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I was contacted to join vonage again in March. We had previously used their service but had canceled. WE do not use a land line often enough to warrant the cost.
The sales person offered a discount and a $50.00 gift card that would be sent to me after 3 months of payment had been made. I called and asked representative about this and was told I still needed one more month of payment and then it would be sent out.
Since then, I called and was told by an escalated employee that via email that I did not qualify and sales representatives do not have that authority to offer and complete offer, just to offer it.
After numerous attempts via email, no response to speaking with anyone, I am told I am not entitled to it and too bad for me. I even asked them to listen to recordings and showed them emails that were sent to me offering me the gift card if I came back to Vonage. Still no explanation other than it didn't apply to me.
I think they are the worst. Very worst. I hope this comment will hinder new customers and existing customers to question the business practices that this company uses. It is a fraudulent means of extraction and deceit on their part to the consumer.
They should have their license and business audited

Jul 12, 2016

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