VRBO # 295422 / security deposit held

Myrtle Beach, SC, United States

we rented a condo from the Merritts's, security deposit of 100 was held for any damages, just returned from vacation 5 days ago and this morning the security deposit was taken out of my bank acct without warning from the owners, the reason for taking my security deposit: excessive dirt on the sheets and towels!!! I was told that it looked like feces on the towels, really?????? I think one of the towels was used to clean up a spill from my two yr old. The sheet had coffee spilled on it, an easy thing to do. I was never told that if the towels or sheets were found to be dirtier than normal that my security deposit would be held. I also received an email from the owners the Merritts that further payment would be expected if the dry cleaners couldnt the coffee stain out of the sheets and she had to purchase new sheets. Im not sure what kind of sheets she uses but to keep my 100 deposit for this is unthinkable. If she is this picky about her linens then she needs to state it in her contract, and probably ask that no children can stay in her condo. Never rent from these people, I am trying to let everyone know how we were treated over dirty towels and sheets. VRBO #295422, it is at coral beach resort in myrtle beach, number 1154. Stay away from this condo!


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