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A long time ago I had Lasik. The "doctor" botched the procedure. I sued and settled. During discovery all of these horrible reviews were on Vitals, this guy blinding people, people suing, the fact that he was destroying peoples lives. He was even texting when he was performing surgery on people. He became a traveling Groupon doctor to avoid being sued. If you cant catch him to serve him with papers it's tough to sue him. He ducked me for years, long before Groupon, Yelp and most doctor review sites.

After my attorneys subpoena server caught up to him I found out the motions of going through a lawsuit. During the discovery phase of the lawsuit it was brought up that this "doctor" had more then 30 complaints on Vitals. He had blinded and maimed about 30 people and there were the same amount of negative reviews. There were a few obviously fake ones that said what a great person he was. The 30 that went from he's a fraud to he blinded my spouse were damning. His attorneys recommended that he settle my case. He did. Before I go any further it wasn't worth it. This guy actually belongs in prison.

He racked up one bad review after another, I think in the end he had legally blinded 5 people. He had taken to the road being a Groupon doctor. He would run a Groupon for a few months, get a bunch of takers at some ridiculously low price and do 30 or more "surgeries" in a day. Then he would disappear on to the next place where he was running a Groupon.

When he botched my surgery he had an office and actually a very good online reputation. I paid him a lot of money for what would be the biggest mistake of my life. It was all online marketing fluff. I had 3 separate opinions, all of them said this is your prescription and after Lasik you will be 20/20 or better. I went with him because of the BS marketing reviews saying he had done the most procedures. He was comparably priced to the other two places. This was almost 12 years ago.

As people began suing him he took off, doing "surgeries" here and there. The BAD reviews on Vitals started to add up. I would check every so often to see how many more bad reviews he had.

A couple of years ago something funny happened. All of his bad reviews disappeared and all of a sudden he was a 4 star doctor on Vitals. From 1 to 4 stars overnight. The people this guy harmed reposted their bad experiences. Personally I think they are fools, Groupon Lasik for $1900? What did you think was going to happen? BTW when Lasik goes bad it's not like you can just go back to glasses. To put it the most simple terms it's the equivalent of staring at the sun for a day. Your eyes (corneas) are vaporized and distorted. There is no fix. Your eyes are cooked.

To rap this up he racked up a bunch of negative reviews again. People who are maimed for life tend to be pretty vocal about being disabled for life. He was close to 30 maimed patients again, was under investigation and ALL of this was on Vitals. I would check every once and a while to see what the count is. I cannot leave a review of him, I can't even mention his name or the place where he does business. I can say it is in Lombard, Illinois and his partner optometrist is very close to losing his license in Illinois. The optometrist " doctor" that I speak of is possibly under indictment but I'm not sure.

I do know that on Vitals it says "INACTIVE". "Vitals cannot verify whether or not this professional is currently practicing." If that's the case then how is this guy and his " Lasik Center" still running Groupons in Chicagoland for $1900? IMO he paid to be taken off of Vitals. There are still plenty of bad reviews on Yelp and Health Grades. Long story short, if you see the words Lasik and Groupon together RUN.

Nov 19, 2016

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