Visions Electronics / cell phone

Winnipeg, MB, Canada

On last Friday, I accompanied my friend who is a Syrian refugee recently arrived to Canada and doesn't speak, read or understand English, to your store located in Saint James area of Winnipeg Manitoba, to return a cellophane that he bought from that store on the previous day, Thursday April 28. We went there and we met the salesperson who is at the same time the store manager. Once he saw us he was happy about that and when I told him that my friend wanted to return or cancel the service he said 'ooooof' followed by a saying 'nnnoooo' and then he checked the phone and said the federal law said no return if the phone is used for 30minutes or 30 mb. Which is not true it is 50mb. My friend is not satisfied with the phone because it is not in his language:Arabic. The first day, he asked for the one on which we can put his native language and the manager used the data to install Google translate and this is why the 30mb was used. We treated in a way that we feel that we are not welcome and we were given orders as if we are the slaves not customers. We were very angry and frustrated by the way we were treated. I told him that this can't be set in Arabic, even that he tried for more than three hours to set this language on phone. He was so rod to us. My friend does not like the phone. I'm writing to you to complain about this person and about the bad service we got. You can contact me on [protected] or by email [protected] thank you

Apr 30, 2017

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