Volcan Health / "Free" Sample Megadrox/Testadrox

Scottsdale, AZ, United States
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This complaint deals with what I see as shady business practices. This company, as many others have noted, will lure you in with the promise of a "free" sample of something, have you click the "Terms" box (knowing full well, NOBODY will bother to go read it), charge you for shipping, then 14 days later charge your card for $50-$60 dollars (in my case). What you fail to notice until you actual go back and read the Terms, is that you were really only buying a 14 day trial, and that if you failed to cancel before that period ended you would be charged full price. Ok, shame on me for not reading the Terms, lesson learned. BUT, this is not a very ethical way to do business. You would think that with all the complaints about the same thing, they would change something, maybe put that in VERY BOLD letters in a page that you are actually going to be forced to see. Apparently though they are just out to sucker as many people in as they can with no real regard for the product they are selling you. Fourteen days is not really a realistic time period to judge these products in the first place, and after this I'm not even inclined to finish the product I have. I may, and if it does seem to be of benefit, you can be sure I'll sure I will be going ELSEWHERE to purchase it! You got me Volcan Health! Good for you. I will be calling you Monday, to cancel any auto payments you have in store for me, and calling my bank to make sure they do not allow any charges from you ever again.

Jul 09, 2016

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