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Viva Terra / Horrible service, no delivery, wont cancel order!

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Where to begin. ordered a gift, 2 day delivery. Got confirmation. never shipped. Was given bogus shipping code. sent 40 emails, not ONE answer. Called help lines, on hold over one hour, after 4 calls finally got a supervisor who told me the items were ""shown as being shipped but she knew they had not been", could not tell me when they may be, and, "{cant cancel your order because they are shown as delivered". Called companies main office, office of the president, Bob Perkowitz and got a recording with a phone number to call, and then got some poor poor man whose actual number it was who had gotten over 40 calls so far, 10 am the day after Christmas... obvious wrong number. No answer at any corporate office, and noone will return calls. This company is an ""environmental big deal", but is the worst we have ever dealt with.

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  • Ma
      26th of Dec, 2007

    similar situation with Viva Terra - they may be green, but they don't know how to run a business. I will NEVER order from them again... ever!

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  • Kc
      27th of Dec, 2007

    Same thing! Don't order from them. I order almost a month ago and the item hasn't shipped yet. They said it would ship in two to three days. After being on hold forever, I was told that my order was due to be shipped but I had been told that days ago.

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  • St
      3rd of Jan, 2008

    I will never ever ever order anything from Viva Terra again. I received a gift item that didn't fit. I wanted to exchange it. I tried emailing customer service, but no one ever replied. I ended up calling. I spoke to a customer service rep who said he'd take care of everything, but I never received the promised faxed address label for the exchange. I called back. I spoke to 3 more people, never could reach a supervisor (I hung up after 20 mins on hold). They couldn't help me (3 customer service reps, 3 different reasons why they couldn't help me). I gave up on the exchange and will return the gift item at my expense. Was told it may take 1 to 2 billing cycles for my husband's credit card to be credited for the return. At this point I have zero faith that the return will go well.

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  • Ja
      11th of Jan, 2008

    I was to receive a salad bowl from Viva Terra as a Christmas gift. Instead I received two glass birds. The customer service rep told me that they would send out a shipping label for the return of the birds and that I could order something else. It has been three weeks and there has been no shipping label. I have sent several e-mails with no response. I have called customer service again and they said to wait at least a week longer because they are behind on mailing out shipping labels. Brother! In the mean time there is nothing in the catalog to order. Of course, the salad bowl is no longer in stock. I think that I am out of luck. This has been the worst on-line experience that I have ever had.

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  • Jo
      13th of Jan, 2008

    I will add to the chorus of dissatisfied customers. My holiday shopping with Viva Terra has to be one of the worst online shopping experiences I have ever had, as a result I would personally never *ever* ordering from them again.

    On December 10th I placed an order for two Christmas gifts, two days before the cutoff for standard shipping. The website promised that I would be notified when the packages shipped, and given a tracking number.

    When I did not hear from them, the following week, I decided to give the company a call. The representatives told me that the items were in transit, and that they would arrive by the 24th. However, I was a little skeptical and proceeded to check in with them every few days, just to see what was up. Each time I called, I was told that the items were definitely in transit and would arrive in time for the holiday, even though they could not provide me with functional shipping tracking numbers.

    Needless to say, the items did not arrive in time for Christmas. Instead after several more calls, I learned that one of the items was on backorder, and the other one finally shipped the second week of January. It arrived about a month later on the 10th of January. Totally fed up with the company, I refused the package, and disputed the item on my credit card.

    Viva Terra seems to have a policy of not allowing you to cancel an order, even if it has not shipped. They also seem to have a policy of not telling the truth to their customers. I can't imagine how such a business model is sustainable.

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  • Ju
      17th of Jan, 2008
    VivaTerra - Christmas gifts not received!
    PO Box
    United States
    Phone: 800-233-6011

    Business Christmas gifts ordered on 12/12/07 with 3-day delivery were never received. Called on 1/9/07 and was told that because of an ice storm and the Christmas backlog the order was not processed. Understand the ice storm, but didn't they know Christmas was coming? They were refunding the shipping charge. Called again on 1/17. The order was not processed after the first call. They could not identify by the confirmation #. Like other complaint, order # was bogus. I asked why no notification of backlog. "Because everything was lost in the system and they only had info that warehouse gave them." They obviously had the names/addresses of who these gifts were going to. Why couldn't they send a card to these people? Also would not give name of President to send complaints. While the 2nd customer service rep was apologetic, it doesn't negate the fact that these were Christmas 2007 gifts, not Christmas 2008 gifts. Horrible service! Will never order from VivaTerra again.

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  • Ch
      2nd of Feb, 2008

    I am currently stuck in the muck that is otherwise known as Viva Terra. What run around! It is February and I am still waiting on items I ordered in November to ship (Xmas gifts for mother-in-law no less!). I had no idea until my mother-in-law mentioned something about not receiving any present from us- we were horrified. I called them and they said they would ship overnight no cost to us but that was days ago and still no receipt of item. Same goes with a robe I ordered for a friend- she never received it and they said they would send overnight at no cost- but again it has yet to appear. I checked my credit card balance online and have noticed a few extra charges from them- none of it is in sync with the receipts I have for purchases from them, never mind that I don't even have 2 of the items. They are as sweet as sugar on the phone- make you really believe that they will resolve the situation...but then you wait and wait- this has been a most frustrating experience. I am going to call my credit card and see about canceling all the charges. I can't believe that businesses can run this way. I feel completely duped. Be warned all shoppers- avoid Viva Terra!!!

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  • Lo
      9th of Feb, 2008

    Oh my!! I wished I had read these complaints.

    This company will never ever get my business again. What a rotten business. I order a gift for my mom Dec 14 for Christmas, they promised to have it deliver on time - by Dec27 - no beep I e-mailed them - not a reply - I called more promises with some excuse about the snowstorm in Denver - what a lie. The item should have been shipped before any snowstorm.

    I made more calls - and received more lies. They would not cancel but promised to refund completely after the item is shipped - another lie. The gift was not shipped until Jan 8, and did not get to my mother until the 15th.

    What a company... no one should buy from this company ever.
    They could learn a thing or two from Nordstrom or Macy's. Take a lesson here - no more Viva Terra!!!

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  • Vi
      5th of Jan, 2010

    Never order from them! Save yourself time, money, and peace of mind!

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  • Ld
      28th of Aug, 2010

    I ordered "stepping stones" made from small stones that are "glued" to a flexible backing. The first set arrived with several stones loose in the box and no longer attached to the backing material. I called and they said they would send out another set, which they did. I placed them where they are seldom stepped on, between one sidewalk and the faucet on the front of my house. I usually have the hose attached to the back faucet, and it's long enough that I don't need to change the hose out from one faucet to the other. Since the time that set the 2nd set of stepping stones in place, I have probably only actually stepped on them a dozen times. About a fourth of the stones have popped off the backing material in less than 3 months time. I called today to complain and they said, "We're sorry, but it's been over the 30-day return period." I explained that I realized that, but as a "smart company, " sure they can AND WOULD make an exception since this is not something that gets much use or is even SEEN on a regular basis. That didn't matter. They said that, as a "one time courtesy" to me, they would offer me a 10% discount off the original price. I laughed out loud and asked to speak to a supervisor who was rude and wouldn't budge. I asked for her name and she said, "I already gave you my name." I asked for the name of the owner, the CEO, the president of the company. She said, "I can't give out that information." WHAT??? Seriously??? Then I asked for the address where I could write the owner, the CEO, or the president of the company. She said, "I can't give out that information. It's company policy."

    So what does THAT tell you about this company?!

    The "supervisor" finally agreed to give me her name again --- Jennifer --- and that was probably a lie. It's probably "company police" not to give out ANY information about ANYTHING regarding Viva Terra!

    I will never buy from them again!

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  • Sh
      12th of Nov, 2010

    What a disappointment. I've coveted their products for years - but the customer service was awful! Their system had a glitch and a promo code wasn't applied, but they wouldn't honor it because the order had already shipped.
    Avoid this company!

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  • Jo
      12th of Jan, 2011

    Worst company I have ever dealt with. False tracking number given. When I call the phone number they give me for the shipping company, I receive a message that the answering machine is "full." Ordered an expensive coffee table and cannot get any help whatsoever from Vivaterra. They merely say "we show it as being shipped." They will not cancel my order. "Supervisors" keep sending me to another higher "supervisor", none of whom can help or return calls. When speaking with them, it sounds as if they are reading from a script (i.e., we understand your frustration, blah blah blah.) It has been over a month, now. I am told that it takes "24 to 48" BUSINESS hours to return a call. What???? 6 days????? They just continue to pacify me by saying that the matter has been sent to upper management for review. No phone number for corporate. Won't allow me to speak to anyone who knows anything. This is unethical, bordering on illegal. I will now contact better business bureau and my credit card company.

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  • Ho
      27th of Jan, 2012

    How I wish I had checked up on this company before placing an expensive order with them recently. The products ordered - bed quilt and shams, nightlight, and set of three glass vases were all horrible, overpriced, badly made and thoroughly misrepresented in the online/catalog photographs. The quilt, by the way, was flimsy, stitched with huge, thin cotton running stitches that would not have lasted five minutes, smelled really funky and had a black mark/stain on it. I'm all for being eco-friendly, but this was simply 'junk' merchandise with a 'green' label.
    I have returned everything and have asked for a full refund, including the very expensive UPS return shipping/insurance. I will update this site on the outcome.

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  • Jo
      24th of Apr, 2012

    I ordered an double set of dinnerware - recycled glass in various colors. After only three months of use the paint on the bowls and dinner plates started to chip/ wear off. I notified the company and they were very unresponsive and did not offer replacements or reimbursement. Do not order the blue bowels or green dinner plates. All are just painted on the backside. This company not only has poor customer service but they do not seem to care or stand by their products. The only plates that were not painted were the salad/ bread plates. They are clear glass - no paint. I have since bought other recycled larger salad bowls made in Spain and the glass is NOT paints but simply real colored glass. My recommendation: NEVER buy glass dinnerware that is painted

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  • Ho
      24th of Apr, 2012

    Update on my message of 27th Jan, 2012: I did get a refund, less shipping both ways, so was over $100 out of pocket. It's beyond my comprehension how this company manages to stay in business. Their merchandise is cheap rubbish. Holly's Mum

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  • On
      1st of Sep, 2012

    I sure wish we had read this site before ordering from 'viva ripoff'. We ordered a set of lotus wall panels. When they arrived they were definately not as shown in their magazine. They were ugly, poorly crafted & didn't match. JUNK. $320. We immediately sent them back & called "customer service". After multiple calls & finally proof from of shipping from the post office they have finally acknowledged that they received them. We are still trying to get a credit back on our card. BEWARE

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  • My
      6th of Sep, 2012

    Me too... Another victim... And look, they had bad reviews FOR YEARS!!! (not just this site) How are they still in business? I guess because of the fools like me, who got totally charmed by their "green" message and ordered a piece of furniture(!!!) of all things from them without even thinking twice or checking the reviews... It was supposed to me an ottoman for our living room. OMG!!! It is the most horrendous thing I've ever seen! the web site totally misrepresented it! The fabric is awful, the color is wrong. But that is not the worst! Viva Terra has THE WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE ON THE PLANET!!! The customer rep was short and rude while speaking with me, and not helpful at all. They authorized the return, but guess how much it will cost me to ship this monster back? by the most conservative estimate with UPS - $500 for shipping!!! (that's on a $200 ottoman). Did Viva Terra help? No. They kept me on hold for 20 minutes and then hung up. I sent emails - no response. I will probably donate the ottoman and make it my mission to spread the word about Viva Terra in every way I can - they are the worst!!! they don't deserve to be in business!

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  • Ka
      12th of Nov, 2012

    I just placed an order with VivaTerra for 1 item ($69). I wanted to keep my order under $100 including shipping so the total at checkout was the 1 item plus shipping($8.95) but when I received the "thanks for your order" receipt, 2 items were added to the order (that I deleted in my cart before checking out). I called customer service to have them remove the 2 items from my order but they said they could not (even though web site says orders are processed within 24-48 hours) but I could return the items when I get them at my expense! They would not pay for the return since it was my fault for putting them in my cart. I told them I deleted them before checking out and my total at checkout was for the one item only. I know this because I didn't want to spend over $100! I hung up the phone because the guy was arguing with me. So I called again to talk to another customer service person to see if I could cancel the whole order since it was only a few hours since placing the order but the nice guy on the phone said he could not cancel the whole order since it was shipped already (3 hours after placing the order??). He also said to call back when I receive the order and they will see what can be done. All I wanted was for them to cancel the items that were NOT in my cart but instead they are making me pay for items I didn't order, pay to return them, and then wait for the refund. I'm annoyed and won't be shopping there any more. There is something wrong with the carts so beware and take a picture of your receipt after checking out. Don't wait until you get an email. Or better yet, don't shop at Viva Terra

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  • Je
      14th of Nov, 2012

    Oh guys, I think I can top all of your experiences. I spent over $3, 000 on ONE ORDER to Vivaterra, which was mostly furniture, and IT WAS INFESTED WITH WOOD BORERS THAT SPREAD AND DAMAGED OTHER PRODUCTS IN MY HOUSE!!!

    Here is what happened. Believe it or not, this is actually the SHORT version!!! I made many more phone calls and sent more emails, but I didn't write down or copy every one, so these were the ones that I actually documented. Only after threatening to sue the company and sending them a DEMAND LETTER (i.e., what you send someone right before you sue them, which I fully intended on doing if they deviate in the LEAST from our agreement) did they finally agree to pick up the infested products and refund my money. That is supposed to happen tomorrow, so we shall see.

    • 9/8/12 – I place an order with Vivaterra in the amount of $3281.64.
    • Approximately 9/19/12 – Part of my order arrives (teak logs, scrap leather rug, shag leather rug, nesting tables, shower hooks; NO RR Tall Bookcase or Birch Mirror arrive, even though company insists that mirror tracking number shows that it arrived with this order).
    o I notice an array of 1/8”-1/4” holes and some black streaking on one of the teak logs, but conclude that it is wood pecker holes and just part of the rustic look.
    o I place the teak logs and the nesting tables on a carpet in my living room, next to a leather and wood couch that I just purchased from West Elm.
    • On or about 10/2/12 – I call Customer Service to see where the grapevine with air plants are; I am told that they shipped but they are unable to tell me where the product is; I remind them that I ordered this on 9/8; they resubmit my order and send me a confirmation email. I also ask them where the RR Tall Bookcase is; they tell me it is on its way, but no date is given.
    • Between 10/2/12 and 10/26/12 – I call Customer Service again regarding status of bookcase delivery; I also reiterate that the Birch Mirror still has not arrived and no one seems to know where it is.
    • 10/25/12 – RR Tall Bookcase and Birch Mirror are finally delivered; RR Tall Bookcase is missing all of its hardware, so I am unable to assemble it.
    • 10/26/12 – I call Customer Service again asking about status of the missing air plants; am told that they will get back to me.
    • 11/4/12 – I call Customer Service and tell them RR Tall Bookcase has what appears to be significant cracking throughout two of the shelves, and that it is missing all of its hardware. I am told they will look into these issues. I ask if perhaps they could expedite the shipping of the hardware to me, given all of the other delivery issues there have been. I am told they will look into it, and that someone will review the photos of the shelves I submitted and get back to me with a decision. No one calls me back.
    • 11/6/12 – I call Customer Service again to ask what is being done about the bookcase. I am told that they are shipping the hardware and a replacement shelf. I tell them that there is additional cracking on ALL of the shelves, and that I am concerned that it will continue to worsen because of the dry climate and my belief that the wood was not properly cured. I also again ask what the status of my air plant order is, and I am told that it shipped but they cannot “see where it is.” I tell the lady (I believe her name was Bernadette) that I am tired of hearing “we’re sorry, ”etc., etc., because no one has yet addressed any of my concerns and I want to speak to a supervisor. She tells me she will have someone contact me the following day.
    • 11/7/12 – Scott Hutchinson, who states that he is a Vivaterra supervisor, calls me and apologizes for all the problems; says they are sending out replacement hardware and a shelf for me; I tell him that the cracking is more extensive and that one shelf will probably not be enough but that I will see how it is, relative to the ones I have. He tells me the replacement shelf and hardware should be there Friday (11/9). These items have yet to arrive.
    • 11/9/12 – I examine the teak logs for cracking and to see how they are holding up; I see that all the “woodpecker holes” have MULTIPLIED, that there are now numerous black “galleries” tracking up and down the side of the log, and that there are fresh, unvarnished holes and gouges, which contain black, oblong beetles measuring approximately 1/2” – 3/4” long!!! I take pictures, drag the logs out on my patio, and begin inspecting my other furniture for damage. I notice that a small wooden lamp that I had just purchased in August at a new art gallery in Colorado has the same gouge marks and holes. I also take that outside. I call the company and tell them; they say a supervisor will contact me on Monday. I cover every inch of the infested products with packing tape to hopefully contain the insects.
    • 11/12/12 – I call Scott Hutchinson and he tells me that he was “just reviewing [my] email” and that he very sorry about what has happened, that he is conferencing a call with the warehouse management, and that he will get back to me within an hour. He does not, however, call me back. I call back over an hour later, and ask to speak to him. I ask him what he has found out, he says he is “still waiting for an answer from two ladies whose opinions [he] highly values” [whatever that means], and that he will not have an answer for me that fast. I say that this is not something I can wait around for a resolution on, that the furniture is infested, and I want it all out of my house by the end of the week or else I will challenge the charges on my credit card. He tells me he will get back to me as soon as he “has an answer for me.”
    • EVENING of 11/12/12 – I get home around 7:30 p.m., and I begin examining the RR Tall Bookcase shelves and the RR Nesting Tables. There is fresh SAWDUST all over the RR bookcase shelving and HUGE gouge holes and borer marks, most noticeably on the back of each shelf. I also see similar gouge/bore marks on the side of the medium-sized nesting table. I immediately wrap the nesting tables in plastic bags and place them on my covered patio. I also place the RR bookcase shelves out there. I take numerous photographs.
    • 11/13/12 (8:02 a.m.) – I call Customer Service and ask for Scott Hutchinson; I am told he is in a meeting and could call me back. I tell the representative that Mr. Hutchinson does not return my calls, that this is an emergency because the infestation is spreading, and that I cannot even have my house exterminated yet because Vivaterra has not taken away the furniture. I repeatedly ask for Mr. Hutchinson’s supervisor, but I am alternately told there is not one or that he/she is not available. After much insistence on my part, another supervisor gets on the phone with me and says that she is “very sorry for all of this.” I tell her their apologies mean nothing because they have not resolved a single, solitary issue for me; that this is objectively an EMERGENCY, that I have reported it to the California Department of Food and Agriculture (I have; please see attached document); and that they have two options: (1) authorize me to destroy the products, I will dispute the charge on my credit cards, and they will pay for an exterminator; or (2) have someone come and pick the products up tomorrow, refund my money, and pay for an exterminator. The supervisor told me she would call me back in one hour. She never did.

    If you look at the picture I provided, the shiny black things inside the holes are the adult borer beetles. I imagine their children are inside, munching away. No wonder my dogs, who couldn't care less about any other furniture, were fascinated with these and would sit there and stare at them; they could hear the munching, no doubt!!! GROSS!!!

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  • Sa
      5th of Jan, 2013

    I agree. Customer service is the worst... And dont think you wont need to deal with them because you will...there will be an issue. It's a shame really, buy do shop somewhere else- save yourself the aggravation.

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