "when can I get my car???" Sounds logical! Alma says "you can have your car back if you pay the 10, 000 pay off! I don't have 10 k layng around! I'm a teacher & on a limited budget! So, I contacted attorney. He said that Wachovia is crazy! Call them back & talk to supervisor. I did & she said same thing or get the car refinanced! BUT I AM NOT THAT LATE!!! Not EVEN TWO WEEKS??? They received payment I was actually a little ahead, but they said they wouldn't accept it!! Even went to look for another car, but was turned down cause Wachovia reported me as being over 30 days late. Alma admitted to seeing that my payment was made! Now my life is a mess. I need my car. I feel like I was robbed!!! Is there any help I can get????? Excuse grammar & such. I'm highly upset.

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  • Ja
    Jaz Jul 08, 2008

    I was also repoed. I was behind a few months due to job loss. When I got my new job I made arangements to pay wachovia $500.00 bi-weekly. A woman by the name of Sue agreed and I began sending the payments Money Gram. After a few weeks of paying I was told by sue that I only had to make 2-3 more payments and I would be cought up. Later I get a call on June 30th from a Stephanie and she states that I needed to pay 270.00 to keep my car and I was 75 day past due. I sent a payment in June 18th and they have no account of it. She goes on to tell me that I have to reasearch the payment myself with moneygram. I call moneygram and they tell me that Wachovia Recieved the payment and for some reason they did not credit my account. I loss signal with Stephanie and I call her back and she says that I now have to surrender the car because I hung up from her and I didnt get in contact with her in a timely fashion. At that exact moment a tow truck pulls up in front of the house and she say that I have to surrender the car. I tell her that I cant do that due to the fact that you recieved a paymentfrom me and you did not acknowlege it. I had to go to court for a custody hearing and I told the supervisor that and she said she didnt care and that I needed to surrender the vehicle. After 30 mins of going back and forth the tow truck pulled away and I just went to court. When I got out of court the car was gone. They repoed it from the court house. The thing thats fishy about this is that I discovered the rep Stephanie was calling me from her personal cell phone the whole time. Why would she do this. Could it be because she was doing something unethical and she didn't want it to be covered by the recording of the convo?

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  • Jm
    JMBlu Aug 02, 2008

    They are the DIRTIEST slimeballs I think I've ever met. I've lodged complaints against the HOFFMAN ESTATES office through the corporate website. Folks, we have the start of a revolution. Time for us to take these ###S to task.

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  • Tr
    Tracy Aug 20, 2008

    I also have had problems with this company!! A few months ago I received a call from Ms. Earl stating that if I did not come up with $600.00 that evening that she would have someone come get my vehicle until it was paid up, granted I was two months behind due to hospitalization but you would think that they would understand. Needless to say I had to borrow. I always talk to a lady by the name of Nadine and she is just wonderful!! However today I looked in my bank account and I was overdrawn $500 or so dollars. I had a payment scheduled for Aug. 16, 2008 and called them 2 days before and rescheduled for Aug. 27, 2008. To make a long story short, they debited my account on the 19th of August. NSF!!! They not only made me overdrawn on my account but they want to fight my bank on service charges due to their stupidity!! I will probably get my payment back (per Nadine) but a supervisor has to agree to give me all my overdraft charges back.. We will see what happens in a day or to but for now I have not a penny to my name. How do I feed a husband and 3 kids? Any suggestions?!? I feel like telling them COME GET IT, what do you think?

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  • Wi
    Will not state Oct 07, 2008

    The identical things have happened to us ! There are 1000's of complaints on the internet about Wachovia! We Class Action Law Firm

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  • Il
    ILmom Feb 19, 2009

    Ok People I can Relate with all of you I have also just had my car repod by Wachovia! I was behind one month made my payment in Feb for Jan and Feb from my checking acct on line, because Wachovias web site would not let me make a payment since i was a month behind. So to make the long story short. the next thing i new my car was repod from my parking lot at home i asked the repo man this is a mistake ive made my payment from my checking acct i have a copy to show you the funds were deducted already. But he took the car anyways.. Called Wachovia next day! According to them no payment was receieved according to my bank they should have already received the money! Im just so exausted about this whole situation!! I cant even keep writing about it.. Now I need to go get my car and pay for towing fee, repo fee. etc... I put a stop payment on that check since according to them they never received it.. What can we do!! They have to worst Cust. Service Ever the guy im dealing with is Chris and he has no customer service skills at all He did not care one bit about my sistuation and it seemed like he didnt even believe me that i made my payments. he told me call back in 24 to 48hrs. I was like i need my car i will make a payment for both month with you now. he was like no I cant help you. hung up!! So so pissed off. What Can WE Do!!

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  • Ma
    magil92 Jul 02, 2009

    Very similar story! car repoed saturday morning. received a letter that afternoon giving me 10 days to make a payment? left hand and right hand not known to one another of this screwed-up group. we call them the "wacky whiners". cashed my check, but no credit for it! this HAS to be illegal!!

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  • Na
    nativitychild Sep 01, 2009

    My car was repossessed on January 26, 2009. I believe that there was a decision made by the corporate bigwigs within Wachovia Dealer Services (WDS), to repossess from anyone who was 60 days late or more, or who was somehow inconsistent with their payments no matter what the circumstances.

    In my experience, I was not late (less than 30 days) and my car was repossessed anyway. The repo guy told me he was to pick up the car, with or without the sheriff. I chose to voluntarily let him drive away in my car out of my driveway.

    I called the WDS collections department and reminded them that they owe me a car. It was pointed out to me by one of those representatives, with the bad attitude, that I was over 60 days late eleven times. I said that they have never gone unpaid, however late. Didn't matter to this person, who I am sure is trained to act hard, without a care, and with "it's - us - against - you - and - we - don't - give - a - damn" attitude.

    Okay, what happened? I had to wait 24 to 48 hours before they (WDS) had a settlement for me. Meanwhile my car is sitting in a desolate auction yard on the border of Mexico, ready for the wholesale price that would be paid by another dealer - the type that will take advantage of the demise of others.

    After all, business is business. Cold, hard, and without scruples, WDS will have you "skip-traced", a method used to find you by process servers, investigators until your vehicle is taken from you. What a creepy, ugly, crappy bank we deal with.

    Eight days later, I was able to reinstate my loan through the assistance of family members, but it is still tough to make payments on time due to under-employment. (I work part time, and I am going to college to earn my first bachelors degree). To date, I still receive menacing phone calls and voice mails reminding me that after 30 days, the New Agreement is in force (an agreement that I have never seen nor signed).

    Other banks and credit unions have been much more helpful in my times of trouble. After all, it is much cheaper to have the loan paid than to repossess the item. As a result, those banks and credit unions have all been paid! Will WDS work with me? Nope. They have proven themselves incompetent fools in the marketplace of loans and once my loan is paid, I will take them to court . . .possible in a classaction suit. Count on it.

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Wachovia Dealer ServicesDisaster

So back in august of 2006 I started working for a car dealership and found a vehicle I wanted to purchase. I had fairly crappy credit but was approved by WFS Financial who was later bought out by Wachovia Dealer Services. So what happened is I kept the car until January of 2008 and sold it due to the high interest rates and wanting to get rid of my car payment. I sold the car and drew up a contractual agreement that stated to the buyer that when I received the title in the mail i would sign it over to him and all would be said and done. It is now present day April 29th 2008 and i still have not title in hand. I was told when I sent in the final payoff check to include title release information of who to mail it to and what address. They actually sent the title to the wrong address, "my old address" they had on file for some strange reason. So now what has happened is that they sent me a lien release letter--to the wrong address again!!! No kidding. So now they have express shipped me a new lien release letter to the correct address and when I took it to the bank they tell me I have to pay a lost title fee $55.00 and a title transfer fee $55.00 so at $110.00. Not to mention the tags have since expired on the car and cannot be renewed without a title and the new owner of the car has paid for two trip permits at $20.00 each so $40.00 total and you are not allowed to get more than two trip permits a row in Oregon so he has been pulled over 4-5 times and hassled because he has no proof of ownership besides the bill of sale. I spent this entire morning on the phone and worked my way up to the office of the president who in short told me that I only mailed them a check with no title release info and the used the best address they had which is a total lie. I was told they would not incur any costs and that they were sorry for my frustration but could not help me because there is now way they made the mistake. I have photocopies of the letter that I signed and dated telling them to mail it to the proper address in bold huge writing. In short I was made into a little person that did not matter and there was no one else to talk to. Not to mention the person who bought my car has gone through his own hardships by not having the title. Wach out for Wachovia there are crooks who don't care about anything having to do with keeping their current or ex-customers happy period.

  • Ro
    Rob Mar 13, 2009

    There are agencies that can assist you. Call your state attorney general’s office, , file complaints with the Better Business Bureau, and make sure you tell everyone in your social circle to stay away from Wachovia. They are a lower grade bank with low class employees. Yes it is their jobs to collect moneys from debtors like everyone on here. After all, you don’t see anyone complaining about GETTING a loan! However, it is evident that they do not provide service after the sale and are a very sub standard banking-lending institution. I would suggest keeping very tight records and maybe seeking any legal advisement you can. Come places have free legal assistance, some radio stations (talk radio stations) will have call in legal advisement shows. Take advantage of them! Not only is it free, it also puts the name of the company out there for people to hear and avoid.

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  • Bl
    Blkjack Apr 21, 2011

    I totally agree. Just calling to try to get someone to fax a lien release to the DMV is a b*tch. No one seems to know who does what job at that f*cken place. And I think its stupid how Wells Fargo Bank does not share the same database as Wachovia since they are the same company! BEWARE, do not engage in business with Wachovia!

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