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Wachovia Dealer Services / They SUCK!!!!!!!

1 CA, United States Review updated:

Where do I begin... All I can say is that we needed to get our son a dependable vehicle so we went to the local dealership in town and found one that fit his needs. We then went and had him start filling out the paperwork and they came back saying that Wachovia woudl do the loan. What we did not know at time is that woudl begin the nightmare of working with a bunch of PIGHEADED, RUDE, SELF CENTERED PEOPLE. My son had gotten custody of his two children and at the same time been laied off at his job so he got a new job and the pay was not the same as he was making before. Needless to say he fell behind on one months payment. We then started to get hounded by the Vampires in their Collections Department. My son had made arrangments with them to do an auto draft from them and they failed to do it on the day that they said it was going to be done. Another day passed and they still had not done the Auto Draft. After the third day he took it upon himself to do the right thing and get them thier money and went to the bank and got a money order to send them. He sent it and the next day they tried to do the Auto Draft... 5 days after they were to do it the first time.
Fast forward 3 days now (28 Nov 08) they call my son at 4pm and tell him that if they did not have the money by 5pm, one hour later, that they were going to come re-po the vehicle. So my son calls me and we get the number to call them to see what needs to be done. When my wife calls and asks to speak to the person in charge she gets this woman on the phone that PROCLAIMS that she is the supervisor and that SHE makes all of the decisions on this account. Bear in mind that this account was only 57 days past due... Not 90+ days like every other loan institution out there does. While this woman named "Sierra" was on the phone with my wife she was a total and rude B*@^CH!!! She (Sierra) claimed that my son had given her bogus information. What really happened is that she had transposed the numbers that my son had given her and she make the mistake but she never admited to it because she said that she Never makes mistakes. As far as i know everyone that is Human is prone to make mistakes... All but this one named Sierra... She is perfect.. The first human robot nto designed by Bill Gates.
This company is by far the worst company that I have ever had to work with and at the first chance that I have I will re-finance this vehicle as to not give this mis-labled Company any more of my money. If you ever know of any one that is trying to get a loan and a dealship tells them that Wachovia will give them the loan... Walk out the door!!! You would be better off walking every where than dealing with these vampires. They have no feelings and are NOT Willing to work with you to make payments to them when they are the ones wanting their money.

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  • Re
      17th of Dec, 2008
    0 Votes

    Why is it that you are late and overdue yet that is of no concern? You state that you are ONLY 57 days late, you ARE STILL LATE!!! You made an agreement to pay x amount of payments every month and you didn't. You owe them money!!!

  • Gf
      18th of Mar, 2009
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    Why do people get pissed off when a creditor gets upset when they are late? You've signed a god damn contract. Read it. You want compassion, sympathy, and mercy from a world of snakes. You signed for it, now, pay for it. Jesus H Christ...

  • Ti
      31st of Mar, 2009
    0 Votes

    I agree with reality check and gfunkera, you shouldn't expect sympathy if your 57 days late. try lending money out to someone you dont know and then not think anything of it when they havent paid you for two months.

  • Wa
      11th of Nov, 2009
    0 Votes

    I agree. WACHOVIA DEALER SUCKS. Their rude and a bunch of stupid b"tches. They need to fix their computer system. You pay and they say you didn't. You have to keep repeating yourself. Because they're right and you're wrong. I spoke to a DANIELLE in Collections, in Kansas, and she is a stupid little girl. Worthless @sses. If you accidently walked into the door of Wachovia, RUN out the door. They thieves.

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