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Vom Benza Haus Shepherds / sick puppy

1 538 South Stream RdBennington, United States Review updated:
Contact information:
Phone: 802-442-7076

The breeder feeds the puppies ground up raw chicken and bones. When we brought our puppy home she had diarrhea and vomiting on the first day. We suspected it was the stress and just kept her meal light that night. The next day started with bloody diarrhea and continued vomiting. She couldn't hold anything down. We took her to the vet who gave her some fluids to prevent dehydration and advised to keep on a bland diet. The vomiting continued that night and we brought her back to the vet who then x-rayed her and saw the bones logged in her intestines. They kept her there for monitoring and later advised she was hemorrhaging and they needed to go in to remove the bones. We attempted several times to contact the breeder through all this and our calls went mostly unanswered. She later left a voicemail advising us to give the pup a laxative. I emailed her requesting reimbursement of the vet bills (in excess of $1, 200) with the details of what occurred and that it was undoubtedly the bones she was feeding to the pup and never a response. Not even to inquire as to how the pup was doing. The website and her paperwork indicate a 3 day health guarantee, but that is obviously crap.

Vom Benza Haus Shepherds

May 30, 2015
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  • Pe
      21st of Feb, 2016
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    Key word, WE "GRIND UP" the chicken leg quarters, as fine as hamburger. In essence, making human grade dog food :)
    We always advise buyers keep pups quiet for first few days, and we spend an hour SHOWING BUYERS HOW TO GRIND CHICKEN AS FINELY AS HAMBURGER! Again, making human grade dog food :)
    The BUYER called the Breeders 2 days after puppy left and left detailed message which we STILL HAVE SAVED that PUPPY DOING GREAT running around on the ground at an outdoor family cook out party.
    Puppy should not have been given that much freedom so soon !
    When Buyer called 3 days later in morning 4-5 days after pup left we advised him to get pup xrayed, but vet waited 2 MORE Days, until THURSDAY to Xray, while condition worsened.
    Buyers wife demanded full reimbursement of vet bills, Plus emotional stress damages.
    Buyer after many nasty phone calls and emails from his wife, admitted that he hadn't been chopping the chicken bones but fed Puppy big chunks of bones. He said he was sorry for his wife's threats and that we wouldn't be harassed from him again, and stated that he was very happy with Ruby, that her temperament is perfect.

  • Ap
      22nd of Feb, 2016
    +1 Votes

    We never fed the puppy any bones - chopped up or otherwise. These people are certifiably nuts - do yourself a favor and get your puppy elsewhere.

  • Pe
      1st of Mar, 2016
    0 Votes

    3 Veterinarians have bought from us and have written us outstanding testimonial/referals. Many Police and pillars of the community have bought from us for companionship and protection for their children. We have 100s of GREAT Testimonials, and Many repeat buyers. Both Local and Nation wide. Many of our buyers are elderly, semi handicapped, or have very young children, Many Soldiers with PTSD bought from us as a PTSD dog, NO ONE ELSE IN 10 YEARS HAS HAD THIS ISSUE. The Buyer Foolishly took the 8 week old puppy to an outdoor CHICKEN barbeque the NEXT DAY, Whgich alone is FAR TOO MUCH Stress and Stimulation for 8 weeks old pup! with lots children playing with the puppy and very likely giving her treats in the form of barbeq chicken. after bringing her home, We offered good advice from our veterinarian and we were ignored. If they had x rayed and treated the puppy imediately instead of waiting 6-7 days, surgery couldve been avoided. Fortunately Ruby is doing great, Sadly the wife of the buyer cannot move on. As The Buyer, Bill, told us no worries a year ago.

  • Ru
      2nd of Mar, 2016
    +2 Votes

    We bought our puppy(Ruger) there In April of last year. You could tell the precautions they take with their puppies right off the bat. They sat us down and pretty much told us everything we need to know to raise a puppy. They Also sent us home with a syllabus and dog food for the first few feedings. Our boy turned out amazing. Thank you so much Peter and Sheila.

  • Pa
      17th of Apr, 2016
    0 Votes

    I agree with the lady who bought a pup. Almost got a pup from them but after threating email etc (because they didn't get there way) and finding out my friends pup from them died I went else where and am very happy. loving the country

  • Pe
      18th of Apr, 2016
    0 Votes

    PAPA222 who are you? NONE OF OUR PUPS OR DOGS HAVE EVER DIED YET IN 10 YEARS of breeding! IN OTHER WORDS, OUR FIRST PUPS EVER BORN, ARE ALIVE AND WELL AND LIVING IN BENNINGTON! ROMEO, HARLEY, FOR EXAMPLE! I SUSPECT YOU ARE THE NUTCASE THAT SENT BIZARRE EMAILS AT 3AM THAT I REFUSE TO SELL A DOG TO, EVER. You know, Anyone can write anything on this page, nothing is verified, particularly anonymous non names. And your friends dog is doing Great!

  • Tm
      18th of Apr, 2016
    +2 Votes

    I have got three dogs from this breeder, and I highly recommend them to anyone who is looking for a top of the line GSD. A puppy is a huge responsibility that many people are not prepared for, and a raw diet is an added commitment. All my dogs have had the raw diet from day one and there has never been an issue. And there shouldn't be if done properly. These dogs are the healthiest, happiest, best looking GSDs that my vet has ever seen. The fact that there was a piece of bone in the puppy's intestine proves to me that the buyer was at fault. For properly prepared chicken for a puppy, the meat and bone is pulverized into a paste, which the breeder goes over time and again with a new owner. These people love their dogs more than most people love their children and they are totally committed to the health of their puppies. Don't let the incompetence of one buyer dissuade you from this breeder. I will go back again for my next puppy and will recommend them to anyone who asks.

  • Vc
      18th of Apr, 2016
    +2 Votes

    We bought Pandora and then a year later, Tracker, from Peter and Sheila, and they treated us like family! We were very impressed with how they welcomed us into their home, with their well cared for dogs, and gave us all the time we wanted to pick out our pup and answer our questions. They shared a wealth of German Shepherd health and training information and knowledge with us, that has paid off greatly, as we do not want to use cancer causing poisonous chemicals on our dogs. Instead, they have many alternative and effective methods of organic or natural flea and tick control! They follow Dog Whisperer training techniques and they were right! Puppies listen to Dog Whisperer training immediately! Both our dogs were housetrained within a week and have amazing temperaments and looks! People stop us all the time and comment on our "Furkids"! And our dogs are doing great on the raw diet, that is easy and simple and makes perfect sense. Basically, it's human grade dog food, instead of feeding preservative laden grain, flavored with meat by-product, in a dried up old bag. I can honestly say, we will never deal with any other breeders, except Peter and Sheila! They are the best in the business!

  • Ms
      20th of Apr, 2016
    +2 Votes

    I contacted this breeder about purchasing one of their pups, a few months ago. We set up the appointment, which they were very nice to change a couple of times for me, due to changes in my work schedule. When I arrived at their home, I expected to find an outside building where the dogs were kept. Are you kidding me? The dogs are the pampered children that live right inside their home! It is one big happy family there, and the dogs are treated with the very best of care! We sat down and they explained tons of information to me about how to care for a pup and raise it right. I quickly learned I do not have the time and energy to do what it takes to care for a dog properly. I did not purchase a pup from Peter and Sheila, because it would have been unfair to the pup! I'm grateful to them for giving me all the info I needed to realize a different pet would be better suited to my lifestyle. They are very nice people and I'm glad to have met them!

  • We
      27th of Sep, 2018
    0 Votes

    We bought our girl "Ella" from this breeder. 6 years later we could not be happier. She has the best temperament, personality, and looks that we could have ever dreamed of!!! She is everything they promised us she would be!!!

    Wendy (Moriarty) and Michael Prause

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