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Wachovia Dealer Services / Persistent Harassment

1 NY, United States Review updated:

I cosigned a car loan for my ex and he was late on a payment but then sent a payment which they lost and collections has been calling me and harassing me night and day to pay them. My ex moved to Fla., I gave them all of his contact information and they continue to harass me to make the payment because they work on commission. He is working with Wachovia to locate the lost money order and he has informed collections that this is the case. They will tell you whatever lies they can think of to get you to make the payment and when they see that doesn't work, they try other ones, they said they were going to sue me, that if the car was repossessed I would have to pay the fees... its all nonsense! Michelle from collections even went so far as to call my job, I have no clue how she got the number because I had not given it to them and fraudently misrepresent herself by acting like she was one of my students to speak with me. They are sad, pathetic, unprofessional and very uncoordinated. Do not give Wachovia any of your business!

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  • Pa
      1st of Feb, 2010
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    My husband was laid off from his job May '09 and I was also laid off as well, we have been trying to make payments on our car we financed through WDS but have had nothing but what you said-harassment! We no longer have a phone, (as well as other things we need with 3 kids) we use a cell phone (Pay as you go to top it off!)
    And the same person you said, Michelle from collections! It's insane! She calls-calls and calls more! She is nothing short o a nightmare! I can see it's WDS calling but if I'm out of mins on my phone I can not answer the cell!?

    I sent them an email from my friends computer trying to explained, well plead with them I'm trying the best I can (I know this post is all over the place-sorry bout that) I have kids I'm trying to cloth and feed and trying to keep the only car we have! I'm two(2) months behind but find some way to make a payment every month. I can make a payment and their calling the very next day (When I have mins left on the phone I try to listen to the voicemails) And who is it? Michelle!! She calls day and NIGHT! Wanting to know-"When can you make another payment!" OR You need to call us ASAP!

    Speckrazy I'm not sure why I responded to this post-I'm trying to make a point and trying to say I'm well WE are trying to make payments on our car as well as to say I'm sorry that they are doing this to YOU!
    I did not know that they work on commission? Thank you for posting this.

    I hope WDS stops this it's getting really bad.

    I do hope that they( Michelle) stop's bothering you. Your in a different situation then I'm in dear, maybe they need to be sued for harassing people? I don't know what else to think?
    Like I said my email is all over the place because I have so much to say-but don't know how to say it?

    Are you in Ohio?

    Thanks for reading.

  • Pa
      1st of Feb, 2010
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    Let me correct this, My email is NOT all over the place due to me and I have so much to say! lol-sorry!-it's because of WDS. I apologize for not wording this correct. Think the anger was building up and I got pissed. Again Sorry!

    My email address is NOT all over the place why? Because I didn't give WDS my new email-when I first signed for the loan...YES they did SELL my email & home address. The reason I know this is because my name, was spelled different and WDS was the ONLY ones that had it on the loan app. I did change my email and gave it to them just to find out it WAS them that was selling our emails! (Michelle?) Another harassment?? Makes one wonder?

    Just because we used WDS to get a loan- because we needed a car for ourselves and most of all our children does NOT give them (WDS) the right to call, harass, threaten or make us feel like we are worthless OR we are not up to date on our loan or because we co-signed for someone else (Thats a bad issue right there, bothering a co-signer to make their commission! SHAME on you WDS!!!)

    I just wanted to retrace and say sorry for not posting this correct. So sorry...

    Thanks again for listening to my crying!

  • Pe
      9th of Jul, 2010
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    I took out a Prime Equity Line of Credit with Wachovia in 2004.
    Well first first off they put it on the WRONG PROPERTY
    (I gave them the PIN number, lot number and address three times and they wrote it down.
    Five years later, when it came time to sell my rental lot, I had to take a letter from my lawyer to get them to cancel it.
    They faxed the proper forms to my lawyer, but FAILED TO CANCEL THE ACCOUNT.
    (The gentleman at my local Wachovia demanded a $100.00 charge to put the line of credit on the CORRECT account, which I refused.)
    I found that my account had NOT been properly canceled SIX MONTHS LATER when I received a bill for $1, 118.00 for an insurance policy that they FORCED because my homeowner's insurance supposedly had lapsed.
    (My homeowner's insurance has NEVER lapsed.)
    I have faxed letters from my lawyer (from my local Wachovia's fax machine) to other divisions of Wachovia/Wells Fargo in addition to letters and documents from my insurance agent. These letters and documents prove that:


    They will never admit that they have made a mistake and will swear you have not provided proper documentation unless you actually go to your local bank and fax the papers from there. THEN you need to call the branch and CONFIRM that they received the faxes and follow up because they will drag their feet, lose your forms, claim you left out a form, (all so they can charge more interest)
    and then you will receive harrassing calls from a different division demanding payment which you may or may not owe. (Ask me how I know this.)
    Still fighting this out with them.

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