Viswiss By Nathans Natural / dangerous product

807 Airport Access Rd. Unit D, Traverse City, MO, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 1-888-524-3327

This product was touted as a male sexual enhancer with NO side effects. It painted its prescription counterparts as dangerous. This may be true, but I believe Viswiss may be even more dangerous, especially to those with a heart condition or high blood pressure. My blood pressure is normally around 120/80, but after taking two Viswiss, I started to feel uneasy, nauseous, light headed and ill at ease. I flushed all over. I suspected there was a serious problem when my heart began beating at a high rate and pounding in my chest. I checked my blood pressure - it was 180/110 and my heart rate was 110! I have tried to get a refund of the $130 I paid for 3 bottles, but they have not responded to my requests for a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) which they claim is required before the product can be returned. It took almost 3 days before I began feeling somewhat normal again and I do not wish to ever repeat the experience, even if I never have sex again. By the way, I noticed little or no sexual enhancement effects as well. Buyer beware! - this product is dangerous, in my opinion. And chances are good you'll never see your money again.

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